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Quiwong are a species of reptilian quadrupeds from the tropical planet of Wainshee. A quiwongs body is similar to that of big cats. Their long muscular tail is used for balance and defense. They are born with an egg tooth though unlike other species the quiwong do not lose theirs over time. When quiwong reach puberty their horns grow. Long and curve back then up for males and short and curved back for females. Quiwong are philosophical and often found in seats of power in politics. However there are also formidable fighters and great trackers. The quiwong are also handicapped in the language department having vocal chords that keep them from speaking languages other than Wonganese. Though they can understand other languages and other species can learn theirs. They may also use translating devices worn around their neck to help them out. They do have an opposable thumb on their front paws. While this allows them to operate machinery and vehicles they need those feet for balance so the quiwong have been slow at adapting weapon use. When it comes to battle they tend to think with their claws first.

The young quiwong are taught the art of hunting by their parents. It is a rite of passage that has endured to this day. Though in the modern age many of these hunters go to the local market after the rite is over and never stalk their food again. Though the old traditions of their homeland have withered they have not disappeared and are still strong in some groups to this day.

Personality: Deep Thinking, Patient, Serious, Ceremonial

Social: Quiwong are a very stoic species and are often to be the last to speak in a crowd. The heart of a hunter and the mind of a philosopher is what make up a quiwong. They use both well especially in the political world. The teachings of the hunter allow them knowledge of the best times to strike with their mind as well. Quiwong have no mages among their people and very few have any connection to magic. As a result quiwong and tissarrid often have issues; because the quiwong find their obsession with magic annoying and the tissarrid find their lack of magic boring. Quiwong are rarely found amongst the criminal element but those that are, are considered among the most dangerous.

Life Span: 190-200 years old, 35 years adulthood

Average Height/Weight: 4’6”/240 lbs.

Starting Health: 28 Hp

Movement Speed: 10’ on land, 8’ in water

Species Abilities: Superb Senses (Sense +2), Survival +1, Claws Start at Proficient

Classes: Fighter

Home World: Wainshee

Name: At birth they are only given a birth name and their name is incomplete until they have an occupation or profession. Some examples would be Speaker Ingha and Hunter Gerardo.

Quiwong Attacks


Claw Strike, Attacker Roll

You can use your body to make an attack to a target within melee range with your attacker roll (1d20) + Strength (+2) against your target’s defender roll. If your attack is successful, you deal 1d8 Strike damage to the target. On a critical attack your strike will deal 8 + 1d8 Strike damage and 1d4 bleeding damage for 2 rounds.


Bite, Instant Action

After a critical attack with your claws or pounce you can bite the target’s Strength, dealing 1d6 bleeding damage on success and grappling them. Bite can be used for additional actions to maul.


Tail, Attack Affix

You can attack a target with your tail, dealing strike damage and on a critical attack you can knock a target prone.


Pounce, Movement Affix

When you take a movement or use a movement action, you can choose to attack the target’s Strength instead. If successful you will knock the target prone.

Strike expertise gives all attacks get additional 1d6 damage and the bleeding bonuses get additional 1d4 damage.

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