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The kingdom of Thorn is focused on the advancement of science. They are the leaders in research and development in various forms of technology. Thorn has the most advanced military technology in the world. The sholtas of Thorn are among the most advanced machines in the world. Thorn is also the main point of training for the Koobari Monks.

World Interests

Rune – The capital of Thorn and one of its two cities of industry, Rune is one of the most beautiful of these structures. Decorated with waterfalls and rivers coming from the domed top and flowing level by level to the cities base. Gardens can be found all over the city, even some in the industrial district. The seats of government for Thorn are found in the center levels of Rune. The upper levels of the city are the housing districts.

Dalen – One of Thorn’s two cities of industry, Dalen is one of the roughest cities in the world. Some of the toughest members of law enforcement live and work here because the criminal element is so strong. The ETS or Elite Tactical Squad is broken into one hundred units throughout the city who perform raids against the criminal empires. ETS members are only identifiable by unit masks that are always worn to protect their identities.

Drauk Cro – On the northern coast of Thorn lays the harbor city of Drauk Cro. Drauk Cro is the main import/export location for Dalen and as such is about as corrupt. The city does make enough tarryns to hire great protection for their transports so the legitimate businesses are safer here.

Laroaw Airdock – One of two main supply and repair docks for the armada of Thorn, the Laroaw Airdock stands high in the air. Always well-guarded the airdock works around the clock on Thorn’s juncas. Repairs and construction of new juncas and sholtas also take place here.

Vouchei Mountains – Between the Laroaw Airdock and the Valgonni Jungle in Thorn lays the Vouchei Mountains. While climbers do come here regularly it is not a task to conquer alone. Many of the creatures in the area are extremely territorial and will think nothing of knocking encroachers right off the mountains. There are also tribal groups in the cave systems that commonly abduct solitary wanderers.

Mala Point – The massive peninsula that hooks off the Thorn coastline is known as Mala Point. The tip of Mala Point spikes out from the rest of the peninsula over the ocean. Divers love to come here to challenge themselves with the dangerous plunge. The land is also said to have regenerative powers, leading many monks to travel here for training.

Drauk Gnoll – On the coast of Thorn south of Mala Point lays the main import/export location for products made at Rune. The criminals of Dalen occasionally use Drauk Gnoll to throw off shipment inspectors. The officials here are a lot more corrupt than those of Drauk Cro and easier to payoff.

Crater of Umha Kaod – At the border of Thorn and the Valgonni Jungle is the Crater of Umha Kaod. The Crater is the final resting place of the monk Umha Kaod who lost his life in a massive explosion of energy during a duel. Now the ground in the area is tainted with dark matter and drains the life from those who stay there too long.

Kanon Research Complex – Located west of Rune, the Kanon Research Complex is where Thorn’s military scientists create and test new advances in technology. The complex is built downward though it is unclassified how many levels are actually in the Kanon Research Complex. There are thousands of projects going on at all times and the complex is highly guarded by elite troops with advanced armaments.

Halorei Seadock – One of the two main supply and repair docks for the armada of Thorn, Halorei Seadock is a military harbor south of Rune. The Halorei Seadock is heavily guarded and maintains patrol fleets in the area for added security. Juncas that lose flight capability dock here for repairs and re-supplying. Halorei Seadock also maintains, repairs, and replaces the juncas’ sholtas.

Flanni Swamp – At the southern tip of Thorn lays the Flanni Swamp. It is full of many wild and dangerous creatures that hunt through the land and water of the swamp. There are a few tribal villages spaced out through the Flanni Swamp. Mount Palee also sits within the Flanni Swamp.

Mount Palee – Resting near the center of the Flanni Swamp, Mount Palee is a dormant volcano with lush greens growing up from around its base. Some of the tribal peoples of the Flanni Swamp have made their homes around the base of Mount Palee.

Border Lands – The Border Lands are the lands where Thorn and the Valgonni Jungle meet. These lands can be dangerous as those of the Valgonni Jungle often slip into Thorn. The interaction is rarely peaceful.

World Figures

Queen Dalia Pa – Queen Dalia Pa is the matriarch of Thorn and rules her kingdom with a firm hand. The crime rates established during the previous rulers reign forced strict action from the current ruler. Queen Pa comes from a long line of sadarooki leaders.

Soba Gno’gar Aleica Sodarn – Soba Gno’gar Aleica Sodarn has dedicated her life to training the monks of Mala Point in energy manipulation. The cojaro woman earned the title of Soba after a hard fought draw against her master. Few have witnessed Aleica’s Energy Vortex and lived to tell about it.

Soba Cho’ku Yonnaia of the Cla – Soba Cho’ku Yonnaia of the Cla is a master of the monk’s defensive arts and a well-respected member of the Clan Cla. He began his training on the road with his father far away from Mala Point. While Yonnaia now calls Mala Point his home he trains his students the same way his father did, out on the battlefield.

Commander X – Commander X is in charge of ETS Vegal Unit, specializing in quick response takedowns and hostage retrieval. Little is known about Commander X but it is believed the masked figure is a sadarooki male. Commander X has trained his entire unit as sharpshooters; even the mages are adept with head shots.

Commander Fean Nardool – Commander Fean Nardool is the leader of Thorn’s military forces. She is a highly decorated sholta pilot and often leads the charge into battle. Fean often switches to her cojaro form and dismounts her sholta in midair to drive her sword into enemy ships.

Eluk of Hacur – Eluk of Hacur is the head of the Kanon Research Complex for Thorn’s military. He is usually found in his workroom going over new plans or putting the final touches to a project. Eluk is overly obsessed with work and often loses himself in it, ignoring all else going on around him.

Reed Harrison – Reed Harrison is the Harbor Master of the Halorei Seadock and one of the most corrupt officials you can find. Though repeated attempts have been made to catch him in the act there is never any hard evidence to prosecute him. It is common knowledge in the criminal world though that if you need something smuggled into Thorn, Reed is the man to contact.

Mycara of the Day – Mycara of the Day is the Air Master of the Laroaw Airdock and has a strict eye on all transports to and from Laroaw. She often sneaks around in the shadows, blending to the background to make sure the shipments in her airdock are on the up and up. Air Master Mycara will swiftly bring her security forces down upon any she finds in violation.


Koobari Monks of Mala Point, Goal: Train future Koobari Monks., Restrictions: Koobari Monks Only, Benefits: Item, Safe House, Allegiances: None, Enemies: Queldi Nation, Description: The koobari monks make their home and training grounds on the plateau of Mala Point. The land has a potent healing factor that allows the monks to train harder without dying. Many of these monks return to the point later in life to train the next generation.

Thorn Tactical Command, Goal: Protect Thorn., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Item, Intel, Invite, Command Authority, Safe House, Access, Allegiances: Coorvassi Guardsmen, Coorvassi Air Core, Grogagon Armed Forces, The Noble Knights, Council of Mages, Nazera Naval Force, Orrillian Defense Force, Salsin Legionnaires, The Drosiayde Embassy, Enemies: Alvanta Defense Forces, The Aztrafar, Raven’s Crest, Queldi Nation, Description: Thorn Tactical Command is tasked with the well-being of the nation. Full of strong and dedicated soldiers they train for every possible scenario. TTC troops are often called up to the Drosiayde Embassy for their tactical knowledge.

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