Thorn Tactical Command

Thorn Tactical Command or TTC is the most technologically advanced military force in the world. The TTC is in charge of the offense, defense, and intelligence of the nation of Thorn. Their troopers are sent to various juncas in the fleet for their training. Some of those troopers remain on the juncas while others are sent off to various strategic places throughout Thorn. Elite troopers are often loaned out to the Drosiayde Embassy for security and tactical assaults against the Queldi Nation.

Law enforcement is handled by the Elite Tactical Squads subdivision of the TTC. Only the best candidates are placed into law enforcement and become five man operation units among the ETS and sent to the ETS Headquarters in Dalen. Those who show adapt skill move on to solo tasks such as undercover work, GIN liaisons, and district sheriffs.

TTC troopers are trained rigorously both mentally and physically. Each TTC trooper that graduates this program is placed where they would be the most effective.