Toepba is the name for beings born infused with the shadow energies from the Netherworld. Also known as demon sages, the toepba can come from most species with the world. They are formed when unborn fetuses are exposed to the shadow energy escaping an open nexus portal. These babies are born with glowing purple eyes and sometimes in a gaseous form. Culturally different species have various attitudes toward toepba. Some see them as monsters to be reviled while others revere them as gods. It is widely known though that they can be dangerous, especially as children.

Toepba are able to form shadow energy constructs from birth. Until they near maturity, they tend to lack control during emotional outbursts and may case accidental damage in the process. Toepba who fail to learn to control this do not live long as they drain from their life force and that is a problem for everyone. When a toepba dies their body rips open a nexus portal. Left unchecked, beings of the Netherworld will escape into the mortal plane and it could create new toepba. Those that know their time is coming to an end normally reach out to a hunter so they can close the portal upon their death.

Toepba by natural tend to be more adventurous and rarely live a simple life. There are not many in the military however. They are drawn more ro fields where they can operate alone. Toepba tend to be on the extremes socially. Either an overly outgoing life of the party or a self isolating loner. The outgoing toepba are drawn to fields liek explorers and entertainers, while the loners tend to be drawn more to spies and hunters.

Toepba are naturally heartier than their parent species. Their ability to manipulate their form also allows them to do things others of their species can not. The form alterations cannot increase their mass but rather alter their form to only appear to be wearing clothes. Wearing glasses to hide their eyes and coats that are easily discarded to hold their items. Their ability to phase does not extend to the items they have on their person. As a result of this the toepba usually do not carry anything of value on their person and generally travel light, often relying on their allies to carry any valuables.

Toepba are an affected class with unique gameplay features and limitations. They have high health pools to balance their lack of armor and special damage medigation. They are unable to utilize worn items, armor, or weapon properly because of their phasing abilities would cause them to drop them. The toepba's constructs are not affected by this however so they normally stick with wielding construct weapons and barriers. They also can turn their bodies into weapons and use it to overcome obsticles. Toepba healing siphons their health to others, which makes healing a cautious occasion at lower levels.


Role: Defense, Damage, Disabling, Stealth

Species: All

Professions: All

Suggested Attributes: Wisdom and Constitution

Health: 12 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

Starting Armor Proficient: None

Starting Weapon Proficient: None

Starting Skills: Choose two starting Magical Styles.

Starting Equipment


Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): None

Equipment: Clothing, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen

Tarryns: 1d20x10