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Non-Player Characters

The world is dangerous with so many different peoples, animals, and creatures roaming across it. And really what role playing game would be complete without many things for you to battle and interact with? When creating battles for your group to deal with keep in mind their character’s CPB and the habitat they are in. You will not typically run into a zombie out in the middle of the ocean or an evdren outside of the Catacombs of Eavashaw. The frequency is another thing to keep in mind; you should not run across the same rare animal every two minutes. Unique NPC characters have full character sheets to cover them while other species have the shortened table below. The quantity lets you know how many you may find together. The species aggression rating will let you know how they attack. The combat sections of the species table can be altered to improve the storytelling. Also keep in mind the weaknesses and immunities of the species while your group is in battle with them.

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