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Accessories are a collection of objects that give a player active and passive abilities. A player can have up to four of these items equipped at a time; a body, head, and two arm items. These items vary greatly in their bonuses and can have both combat and noncombat uses.

Name: Targeting Goggles, Location: Head, Price: 743 Tarryns, Description: These targeting goggles allow a ranged attacker to deal +4 damage with their ranged attacks.

Name: Alimar Gem, Location: Head, Price: 806 Tarryns, Description: The Alimar gem allows a healer to deal +4 healing to targets or self.

Name: Serpent’s Head Wrap, Location: Head, Price: Gifted, Description: This head wrap is gifted to a serpent by High Fang. It increases lightning damage by +4.

Name: Thrower’s Ring, Location: Arm, Price: 698 Tarryns, Description: This ring crafted at the Mountain of the Blade gives its wielder +4 damage when throwing charged shurikens.

Name: Ring of Shadows, Location: Arm, Price: 726 Tarryns, Description: This ring allows the wearer to deal +4 shadow damage when casting shadow based spells.

Name: Madrari, Location: Any, Price: Gifted or Found Only, Description: This extremely rare gem of the hasshee can be set in multiple objects and only the hasshee can unlock their full potential. The madrari adds +4 to any type of spell damage for other beings. A hasshee will not give up their madrari lightly.

Name: Reinforcing Pad, Location: Body, Price: 803 Tarryns, Description: This pad attaches under a character’s chest armor to soak +1 damage per attack.

Name: Nomad’s Guile, Location: Arm, Price: 714 Tarryns, Description: This arm band increases a vagabond’s accuracy with Dualist affixes by a +1 attacker bonus.

Name: Battle Caller’s Choker, Location: Head, Price: 723 Tarryns, Description: The spiked collar is designed to intimidate a fighter’s foes. It grants them a +1 to Roar.

Name: Sniper Goggles, Location: Head, Price: 768 Tarryns, Description: These goggles show a ranged attacker a target’s weak points, increasing the chance they will critical attack by 1.

Name: Shadow Stalker’s Necklace, Location: Head, Price: 786 Tarryns, Description: This necklace is infused with shadow magic and increases the chance the wearer can avoid detection while in stealth by 1. Shadow Stalker’s Necklace is only usable by those with the Stealth skill.

Name: Reflex Amp, Location: Arm, Price: 698 Tarryns, Description: This arm amplifier gives the wearer a slightly quicker draw. Reflex Amp increases the quick draw chance by +1.

Name: Ring of the Swindler, Location: Arm, Price: 790 Tarryns, Description: This ring is infused with psychic magic and increases the chance the wearer can correctly appraise an item by +1.

Name: Sure Grip Glove, Location: Arm, Price: 659 Tarryns, Description: This glove has a layer of nanite fiber across the palm and finger tips that realign to grip almost any kind of surface upon touch. The sure grip glove grant a +1 climbing success and 2 can be used for a +2 bonus.

Name: Fighter’s Plea, Location: Arm, Price: 869 Tarryns, Description: This arm wrap allows the fighter greater control of the battle, giving them +1 to Command Affixes.

Name: Koobari Wraps, Location: Body, Price: 847 Tarryns, Description: The koobari body wraps increases the chance of starting the arm drag takedown chain by +1.

Name: Ring of the Serpent, Location: Arm, Price: Gifted, Description: This ring is gifted to a serpent by their High Fang and allows the wearer to resist lightning damage. The ring casts 1d10 poison per round on none serpents wearing it.

Name: Spirit Bindings, Location: Arm, Price: 722 Tarryns, Description: This arm wrap is imbued with spirit protection and allows the wearer to resist spirit damage.

Name: Storm’s Pendant, Location: Head, Price: 740 Tarryns, Description: This pendant is imbued with air protection and allows the wearer to resist air damage.

Name: Energy Bindings, Location: Arm, Price: 736 Tarryns, Description: This body wrap is imbued with energy protection and allows the wearer to resist energy damage.

Name: Buckle of the Water, Location: Body, Price: 748 Tarryns, Description: This buckle is imbued with water protection and allows the wearer to resist water damage.

Name: Expan-o-Longbow, Location: Arm, Price: 1,250 Tarryns, Description: This gauntlet attachment from Expan-o-Tech Industries extends into a longbow. Deals 1d10 damage and is concealable with a cloak or long coat.

Name: Quiver of the Haven, Location: Body, Price: Gifted, Description: This quiver is gifted to the rangers of the Haven and grants them an additional action per round when using a bow and removes reload action between arrows.

Name: Mage’s Monocle, Location: Head, Price: 823 Tarryns, Description: This monocle is imbued with magical properties that allow the mage to extend their spells an additional 10’ range.

Name: Combat Scanner, Location: Head, Price: 1,838 Tarryns, Description: This headset scanner gives the wearer a detailed diagram of a target’s make up based on items equipped and worn, gaining +1 to Investigation.

Name: Alchemist’s Belt, Location: Body, Price: 268 Tarryns, Description: This specially designed belt allows a character to have multiple potions ready for use with little worry of breaking them. Negates the actions required to reach into your bag in combat. Alchemist’s Belt holds 3 potions and 2 spell balls.

Name: Necromancy Charm, Location: Head, Price: Gifted or Found Only, Description: This charm necklace grants a necromancer’s minion an additional free action per round.

Name: Bulletproof Vest, Location: Body, Price: 550 Tarryns, Description: This vest gives you a +3 soak rate and reduces 2d4 of piercing attack damage.

Name: Quiver, Location: Body, Price: 35 Tarryns, Description: This quiver allows for to ignore the reload action between firing arrows.

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