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Black Blade Sect – An off shoot of the Order of the Blade, the Black Blade Sect are assassins. The Order of the Blade considers them to be enemies and often detain or kill those they uncover. The most commonly known information about the Sect is what gives them their name. The black blade katana forged with a six inch throating blade on the back of the sword just above the guard.

Order of Saint Valyera – The Order of Saint Valyera is a religious order of mages and coorgri who specialize in protection and healing. Their temples are found throughout the world and offer sanctuary and healing to those in need.

The Peacekeepers – The Peacekeepers are the right hand of the Orrillian Senate. Combat negotiators who work in three man squads. Each squad is assigned to a member of the senate and used for anything from guard to hit men. Though senators must be careful when they abuse power, as their Peacekeepers may report them if they do anything that goes against Orrillia.

Raven’s Crest – Raven’s Crest is a mercenary band made of powerful combatants with loose morals. Often hired to assault caravans and fight in wars, the mercenaries go to the highest bidders. The mercenaries of Raven’s Crest could care less who they work for or what they will be doing.

The Brokery – A worldwide criminal organization that acts as a middle man for clients and criminals across the world The Brokery provides a buffer to keep both parties safe from incrimination by the other. Providing job information to both thieves and assassins, The Brokery also provides locations for specialized gear and fences for stolen goods. While they provide valuable services they also take their cut of the payouts so some criminals still freelance instead. The Black Blade Sect has nothing to do with The Brokery.

The Drosiayde Embassy – The Drosiayde Embassy is an orbiting space station that is used by the nations of the world to meet and discuss global issues. They organize allied projects between the worlds’ nations such as construction, military, and relief efforts. They also set international laws for the world and send out Drosiayde Enforcers when needed.

Drosiayde Enforcers – Commonly referred to as D.E.’s the Drosiayde Enforcers are an organization of global law enforcers who take their orders from the Drosiayde Embassy. They tend to have rather advanced equipment and are commonly sent out to track down criminals, provide diplomatic escorts, and provide assistance to branches of law enforcement. D.E.’s tend to have a one warning philosophy and are authorized to use deadly force in the field.

Global Intelligence Network – The Global Intelligence Network or GIN is made up primarily of vagabond spies with thief or assassin training. They gather intelligence on threats and possible threats throughout the world. The agents are also tasked with procuring items and eliminating problems. The D.E.’s get most of their Intel from GIN Operations, a battle junca that is used as a central hub for agent operations. Agents are constantly exchanging information and switching out assignments with each other to make it harder to track them. The agent that discovers the Intel may not be the one who finishes the assignment.

The Haven’s Protectors – Lead by Michael Randal, the Protectors are primarily a mix of rangers and the demon lycanthropes. They are charged with the defense of the Haven of the Watchers and perform constant patrols of the area. They signal the alarm with a lycanthrope’s howl or a dog whistle, depending on the one signaling. From time to time they are sent into the world for supplies or to escort watchers around the world.

Merc Line Network – Commonly referred to as ‘the boards’, the Merc Line Network is a hypernet resource link for the mercenaries. It gives item shop locations, information, and job postings at the click of a button. They have outposts in all major cities for assistance or payment collection. Available jobs are based on past performances, so the better you are the harder the assignment you can take and with the added difficulties come added pay.

Global Arcball League – The GAL is a global sports league for Arcball, the most popular sport in the world. Most of the worlds’ major cities have Arcball teams and the cities of industry have multiple teams. The Arcball is a blue energy sphere that discharges a stun pulse every thirty seconds. It is played on three floor field; a home field on top, a conquest field in the center, and an away field on the bottom. The home and away fields are used for scoring while the conquest field stands between them. The sport is full contact and while twenty players are on the field at a time the roster is usually much higher in case of injuries.

The Quickest Draw – The yearly tournament for gunmen is The Quickest Draw. It has competitions testing marksmanship at multiple ranges and a quick draw tournament for the finale. It starts with the long shot competition then moves to the speed break competition. The third is the awareness competition where multiple targets pop up from all directions. The best forty from the first three rounds face each other in the quick draw competition until only one is left, figuratively since the tournament is non-lethal.

Darsha Pharmaceuticals – Based out of Shatabahkur, Darsha Pharmaceuticals is the world’s leading medical supplier. Supplying hospitals in all the nations of the world expect Alvanta; the cloners just replace their clones. While medics do use supplies from other companies, that is generally because Darsha products are not in their budget at that time. Darsha Pharmaceuticals also sponsors doctors throughout the world. These doctors get discounts on all Darsha supplies they order and access to special treatment facilities.

Expan-o-Tech – Expan-o-Tech is the leading supplier or upgrader of collapsible technology. Incorporating nanotechnology; they design armor, weapons, and equipment that are easy to carry or conceal. The size of the item puts limits on how much it can be compacted. Expan-o-Tech items are not cheap however and some things are just not possible. Some popular items are the gauntlet bow, collapsible helms, and the Expan-o-Tent line.

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