Black Blade Sect


The Black Blade Sect is an order of assassins that use a corrupted version of channeling magic. The Order of the Blade and the Black Blade Sect have a strong animosity toward each other as the members of the blades have been known to hunt the black blades. As a form of retaliation the black blades are quick to jump on any contracts that involve members of the Order of the Blade. Like the order, the sect also channels their magic through their blade but they use shadow and toxin based magic. Most of the sect members come from the children of black blades and are trained form the time they are able to wield a blade as scouts.

Scouts are charged with target acquisition and reconnaissance. They hunt the contracts for the reapers and relay the information to their handlers. As a scout they learn to perfect their stealth abilities and maintain cover. Those who cannot master these abilities often end up dead. When a scout has gathered all the necessary information, they leave the area as soon as their cover permits. If their cover is too tightly watched they may have to stick around and assist in the reaping. The most talented scouts have to regularly assist their brethren. When a scout has proven their worth and readiness to advance they are moved into the rank of reaper.

Reapers are charged with executing the target or targets of the reaping. They focus their attention on the art of killing and train to take out targets with the most efficient ways possible. Reapers usually work in teams with other assassins and not always other reapers. Since they are there strictly for the execution they tend to not focus on their cover and while it is frowned upon, they will kill additional targets if necessary. Speed is always a factor in sect assassinations. They must clear the are before the authorities can make their presence known.

When a sect member has mastered the skills of a scout and a reaper and learned to use those skills in unison they are moved into the rank of a phantom. Phantoms are lone operators that slip in and out like a ghost, leaving death behind them. They tend to have elaborate cover backgrounds that make them hard to track and are able to switch between the two in an instance. With phantoms collateral damage rarely happens and they are often gone before anyone even knows what happened. The three ruling elders of the Black Blade Sect are all phantoms.

Black Blade Sect members are masters of stealth, disabling, and damage. They are able to execute powerful attacks and devastate opponents whether in a group or as a solo operator. Sect members are strategic fighters and make the most of their environment to shape the battlefield to make up for their lower defensive capabilities. They are limited however with professions as the only option for them is assassin. Sect members like the blades require a bladed weapon to perform their spells.


Role: Damage, Disabling, Stealth

Species: Cojaro, Human, Vampire, Grufia, Habataki, Pacura, Shaross

Professions: Assassin

Suggested Attributes: Intelligence and Dexterity

Health: 6 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

Starting Armor Proficient: Cloth and Leather

Starting Weapon Proficient: Bladed Weapons and Throwers

Starting Skills: Choose one starting Combat Arts and Stealth or Espionage.

Starting Equipment


Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Short Blade, 5 Throwers

Equipment: Clothing, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen, 20 Arrows

Tarryns: 1d20x10