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Skill Arts

As you advance through Dark Side characters may gain additional skill arts through that and other skills. Combat or magical styles can also be gained from this to augment a character's gameplay. Characters gain free proficiencies and combat styles from their class at level 1.

Combat Proficiency

Proficient: Proficient allows you to gain your CPB to your attacker or defender rolls to one weapon or armor type.

Expertise: Expertise allows you to double your damage roll or armor soak with one weapon or armor type that you are Proficient in.

Resource: Resource increases your maximum pool or storage for your chosen resource by 1.

Weapon Types: The different proficiency types are bow, crossbow, axe, 2 handed axe, staff, dagger, sword, 2 handed sword, colossal, polearm, pistol, sub machinegun, shotgun, rifle, energy weapon, thrower, falgus, cobarri, whip, hammer, 2 handed hammer, nunchaku, machinegun, launcher, explosive, wands, and fists.

Exotic Weapons: These weapons are considered their own weapon type. They may require proficient or expertise with other weapons types to be able to use. Such as a 3 section spear would require knowledge of nunchaku and polearms to learn this new item.

Armor Types: The different proficiency types for armor are cloth, leather, chain mail, scale mail, and plate mail.

Combat Styles

Dual Wielding: Style removes the penalty for wielding two weapons at a time.

Single Wielding: Style gives a 1d4 bonus to defender rolls while wielding a one handed weapon with both hands.

Two Handed Fighting: Style increases critical strike chance by 5 while wielding a two handed or colossal weapon.

Shield Striker: Style gives 1d6 additional damage to shield strike.

Martial Arts: Style gives a combo strike when you stagger a target.

Quick Blade: Style with ranger combat with an offhand dagger giving an additional 1d4 to dagger damage.

Ranged Sniper: Style with ranged stealth attacks giving 1d6 bonus while in stealth at medium or long range to maintain stealth from their target.

Sword and Board: Style with wielding an offhand shield allowing for strength bonus to replace dexterity on defender rolls.

Defensive Finesse: Style allows a character to make a dexterity based weapon melee or strike with no shield while wearing no armor or an armor the character has expertise with to add weapon damage to soak rate.

On the Move: Style reduces the penalty to moving combat by 5.

Blindside: Style allows a character to treat a target as flanked if it is infuriated by an ally.

Critical Defender: Style gives the character additional charges of the shield defend action whenever they perform a critical defense.

Breakthrough: Style bypasses the shield defend action on a critical attack.

Spartan: Style allows you to wield a spear one handed with a shield.

Shield Wall: Cooperative style that allows characters with this style to link up, combining the soak rate of all linked shields for any attacks against them. Shield Wall is only usable by characters with the Shield Wall combat style.


Striding Fire: This style allows you to use running fire with a -5 penalty when you move at half speed.

Burst Combo: Style gives burst weapons combo damage against a target whenever they score a natural critical hit.

Hammer Master: This style gives blunt weapons the ability to stagger a target on critical hits for the next action. To use Hammer Master the character must have expertise with the weapon being wielded.

Cleaving Master: This style gives a polearm or axe the ability to strike a second adjacent target on a critical hit. To use Cleaving Master the character must have expertise with the weapon being wielded.

Slashing Master: This style gives dexterity based weapons a double strike dealing combo damage on critical hits. To use Slashing Master the character must have expertise with the weapon being wielded.

Beast Slayer: This style gives the character the ability to bypass natural soak rating of a target on a critical.

Colossal Guard: This style allows the character to use the shield Defend action with a colossal weapon.

Sniping Master: This style allow a character to instantly kill a target they naturally critical strike while in stealth from long range.

Spear Launcher: This style allows a character to hurl a spear or half spear toward a medium range target. If the character takes a movement action toward the target before throwing it the range can be extended to long range.

Whip Master: This style allows a character to trip a target on a critical strike with a whip.

Blind Fight: This style allows a character to fight in melee even when they can not see.

Parry: This style allows a character with 1 stamina point to add their weapon damage to a defender roll.

Magical Styles

Ready Caster: Whenever the caster is not surprised they gain arcane fury, chi, shadow draw, or spell focus equal to their CPB until their first turn.

Front Line Caster: Style removes the casting penalty when the character is proficient with that armor type.

Long Range Caster: A caster is able to cast their spells one range increment further than normal.

Mobile Caster: A caster can move at half speed while they are casting a spell.

Spell Proficient: A caster has increased effectiveness with one spell they know, gaining a 1d4 bonus to their attacker roll. This Combat Art can be chosen for multiple spells.

Critical Caster: Whenever a caster lands a critical hit with a spell that has spent mp, the mp is refunded.

Empower Wand: A caster wielding a wand can increase their next wand damage by 1d4 per mp up to their CPB as an action.

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