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The lords of the Plane of Immortals send ripples throughout the mortal world from their shrines. Some being can feel there ripples while others can connect with them and seek out their shrines. Those that choose to follow become an initiate of one of the four immortal lords. As an initiate of an immortal lord they are granted a part of that lord in exchange for their services in the mortal world as well as the Plane of Immortals.

Initiates are those newly called sorcerers of an immortal lord and are tasks with assignments that their lord deems as menial. The initiates are devoted to their lord as an apprentice is to their master. Unlike the followers of Kinja the initiates do not seek to expand into an organized religion. Those devoted to an immortal lord must come to this path for their own accord. As initiates become stronger, their lord bestows greater power onto them and they become an acolyte.

Acolytes are given more responsibilities by their lord. They are often tasked with checking in on initiates in their area and assessing their progress. Other people throughout the world sometimes seek out acolytes in attempts to gain power or favor with their lord. If the lord accepts their proposal then a deal is made and someday the lord will send a cleric to ensure the deal is upheld. Assignments from their lord have a higher level of responsibility as an acolyte though like the initiates when between assignments they have free reign to operate as they please. When the acolyte has proven their worth a cleric to test them. The process normally takes multiple assessments before they are deemed ready to become a cleric.

Sorcerers who reach the rank of a cleric of their lord are sent on the most difficult assignments. Most of their assignments revolve around ensuring the deals made by acolytes were upheld. If the deals are not fulfilled the clerics are tasked with terminating the deal, fatally. Most clients are not fool enough to try and back out on a deal with one of the immortals. Clerics of the immortal lords often travel to the Plane of Immortals to aid their lord. Upon the death of a cleric, their essence is brought to the immortal plane and made immortals themselves.

Sorcerers are a light armor stealth class that summon arms. They draw on their devotion to deal magical damage to ranged targets and melee. They build up powerful spells by casting minor spells and attacks with summoned weapons then unleashing them on their enemies. Sorcerers can also astral project to scout out an area before entering it. They deal high magical damage but can suffer against opponent's magical immunity. Sorcerers spells are combat focused as well, with most spells requiring damage dealt to be able to use their spells.


Role: Damage, Stealth, Disable

Species: Pacura, Cojaro, Human, Grufia, Habataki, Shaross

Professions: Assassin, Explorer, Hunter, Mariner, Soldier, Thief

Suggested Attributes: Dexterity and Charisma

Health: 6 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

Starting Armor Proficient: Cloth

Starting Weapon Proficient: Oath Summons

Starting Skills: Choose 1 Magical Style and 1 Combat Style

Starting Equipment

Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): None

Equipment: Clothes, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen

Tarryns: 1d20x10


Sorcerers gain their power through their connection to the immortal lord they serve. They must choose one of the four lords to follow during character creation. The four immortal lords are Gandoss the Rock Giant, Alcamushi the Dragon Lord, the Shark God Whilker, and Vailden of Storms' Reach.


Devotion or DV is the measure of power a sorcerer's lord bestows on them. It is equal to their charisma + 1d4 per CPB per rest. Devotion does not carry over from one rest to another.

Spell Focus or SF is the power you generate through your attacks with your devotion items and actions. You can hold SF equal to your CPB and it generates by one per generator and two on a critical. SF fades out of combat.


Anticipation, Instant Ability

This skill improves a defender roll for 1 DV by their CPB. Each successful hit reduces the evasion bonus by 1 until it is depleted.

Plane's Walk, Charisma + CPB vs Difficulty 14

This skill allows the sorcerer to leave their body and enter the astral plane. They can travel 50' from their body per CPB at normal movement speed. At CPB 3 they can enter the Netherworld without a distance limit and at CPB 5 they can enter the Plane of Immortals. If you take damage during Plane's Walk you will snap back to your body and take an additional 1d6 damage per 20' while in the astral plane and per minute in the Netherworld or Plane of Immortals.

Oath Summons, Instant Ability

The sorcerer can use a number of DV up to their CPB to create a weapon or cloth armor of light or dark magic. Increased DV increases the items quality, giving it enhancement slots. They can have a summoned set of armor and two weapons active at the same time. Oath summons use the sorcerer's charisma as their attacker roll. Sorcerer gains expertise with oath summons at CPB 3.

Saber, Melee Range, 1d6 light or dark damage

Spell Beads, Medium Range, 1d4 light or dark damage

Cloth Armor, Soak Rate 2, light or dark resistance

Blood Oath, Passive Ability

The sorcerer bonds a blood oath to one of the four immortal lords. This oath gives the sorcerer abilities unique to that immortal.


Oath summons can be created with earth or spirit magic.

Giant's Stomp, Charisma + CPB vs Defender

The sorcerer can summon a 10' cone of 1d6 earth damage + -1 Defender per SF for the round.

Spirit Storm, Charisma + CPB vs Defender, Medium Range

The sorcerer can cast a 10' radius of 1d8 spirit damage per SF for a round.

Gandoss Shade, Instant Ability

The sorcerer creates a copy of Gandoss from their shadow that is slightly larger than them. Gandoss Shade costs 1 DV a round and it copies all attacks, dealing equal damage on successful attacks as well as generating SF.

Thorns, Instant Ability

The sorcerer can spend a DV to alter oath summoned weapons to add 1d6 bleeding damage on critical.


Oath summons can be created with fire and psychic magic.

Aneurysm, Charisma + CPB vs Wisdom, Medium Range

The sorcerer can attack a target's mind dealing 1d6 per SF psychic damage + 1d4 stun.

Dragon's Breath, Charisma + CPB vs Defender

The sorcerer breaths a 10' cone of 1d8 per SF fire damage.

Phoenix Fire, Instant Ability

The sorcerer triggers damage from all ignites within 20' and consumes them for a DV, creating fire birds they can send to targets. Each bird heals a target equal to the damage dealt to create it.

Dark World, Instant Ability

The sorcerer creates a 10' radius of illusions around a target for a round per DV. All targets within the area have an attacker/defender penalty equal to the caster's CPB while inside Dark World.


Oath summons can be created with water and ice magic.

Water Pups, Charisma + CPB vs Defender, Medium Range

The sorcerer calls out to the children of Whilker and summons watery sharks to attack their enemies. They create a shark per SF that deals 1d8 water damage to a target. Bleeding targets take an additional 1d8 damage.

Deep Freeze, Charisma + CPB vs Defender, Medium Range

The sorcerer blasts a target with 1d6 ice damage per SF. If the target has soak on it they are frozen for 1d4 actions.

Tidal Wave, Instant Ability

The sorcerer blasts out a 10' cone of water per DV that pushes all targets hit back and applies soak for a round per DV. If targets impact an object or another target the take 1d6 physical damage per 6' traveled.

Whirlpool Collision, Instant Ability, Medium Range

The sorcerer casts a 10' radius per DV whirlpool take sucks into the center all targets within the radius. All targets take 1d6 impact damage per target within the whirlpool, are knocked prone, and have soak for a round.


Oath summons can be created with lightning and energy magic.

Joule Bolt, Charisma + CPB vs Defender, Medium Range

The sorcerer calls down a bolt of 1d8 lightning damage per SF to a target.

Energy Barrage, Charisma + CPB vs Defender, Medium Range

The sorcerer casts a dart of 1d6 energy damage per SF to a target per dart.

Storm Rage, Instant Ability, Medium Range

The sorcerer can use a DV to call down a 10' radius of 1d10 lightning damage to all targets and 1d4 action stun.

Lightning Rush, Instant Ability

The sorcerer can use a DV to become pure energy to travel up to 2 movement ranges in a direction instantly. Any targets passed through during Lightning Rush take 1d8 energy damage. If the any target takes maximum damage, they are knocked prone.

Sorcery, Charisma + CPB vs Difficulty 14

Sorcery is the ability to alter active spells or those being cast as a reaction. Sorcerers can cast their alterations with SF equal to their CPB.

Alter Duration, Increase or decrease the active actions or rounds by 1 per SF.

Alter Difficulty, Increase or decrease caster difficulty by 1 per SF.

Alter Status, Change a buff or debuff status on a target into a different buff or debuff for 2 SF. Alter status does not change a buff to a debuff or visa versa.

Alter Potency, Increase or decrease the number of damage dice a spell deals by 1 per 2 SF. A 2d6 damage spell can become a 1d6 or 3d6 damage spell.

Sorcerer Mastery

The sorcerer's masteries expand on their oath summons and abilities. A sorcerer specializes in a combat style or expands upon their known abilities.


The knights are those sorcerers that specialize in melee combat with two handed oath summons. They use enhanced anticipation to increase their combat prowess.

Knight Summons, CPB 1

When they create an oath weapon they can choose to make a two handed melee weapon instead that deals 1d6 spell damage type + 1d6 spell damage type. Knights can also summon scale armor with a soak rate of 5.

Sorcery Strikes, CPB 1

The knight is able to cast sorcery into their melee strikes.

Combat Anticipation, CPB 2

When the knight uses Anticipation they gain an attacker bonus equal to their defender bonus.

Cyclone Slash, CPB 3

The knight uses a DV to strike a number of targets up to their charisma + CPB within close range.

Critical Anticipation, CPB 4

Whenever the knight hits a critical attack they gain an Anticipation up to their CPB.

Sorcery Combo, CPB 5

The knight can perform an additional strike, dealing combo oath summon damage per 2 SF.


The sages are sorcerers that specialize in spell combat. They prefer to fight at range and use a variety of spells.

Sage's Staff, CPB 1

The sage can create a staff that contains all four of their known spell damage type. They can cast 1d6 of one of those damage types as an action up to medium range with their charisma and generate an SF.

Long Range Sorcery, CPB 1

The sage can spend a DV to expand a spell to long range.

First Spell School, CPB 2

The sage learns a spell school. They can cast spells from this school using their SF as their resource.

Doppelganger, CPB 3

The sage can create a copy of itself that is composed of 1d8 of a magical damage type for a DV. The sage can cast spells from the their doppelganger with infuriate. When the doppelganger is struck they explode, dealing their damage to the target that hit them.

Second Spell School, CPB 4

The sage learns a second spell school. They can cast spells from this school using their SF as their resource.

Split Gang, CPB 5

The sage can divide their doppelganger into multiple doppelgangers of at least one 1 magical damage type. They can be split up to the sorcerer's charisma + CPB and function normally as a doppelganger.


The astrologists are sorcerers who focus on mastering their astral form. They can teleport through the astral plane and deliver devastating damage to their opponents.

Astral Energy, CPB 1

The astrologist can use an action to draw on the astral plane to generate a SF and when in the astral plane they generate a SF when they make a full movement. They can use their astral form to cast sorcery undetected.

Plane's Cloak, CPB 1

When the astrologist uses Anticipation they gain a stealth to their astral form and astrologist abilities.

Transference, CPB 2

The astrologist is able to use a DV to teleport their physical body to their astral self.

Astral Strike, CPB 3

When wielding a single oath weapon the astrologist can deal 1d6 per SF additional damage to a target that is infuriated by another target. Astral strike can also be used with Transference.

Improved Astral Self, CPB 4

The astrologist gains passive bonuses to their astral form. While in astral form their movement is doubled, they take 1d4 for 20' when they snap back to their body, and their astral energy SF gain is increased by 1.

Astral Possession, CPB 5, Charisma + CPB vs Wisdom + CPB

The astrologist can use their astral form to take control of a target for a DV. They can attempt control of a target their astral self enters the target when it fails to save. At the start of the target's turn they can attempt to regain control. If the target succeeds the astrologist is snapped back to their body, they can release their hold on the possessed target's turn with no snap back. During astral possession the astrologist acts on their target's turn. Once released the target is immune to astral possession for an hour per round possessed.


Those sorcerers that walk the path of a sentinel focus on defending their charges. They summon magical armors to allow them to take the brunt of their foes. Sentinels are called in by their lord when someone has called favors for protection.

Sentinel Summons, CPB 1

The sentinel expands their oath summons with heavy armor and the ability to create a buckler. Their heavy armor summon soaks 6 damage an attack and a buckler with a soak rate of 3. The buckler can shield strike for 1d4 damage + -1 APR on critical.

Sorcery Infuriate, Charisma + CPB vs Wisdom + CPB, CPB 1

The sentinel can cast infuriate for a round to a target within 10' per SF.

Sentinel Barrier, CPB 2

The sentinel gains a magic barrier equal to their armor soak during anticipation. They also gain a bonus to their soak rate equal to their current anticipation.

Sorcery Pull, Charisma + CPB vs Wisdom + CPB, CPB 3

The sentinel can move a target within medium range 6' toward them per SF.

Summon Bulwark, CPB 4

The sentinel creates 6'x6' shield wall with health equal to 1d8 per CPB for 1 DV.

Split Pull, CPB 5

The sentinel can divide their their sorcery pull amongst targets up to their CPB.


Sorcerers of the shadow are assassins of their lords. They are called upon to take out beings that have angered their masters.

Shadow Summon, CPB 1

When the shadow summons their one handed melee weapon, they can summon a second one handed melee weapon for no additional cost. The second is summoned at the same quality as the first and can be given it piercing, bludgeoning, or slashing damage instead of magical damage if they choose.

Plane's Step, CPB 1

When the shadow uses plane's walk, instead of leaving their body they step fully into the astral plane. When the shadow strikes or interacts with an object, target, or choose they exit the astral plane at their new location.

Sorcery Weaken, Charisma + CPB vs Wisdom + CPB, CPB 2

The shadow can cast weaken on a medium range target giving them penalties against magic. While weakened their magical defenses are reduced by 1 per SF and magical attacks against them have an equally increased critical chance.

Plane's Strike, CPB 3

When the shadow travels through the astral plane they build up 1d6 bonus damage for every action they are inside the plane up to their CPB. When they attack a target from the astral plane they also deal the built up damage to the target.

Ricochet Strike, CPB 4

The shadow can perform a melee attack to a target up to 10' away, dashing to their location for a SF. Ricochet strike can be chained to additional in range targets for an SF each.

Killing Rush, CPB 5

The shadow gains an action anytime they deliver a killing blow on a target.

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