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Professions are backups for your class and they give you additional abilities to help in certain situations. It is good to have varied professions in a party so your group has a better chance of handle situations that arise. The profession background adds more to the character’s abilities and brings more for the Gamemaster to draw from for the storyline.

Profession Ranks

Professions of the world have six playable ranks to attain. They are assigned jobs through their professions overseers. Completing profession based jobs increases a characters standing within their field. With every rank increase come rewards within their profession and harder jobs become available to your character. Higher ranked characters may be brought in as specialists for job with a higher rate of pay and difficulty. As they gain subordinates they also give jobs to them to do in their stead. Profession jobs add another storytelling aspect for the Observer to pull from. Professions increase to rank 2 at 20 jobs, rank 3 at 50, rank 4 at 90, rank 5 at 140, and rank 6 at 200.

Rank Rewards

Rank 1: Expertise – Your profession skills gain +1d4 to perform.

Rank 2: Subordinate 1 – Your character gains a subordinate that stays 1 rank below your character. The subordinate can be sent out on their own jobs with your character taking a cut of their profits or to run errands for your character. Subordinates are from your profession but do not have a class.

Rank 3: Respect – Whenever your character has to perform a skill roll against a lower ranked member of its profession it gains a +1 bonus per every rank between them.

Rank 4: Subordinate 2 – Your character gains a second subordinate that stays 2 ranks below your character. The second subordinate can be sent on their own jobs or with the first for a better chance of success. Subordinates are from your profession but do not have a class.

Rank 5: Connections – Your character gains +2 success rate for knowledge rolls about their profession. Profession related items can also be purchased 10% cheaper from vendors.

Rank 6: Staffing – Your character can hire additional subordinates to run your business or operation.


Assassins are trained killers. They are highly versed in stealth and dealing death to their targets. Able to plant explosives, survey targets, and avoid detection the assassin can eliminate a target before it even knows there is a battle.

Class: Gunmen, Serpent of Kinja, Vagabond, Mage

Ranks: Amateur(Rank 1), Hitman(Rank 2), Eliminator(Rank 3), Professional(Rank 4), Agent(Rank 5), Shadow(Rank 6)

Overseer: Broker

Starting 2 Skill Choices: Espionage, Toxicology, Demolition, Stealth, Investigation


Explorers are often hired as guides in the various corners of the world. Generally very athletic and tougher than most when it comes to attitude. If you need to trek through jungles, waterways, mountains, and caves you can’t go wrong with a good explorer. Most are attached to a school or university and some even know a thing or two about space.

Class: Fighter, Ranger, Gunmen, Serpent of Kinja, Order of the Blade, Vagabond, Koobari Monk, Mage

Ranks: Tracker(Rank 1), Survivalist(Rank 2), Researcher(Rank 3), Assistant Professor(Rank 4), Associate Professor(Rank 5), Professor(Rank 6)

Overseer: Board of Directors

Starting 2 Skill Choices: Culture, History, Language, Survival, Mystical Lore


Hunters are trained to kill out of control vampires, demons, and the creatures that spill out of Le’varia. Living as an unofficial type of law enforcement for the dead while earning money like bounty hunters they track their prey across the world. Hunters also track down nexus gates that open to the netherworld and close them to prevent demons and wraiths from crossing over to the world of the living. Due to the fact that vampires and certain demons require certain methods to kill hunters tend to carry many tools with them.

Class: Fighter, Ranger, Gunmen, Order of the Blade, Vagabond, Mage

Ranks: Ghoul Hound(Rank 1), Nexus Tracker(Rank 2), Vampire Slayer(Rank 3), Exorcist(Rank 4), Demon Hunter(Rank 5), Death Stalker(Rank 6)

Overseer: Bounty Official

Starting 2 Skill Choices: Drive, Sense, Mystical Lore, Survival, Hunter's Lore

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement tries to maintain peace and order in the world. Law enforcers come from both civilian and military backgrounds. Their job is to protect the innocent. While they are supposed to uphold the law some bend or break it to benefit themselves or others. Law enforcers are very streetwise and can see things on the street that others might overlook. Law enforcers are found throughout the world but are fewer in the wilds.

Class: Fighter, Ranger, Gunmen, Order of the Blade, Koobari Monk, Mage, Serpents of Kinja

Ranks: Officer(Rank 1), Sergeant(Rank 2), Detective(Rank 3), Lieutenant(Rank 4), Captain(Rank 5), Chief(Rank 6)

Overseer: Commissioner

Starting 2 Skill Choices: Espionage, Culture, Investigation, Sense, Bartering


Mariners travel the oceans of the world for most of their lives. They work hauling cargo, fishing, salvage, transport, etc. to maintain their ships and family. Some mariners also work as pirates and smugglers and most constantly avoid law enforcement. Mariners are more comfortable on and in the water than on land. They tend to live on islands, harbors, port cities, and Nazdell. Some mariners do adventure on land but they long for the seas.

Class: Fighter, Ranger, Serpent of Kinja, Order of the Blade, Vagabond, Koobari Monk, Mage

Ranks: Dock Worker(Rank 1), Deck Hand(Rank 2), Gunner(Rank 3), Navigator(Rank 4), 1st Mate(Rank 5), Captain(Rank 6)

Overseer: Harbor Master

Starting 2 Skill Choices: Seafarer, Thievery, Maintenance, Bartering, Survival


Medics are trained in the art of medicine. While their skills can make them good money in a med center there are still many traveling doctors. While medics are supposed to help those in need some use their craft for darker purposes. Able to cure and inflict disease medics can control the battlefield for their party.

Class: Fighter, Ranger, Gunmen, Serpent of Kinja, Order of the Blade, Vagabond, Koobari Monk, Mage

Ranks: Nurse(Rank 1), Medical Student(Rank 2), Doctor(Rank 3), Surgeon(Rank 4), Chief Surgeon(Rank 5), Specialist(Rank 6)

Overseer: Regional Director

Starting 2 Skill Choices: Medical Training, Culture, History, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical


Professional warriors bred on the battlefield. They work for nations, organizations, companies, or just themselves. Soldiers are hired muscle and the backbone of any strong army. Able to quickly pick up weapons and learn combat techniques soldiers are great for any party.

Class: Fighter, Ranger, Gunmen, Serpents of Kinja, Order of the Blade, Vagabond, Koobari Monk, Mage

Ranks: Private(Rank 1), Corporal(Rank 2), Major(Rank 3), Commander(Rank 4), Lieutenant Colonel(Rank 5), Colonel(Rank 6)

Overseer: General

Starting 2 Skill Choices: Aviator, Athletics, Maintenance, Drive, Survival


Thieves are one of the oldest professions in the world. Thieves rely on their stealth and dexterity to accomplish their goals whether it is hiding in the shadows, robbing a museum, or just a back alley fight. Living outside of the law thieves has a great deal trouble trusting others. Honor amongst thieves is a noble idea but the reality is those ideals are only maintained by a few. Thieves usually work with a partner often another thief or corrupt law enforcer.

Class: Gunmen, Order of the Blade, Vagabond, Koobari Monk, Mage

Ranks: Mugger(Rank 1), Pickpocket(Rank 2), Burglar(Rank 3), Locksmith(Rank 4), Rogue(Rank 5), Fence(Rank 6)

Overseer: Thieves Guild

Starting 2 Skill Choices: Culture, Espionage, Thievery, Language, Stealth

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