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Humans are bipeds hailing from the planet Earth. Humans can easily adapt to new environments. They are also very warlike and fearful of what they don’t understand. Centuries of questing for knowledge has dulled their animal instincts but has also begun to unlock psychic abilities. Forty percent of humans have one or more psychic abilities. Since vampires and cojaro population levels were so low during the awakening it is believed that humans were the true target of their abduction. Humans in general are fearful of vampires for their thirst and cojaro for their power.

The humans have adapted to almost every environment found in the world. While their numbers are in the minority in most places they are the most spread out of any species. The old Earth languages of English and Chinese are some of the more commonly spoken languages right behind Sharateese and Nazren. The most concentrated population of humans can be found in Alvanta. The census takers however do not count those people because of how many of them are clones and not naturally born.

Personality: Adventurous, Creative, Obsessive, Stubborn

Social: Humans at heart are warriors and explorers. They chase knowledge and accomplishments to the point of excess. Striving to outdo each other, they try to be the first or the best at everything they do. They tend to live in small family units and are often drawn to mostly human communities. Some of the larger shaross clans have also adopted human families into their fold. Humans are often victims of fashion obsession; though nowhere near as bad as vampires. Humans also tend to be deeply religious and many have chosen to follow the path of Kinja.

Life Span: 70-100 years old, 20 years adulthood

Average Height/Weight: 6’/140 lbs.

Starting Health: 26 Hp

Movement Speed: 6’ on land, 4’ in water

Species Abilities: Psychic Abilities, +1 to Defense of Psychic Spells or Abilities, +1 to Sense Undead, 1d6 Strike Damage

Classes: Fighter, Gunmen, Mage, Order of the Blade, Ranger, Serpents of Kinja, Vagabond

Home World: Earth

Names: Usually consisting of three names such as John Edward Smith or Elizabeth Lee Cook. The first and middle name are often used interchangeably for a persons’ name. Sometimes they also identify themselves with initials in place of first, middle, or both names.

Psychic Abilities

To see if your character has any psychic abilities, roll 1-4 on a 1d10. If successful, roll 1d8 to see how many your character has. Then roll 1d8 to find out which ability or abilities your character has. Some abilities are player controlled while others are triggered by the observer’s decision. The bonus for using psychic abilities is your character’s wisdom bonus + CPB.

Types of Psychic Powers

  1. Precognitive Dreams: the ability to dream things that are happening or are about to happen. Observer controlled.

  2. Channeling: the ability to talk to the dead to gain information or assistance.

  3. Visions: the ability to get flashes of possibly futures while awake. Observer controlled.

  4. Psychometry: the ability to read the history of objects by touch.

  5. Telekinesis: the ability to move or stop objects with your mind.

  6. Levitation: the ability to float or fly.

  7. Telepathy: the ability to read the thoughts of others.

  8. Cloud Minds: the ability to create powerful illusions to cover of truths.

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