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Gunmen are experts with firearms that live and die by their reputations, no matter what that reputation may be. While some do come up through the ranks of the militaries of the world, the majority of gunmen however come from mercenary groups or one on one training. Often a skill passed down family lines; they all wear a symbol that identifies them to other gunmen. Like fighters, their ranks are not titles and they are hired on through the Merc Line Network or the Brokery. They also commonly go after bounties on individuals throughout the world.

Rookie gunmen are ranked shooters. A shooter is hired on and often gathers allies or finds a crew to take care of minimal problems for those that hire them. When they are deemed competent enough they gain the rank of sniper. Snipers hunt up some of their jobs or track bounties and are occasionally looked up for help or to join established crews. As they develop a name for themselves they gain the rank of raven’s eye. Raven’s eyed gunmen are known by name and symbol among the rest of them. While many still bounty hunt, jobs tend to come to them and they are often approached to join crews. They also often garner higher pay, because their employers know they will get the job done.

Gunmen are known by the symbol they wear. Symbols are either created or inherited when they reach the rank of sniper. Their sizes and locations vary from gunmen to gunmen. Some may take up the majority of a jacket while others are as simple as a pendant on a necklace. Stealing the symbol of other gunmen can be deadly. Even those morally inclined gunmen may kill another gunman for tarnishing the reputation that goes with their symbol. Most gunmen are smart enough not to try that though.

As a rite of passage between being a shooter and a sniper, young gunmen craft their own firearms. Type and designs vary greatly and often are uniquely crafted by the individual. Most are embroidered with their symbol to identify it as their weapon. It helps their allies recover a stolen weapon or if worse comes to worse, avenge their ally. The first weapon a gunmen crafts it special to them. Even though they may no longer use it, they never get rid of it and usually have it stored somewhere safe.

Gunmen are medium armored firearms experts. They are able to deal out damage and able to take targets down before they are aware they are in a fight. Their quick reflexes allow them to avoid movement impairing effects, rapidly reload their weapons, increase their chance of first attack. Gunmen are fast and ready to take care of business.


Role: Damage, Stealth, Disable, Command

Species: Pacura, Cojaro, Human, Vampire, Grufia, Habataki, Shaross

Professions: Assassin, Explorer, Hunter, Law Enforcement, Medic, Soldier, Thief

Suggested Attributes: Dexterity and Charisma

Health: 6 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

Starting Armor Proficient: Cloth, Leather

Starting Weapon Proficient: Firearms, Daggers

Starting Skills: Choose 1 Combat Style and the Technology: Gunsmith skill.

Starting Equipment


Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Revolver, Shotgun, Dagger

Equipment: Clothes, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen, 20 Shells, 36 Bullets (Rifle)

Tarryns: 1d20x10


Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Semi-Automatic Pistol, Bolt Action Rifle, Dagger

Equipment: Clothes, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen, 25 Bullets (Rifle), 5 Clips (Pistol)

Tarryns: 1d20x10


Gunmen must create themselves a weapon by CPB 3.


Combat points or CP and can store up to CPB and generates per Focus spent.


Focus is generated by successful attacks giving 1 and all focus on critical attacks. Gunmen can store up to their CPB of Focus and it fades out of combat.


Evasion, Reactive Ability

This skill improves a defender roll for 1 CP by their CPB.

Accuracy, Instant Ability

Gunman's next basic attack gains attacker bonus equal to their CPB for 1 CP.

Quick Draw, Passive Ability

This skill increases the gunman’s chance for first attack by their CPB. A successful first action from Quick Draw fills the gunman's focus.

Eagle Aim, Attacker vs Defender

The gunman fires an aimed shot that deals +1d8 damage per Focus.

Improved Stealth, Passive Ability

While in stealth the gunman gains a bonus to maintaining stealth equal to their CPB.

Sniping, Passive Ability

When the gunman fires while while gaining their stealth benefits they have roll 2d20 on their attacker roll and take the higher result. While sniping they automatically apply sight damage.

Unhindered Marksman, Reactive Ability

The gunman gains 1d4 per CP to avoid movement impairing attacks and action per round stuns.

Quick Reload, 1 CP

The gunman’s quick reflexes gives it the skill to reload pistols, semiautomatic weapons, full automatic weapons, and falgus instantly when the weapon is empty. Quick Reload requires spare clips, speed loaders, or falgus shells, depending on the weapon. Quick reload does not work while dual wielding.

Gunmen Mastery

Masteries among the gunmen are broken into classifications that give them 5 additional abilities..


The gunslinger focuses on disabling targets to help their allies take down targets.

Breakdown, Attacker vs Defender, CPB 1

The gunman fires a shot that impairs the target’s ability to attacker and defender rolls by -1 per Focus for a round.

Lightning Reflexes, Passive Ability, CPB 2

Whenever the gunman use Quick Draw they gain twice their dexterity bonus to draw first. If you take the first action you also gain full CP at the start of combat.

Armor Crack, Attack vs Defender, CPB 3

The gunman fires a reactive shot at the target’s armor to exposing 1d4 soak rate per CP before an ally's attack.

Disarm, Attacker vs Defender, 1 Focus + 1 CP, CPB 4

The gunman targets the hands to remove an item from the target. The target takes an action to retrieve item.

Pistol Whip, Attacker vs Defender, CPB 5

This skill is a melee strike with a firearm that stuns the target for 1 APR per CP. Target cannot be stunned while stunned or they will revive. If damaged, the target will also be revived.

Tactical Sniper

The gunman uses ranged attacks to shape the battlefield in favor of its allies.

Suppressing Fire, Instant Ability, 1 Focus + 1 CP up to CPB, CPB 1

The gunman lays down cover fire across a path to position a target 6’. Targets that pass by cover enter it. Can use on a target behind cover to force them to huddle down, losing an action per resource spent.

Tactical Relay, 1 CP, CPB 2

When a command is issued to an ally the gunman can boost the success of the command by their CPB.

Signaling Shot, Charisma + CPB vs Wisdom + CPB, CPB 3

The gunman fires a marked round near a target to signal nearby allies to attack it. If successful an ally per focus within range will attack the target dealing normal damage. If the shot is critical then the allies deal combo damage instead.

Bottling Shot, Passive Ability, CPB 4

Suppressing Fire now triggers an attack when a target enters melee range to your ally. When Bottling Shot triggers the target stops if the attack hits.

Institute Panic, Charisma + CPB vs Wisdom + CPB, 3 Focus, CPB 5

The gunman fires on a 6’ radius while in stealth to send all affected fleeing 10’ away from the epicenter of the attack. If critical the gunman retains stealth. Institute Panic requires stealth.

Frontline Marksman

The frontline marksman focuses on close and melee ranged combat.

Melee Marksman, Passive Ability, CPB 1

The gunman is able to fire in melee without gaining any penalties for it.

Vital Shot, Attacker vs Defender, 2-4 Focus, CPB 2

The gunman wounds a target, causing +1d4 per 2 Focus bleeding damage for 3 rounds.

Burst Suppression, Passive Ability, CPB 3

The gunman’s sturdy hands allow it to fire machineguns and sub machineguns with a recoil penalty of -1 per shot.

Stunning Strike, Attacker vs Defender, CPB 4

The gunman fires a shot that stuns the target, removes 1 action per focus up to stunning target for the round. Stunning shot does not carry over to a second round.

Roll, Passive Ability, CPB 5

Whenever the gunman uses evasion to successfully defend an attack they can roll one movement from their current position.

Battlefield Sniper

The battlefield sniper specializes in ranged damage dealing.

Cover Artist, Passive Ability, CPB 1

The gunman’s training has taught them to make the most of cover. They gain 1d4 to defender rolls while behind cover.

Critical Aim, Passive Ability, CPB 2

When the gunmen uses Eagle Aim you can spend CP up to the Focus spent to maximize each die of your attack. Target's are slowed on critical hits and when using 3 CP or higher.

Improved Sniping, Passive Ability, CPB 3

The gunman can use sniping against infuriated targets regardless of cover.

High Ground, Passive Ability, CPB 4

The gunman gains a bonus equal to CPB to abilities while they are on an elevation over their targets.

Escape Artist, Reactive Ability, 2 Focus, CPB 5

The gunman's defender roll gains an additional dexterity bonus when they are attacked while flanked or pinned. The gunman gets an escape movement if successful.

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