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The nation of Grogagon has been a military state since the reconstruction following the revolt. There is no longer a distinction between civilian and military on a criminal level. Law enforcement is considered a military branch and has the highest rank of authority. Grogagon is still a nice place to be and visit but a horrible place to screw up.

World Interests

Gnottaut – The capital of Grogagon, Gnottaut is one of the cities of industry. The city produces goods to export through Yinrei Harbor. Gnottaut is the seat of government for Grogagon. Representatives of all the nations except Alvanta can be found here sitting in on governmental assemblies. They are tasked to keep an eye on the chance of another uprising.

Welvania – One of the cities of industry, Welvania mainly supplies the military of Grogagon. Shipping its goods to Nogara Harbor and the Defense Posts the Infantry and Navy are kept supplied.

Eedriss – One of the cities of industry, Eedriss supplies the people of Grogagon with most of what they need. Much of the work on Eedriss is focused on processing the foods grown in The Inner Circle and maintaining the city.

The Inner Circle – The most protected area of Grogagon, The Inner Circle is full of small towns and large farms. Much of the food for Grogagon is produced in this area. Its protection comes not from troops but from its position between the cities of industry and their defense posts.

Carnia Corporation – Grogagon’s largest privately owned shipping company. The Carnia Corporation runs and maintains its own harbor in Grogagon and its main export is fish. While it is also used for shipping goods its fish can be found in markets around the world.

Father and Son Mountains – A pair of mountains found in Grogagon that sit next to each other but greatly differing in size. It is rumored that an old abandoned Grogagon military research base is hidden here. Not much is known about what really happened there.

The Defense Posts – Each of the cities of industry have a large military outpost on the side closest to the border of their lands. These outposts are well staffed and well supplied.

Lunekur Volcano – Grogagon’s oddity of science, the Lunekur Volcano is one of the coldest places above water. The magma of the volcano resembles liquid nitrogen. The source of this has yet to be discovered because most that get too close to the core are still frozen there.

Yinrei Harbor – The main export location for all goods produced in Gnottaut. The harbor is maintained and policed by the Grogagon government but most of the shipping companies are small and privately owned.

Elair Falls – Near the eastern shoreline of Grogagon, lays the city of Elair Falls. Hidden behind a massive waterfall the people of Elair Falls are mainly self-governed and have little to do with the rest of Grogagon. They are not always the friendliest to new comers.

The Quiric Lakes – South of The Inner Circle lays The Quiric Lakes. A large tourist destination and animal reserve. Despite warnings of large predators in the area families still travel here for vacations. The Grogagon government regularly pays for the capture or extermination of dangerous rogue animals.

Nogara Coast – The southeastern coastline of Grogagon, the Nogara Coast is one of the wilder areas of the nation. Many wild animals and peoples call this area home. Convoys traveling through the area are often heavily guarded on their way to Nogara Harbor.

Nogara Harbor – The main naval base of Grogagon, Nogara Harbor is hidden away in the Nogara Coast. Supplied by the industries of Welvania the shipyard is well stocked and heavily manned. There are usually many ships docked here increasing the number of troops there.

World Figures

Urgei of Da’loo – Urgei of Da’loo is the very nervous leader of Grogagon. He has constantly been afraid the history of Grogagon will repeat itself and another government will be overthrown. Urgei will not even take a title for his position and when asked he just replies, “I’m in charge.”

Malice – Malice is one of the oldest assassins in the world. Believed to be a male vampire he is known for leaving no witnesses. Malice’s victims are usually heavily guarded and they normally have their brains spilled by a single shot.

Grand Fang Traoge Sade – Grand Fang Traoge Sade is the leader of the Serpents of Kinja and the most powerful among the serpents. Possessed by the spirit of the snake god Kinja he is the overseeing judge for the most important issues facing the serpents. To honor his vessel, Kinja uses the name of the one he possesses.

Harbor Master Jarilla Farth – Harbor Master Jarilla Farth is in charge of the Carnia Corporation docks. The habataki has a love for tarryns and she is easily corruptible for the right price. Jarilla Farth can only be trusted as far as the highest bidder.

Lucera Dortha – Lucera Dortha is a powerful ancient and strong fighter. She has dedicated her life to the defense of Elair Falls. Lucera Dortha is not actually a member of any armed force, she just shows up whenever the town has problems.

Mayor Garreijal – Mayor Garreijal is the mayor of Elair Falls and a powerful geomancer. He is a spiritual leader among his people, the groac, and he is a master of water manipulation. Mayor Garreijal is normally accompanied by his water golem.

General Movari – General Movari is in charge of the Grogagon Armed Forces. The strong quiwong is a powerful and headstrong fighter. General Movari will fight to his last man if provoked.

Admiral Razzaot – Admiral Razzaot is in command of the Grogagon Naval Force. She is a powerful mage but due to her post rarely gets to use those talents. Admiral Razzaot is usually found at sea and rarely goes on shore.


Carnia Corporation, Goal: Grow the corporation's wealth., Restrictions: Not available to members of law enforcement., Benefits: Discount, Fence, Intel, Invite, Allegiances: The Aztrafar, Alvanta Defense Forces, Grogagon Armed Forces, Expan-o-Tech Industries, Darsha Pharmaceuticals, Raven’s Crest, Enemies: None, Description: The Carnia Corporation is one of the world’s largest shipping companies. They are renowned for making sure their shipments make their destinations. The deals brokered through the Carnia Corporation are not always on the up and up.

Grogagon Armed Forces, Goal: Protect Grogagon., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Item, Intel, Invite, Command Authority, Safe House, Access, Allegiances: Alvanta Defense Forces, Coorvassi Guardsmen, Coorvassi Air Core, Carnia Corporation, The Noble Knights, Nazera Naval Force, Orrillian Defense Force, Salsin Legionnaires, Thorn Tactical Command, The Drosiayde Embassy, Enemies: The Kings of Phareahda, Queldi Nation, Description: The Grogagon Armed Forces is the collective military of the nation of Grogagon. Often referred to as the GAF the forces are the combination of military, law enforcement, and sanctioned militia groups. After the reformation of Grogagon the nation became adamant about not letting history repeat itself. As such all government employees are considered an extension of the military and are trained as such.

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