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The Freelands are the collective term for the areas of the world not affiliated with a nation. These areas govern themselves and have many styles of government. They range from nobility to anarchy and large communities to small towns. The Valgonni Jungle, Keldria, and the Tamyr Wastes are some of the lands that make up the Freelands.

World Interests

Alune Beach – The northern most part of the continent, Alune Beach is a tropical resort. A beautiful stretch of sand lined with hotels and full of beachgoers. There is no real off season here, while the waters may cool during a few months of the year the temperature drop brings in fish and the fishermen. The coastline security is among the best in the world though occasionally they still have attacks from underwater predators.

Nillamon Flats – South of Alune Beach lays a large flat section of sand between the mountains known as the Nillamon Flats. Wandering tribes of people roam the area searching for food, goods, and water. Most of these people are peaceful traders but a few are violent raiders. It is a rare occurrence that outsiders roam the area so incidents are not a norm.

Keldria – Southeast of Alvanta lies the mountainous land of Keldria, more commonly referred to as The Frostlands. The entire area is at a high elevation and as such is covered in ice and snow. There are not many things that live above the surface here. There is however extensive cave systems in the area and much diverse life found within.

Valgonni Jungle – The Valgonni Jungle is the largest jungle in the world. Named for the valgonni tribesmen that live throughout it, the jungle towers over the ground below. The trees of the Valgonni Jungle reach heights of three hundred feet and covered with purple leaves. The lands here can be harsh but travel to deep and they become deadly.

Akinao Lake – Deep inside the Valgonni Jungle is a large lake almost completely concealed by the jungle lays the Akinao Lake. Few know its location and most that do are rangers who keep quiet about it. It is rumored to be somewhere between Coorvassi and Grogagon. The waters here are said to have healing properties. On rare occasions one may find a sparkling vial of bright blue water in a shop marked Akinao Healing Waters but buyer beware, the lake is said to hold pale green waters that swirl deep purple when disturbed.

Haven of the Watchers – High in the Valgonni Jungle’s canopy lays the home of the ancient people known only as the watchers, the Haven of the Watchers is a large city spanning across several trees. More commonly just referred to as The Haven, the city is built into the trees with rope bridges strung up between the different sections. While the number of watchers around is low their lycanthrope guardians and many rangers also reside here. Travelers trek here from around the world seeking the wisdom of the watchers.

The Black Spire – A large black stone tower setting on top of a marsh, The Black Spire is the final resting place of the Butcher’s Blade. The spire has no entrances from the ground for added security. The only entrance is atop The Black Spire at the Butcher’s Blade chamber. The chamber has slits for the beacon security light to pass through. The spire is always guarded by blades working to keep the Butcher’s Blade from the world.

Mountain of the Blade – A large mountain between Coorvassi and the Oalfin Jungle, the Mountain of the Blade is the home of the School of the Blade. The Order of the Blade registers jobs, trains new blades, and runs its operations from the great city built on and inside the mountain. The center of the city is a massive staircase that leads right up to the Council of the Blade, as if daring an attack.

Bandor – Near the Coorvassi border south of Raonog Marshland lays the town of Bandor. Bandor is a large town of farmers who work the Vornin Fields and protect their township. The town is actually very wealthy as the Vornin Fields produces one of the most popular foods in the world. The fields are roughly three times the size of the town.

Raonog Marshland – Found between the Valgonni Jungle and Salsin, the Raonog Marshland is mostly covered in water flowing from the Saloothian Forest. The land and water here is covered in trees and wildlife is widespread. Since the Raonog Marshlands are extremely dangerous and commonly flood, the locals that stay here are widely considered crazy.

The Tamyr Wastes – Long ago during Grogagon’s uprising the land of Tamyr was heavily bombarded and turned the once lovely mountainsides into the scorched earth now known as The Tamyr Wastes. The land is now just as hard, jagged, and rough as the survivors of Tamyr. The people here are masters of survival and hate outsiders. They use cave systems and secret passages to ambush all interlopers. It is best to just avoid The Tamyr Wastes.

Oalfin Jungle – A stretch of tropical jungle between Orrillia and Thorn, the Oalfin Jungle is full of beautiful plant life. Much smaller than its neighbor, the trees here only average heights of thirty to forty feet. There are a few predators around the jungle but most do not cause a problem for people in the area.

Hallomei Coastline – Along the southern part of the Oalfin Jungle lays the Hallomei Coastline. The coastline is the largest tourist destination not controlled by a nation. People travel the world to relax on its beaches, swim in the ocean, and many to retire. While there is a short stormy season the weather here is usually fairly nice.

Island of Mist – A large island far off the southwestern coast of Thorn, the Island of Mist is the home of the master blacksmiths, the kaliric. Volcanoes around the island continually bellow smoke the surrounds the island, giving it its’ name. To travel here one needs an experienced mariner or you’ll come out of the mist against the rocks.

World Figures

Mayor Margret Evans – Mayor Margret Evans is the mayor of Bandor, one of the largest sources of food in the Freelands. She grew up in the Vornin fields of Bandor and has established many trade agreements for her farmers. Many thought Mayor Evans was too young when she took over but the youthful human has proven a profitable choice.

The Wanderer – The Wanderer is the name spoken throughout the world as a savior. This spear wielding fighter seems to just show up in places he is needed. The Wanderer is usually described as a hooded vampire wearing a crown.

Alpha Gromsh of the Fearl Tribe – Alpha Gromsh of the Fearl Tribe is the leader of the Fearl Tribe; the strongest of the valgonni tribesmen. His people live deep within the jungle and patrol their territory ferociously. Only a rare handful of beings are aloud within and those individuals are ones that Gromsh has witnessed in brutal combat.

Captain Eric Valine – Captain Eric Valine is the leader of the Tamyr Raiders; the most dominate gang of nomads in the wastes. Keeping his ear to the ground he learns the transport routes for most cargo that enters the Tamyr Wastes. Escorts should be well armed and well trained because Captain Valine’s Raiders are both.

Forge Master Caarna – Forge Master Caarna is one of the top smiths of the kaliric of the Island of Mist. He was the first of his people to pioneer crystalline forging and has passed it on through his fellow kaliric. Caarna has never cared about world issues only money so in turn he doesn’t care where his money comes from.

Captain Pani Hadroon – Captain Pani Hadroon is in charge of the Alune Beach Patrol. She is a skilled mariner and spends most of her shifts patrolling the coastline. Captain Hadroon’s number one priority is the safety of the beachgoers and will quickly jump in to protect them.

Explorer Rooja – Explorer Rooja knows more about the Frostlands than anyone else on the planet. The quiwong is a recognized member of many of the tribes that live under the mountains of Keldria. Tracking Rooja down however can be a bit tricky since he is always searching for new specimens or routes within the cave systems.

The Protector of Akinao Lake – The Protector of Akinao Lake is believed to be a ranger but given how few have met it, it is unclear if that is true. Rumors say the protector exists to safeguard the healing waters from being plundered. Those in need are said to be safe but those there for greed often run from an arrow barrage that makes the survivors question whether or not it is truly only one being.

Order or the Blade

Master Clifa of the Plaug – Master Clifa of the Plaug is the High Seat of the Blade Court and highest ranking member of the Order of the Blade. She is a great general and soldier, well respected by her clan. Master Clifa is a master with her three-section spear and melee casting.

Master Saphe of the Zron – Master Saphe of the Zron is one of the four Low Seats of the Blade Court. He is a combat medic, specializing in healing his allies. Armed with his glaive, Master Saphe stays in the back field of his troops to heal them as they battle.

Master Liona of Mahfay – Master Liona of Mahfay is one of the four Low Seats of the Blade Court. She lost her right arm years ago in the battle where she met her companion Ryoko Hysaschi. In battle Master Liona launches spells with her cobba while Ryoko slices away with his daggers.

Master Marcus Vaicon – Master Marcus Vaicon is one of the four Low Seats of the Blade Court. He is the only human on the Blade Court and a member of the Drosiayde Enforcers. While Master Vaicon wields a pair of daggers passed to him from his master his primary attacks come from his shuriken and throwers.

Master Ellie Syphron – Master Ellie Syphron is one of the four Low Seats of the Blade Court. The vampress is a well-trained soldier and has earned herself the title ‘The Death Dancer’. Master Syphron is a master of melee combat and her sword combat style.

Ryoko Hysaschi – Ryoko Hysaschi is one of the most talented fighters in the world. Ryoko Hysaschi is known as ‘Ryo of the Wind’ for the vampire’s dazzling speed with his twin daggers. He has vowed to protect Master Liona for the rest of her days and rarely leaves her side.

Haven of the Watchers

Elder Elidar – Elder Elidar is the eldest of the elders among the watchers. He is a strong advocate for peace and a powerful geomancer. People from across the world to seek Elder Elidar’s council.

Elifan – Elifan is the son of Elder Elidar and a great tracker. Though he is a skilled ranger he rarely picks up his bow. Elifan usually prefers his hunting dagger while stalking his prey.

Calysto – Calysto is widely revered as the greatest fighter on the planet. The tales of Calysto are widely known, from his battles against the Crusade of Kinja to his one man assault on Alvanta. He spends most of his time now in the Haven of the Watchers training others in melee fighting styles.

Michael Randal – Michael Randal is the captain of the Haven’s Protectors and well revered among his people, the lycanthropes. He has been well trained by Calysto in his two sword fighting style. The vagabond Captain Randal usually is found patrolling the land around the Haven or as ambassador to the elders.

Merza of the Nom – Merza of the Nom is best friends with her fellow ranger Elifan. Formerly a spy for the Global Intelligence Network, Merza still gets contracted for special assignments from time to time. She primarily works as a trainer for rangers specializing in stealth and ranged combat.


Serpents of Kinja, Goal: Grow the path., Restrictions: Not available to vampires or Order of the Blade members., Benefits: Follower, Safe House, Allegiances: None, Enemies: Order of the Blade, Queldi Nation, Description: The serpents of Kinja are part of the clergy of the snake god. They spread the word of their lord to the people throughout the world. Devoted followers who have worked for the cause of religious dominance will reap the benefits of Kinja.

Order of the Blade, Goal: Grow the business and wealth of the Order., Restrictions: Not available to Serpents of Kinja., Benefits: Intel, Safe House, Healing, Allegiances: The Drosiayde Embassy, Enemies: Serpents of Kinja, Queldi Nation, Description: The Order of the Blade is a mercenary band of high standing within the world. All the nations of the world call on them from time to time to supplement their armies. The Drosiayde Embassy has also made them major players in their conflict against the Queldi Nation.

The Brokery, Goal: Fulfill contracts and take their cut., Restrictions: Assassins and Thieves Only, Benefits: Fence, Invite, Item, Allegiances: None, Enemies: Queldi Nation, Description: The Brokery is a third party criminal organization. They do not commit the acts themselves; however, they simply put those in need of a job together with those who can perform it. They hold no ill will for anyone involved, it is just business.

The Drosiayde Embassy, Goal: Protected the allied nations., Restrictions: Trusted prestige with any allied faction., Benefits: Item, Intel, Invite, Command Authority, Safe House, Allegiances: Coorvassi Guardsmen, Coorvassi Air Core, Grogagon Armed Forces, The Noble Knights, Council of Mages, Nazera Naval Force, Orrillian Defense Force, Salsin Legionnaires, Thorn Tactical Command, Darsha Corporation, The Haven’s Protectors, Enemies: Alvanta Defense Forces, The Aztrafar, Raven’s Crest, Queldi Nation, Description: The Drosiayde Embassy is an allied space colony that acts for the betterment of the world. Representatives from nations across the planet meet to discuss global issues and take action to solve problems. They also do what they can to halt the efforts of the Queldi Nation.

The Haven’s Protectors, Goal: Protect the watchers and the Valgonni Jungle., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Intel, Item, Safe House, Allegiances: The Drosiayde Embassy, Enemies: Queldi Nation, Description: The Haven’s Protectors are dedicated to the protection of the Haven of the Watchers. They are mainly made up of rangers that grew up near the Haven and the lycanthropes that have dedicated their immortal lives to the protection of the watchers, an ancient and wise race. They can be found all around the Haven, in both the trees and on the ground surrounding it.

Raven’s Crest, Goal: Wealth at any cost., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Invite, Allegiances: Alvanta, Carnia Corporation, Enemies: Coorvassi Air Core, The Cloister, Council of Mages, Nazera Naval Force, Orrillian Defense Force, Thorn Tactical Command, The Drosiayde Embassy, Queldi Nation, Description: Raven’s Crest is a mercenary band that goes to the highest bidder. They care nothing for the issues or agendas of those who hire them. They do not even care that they have made enemies of half the world, as long as the other half keeps paying.

Queldi Nation, Goal: Destruction of life., Restrictions: Must have performed a highly immoral act to gain their attention., Benefits: Item, Intel, Invite, Command Authority, Safe House, Allegiances: None, Enemies: All Sentient Life, Description: The Queldi Nation is a secret community dedicated to the destruction of all sentient life on the planet. They believe the world is hell and that trying to make a living on it is a sin. Their numbers are small but they are hiding throughout the world awaiting orders to strike, most of which are terror attacks. The Queldi Nation was originated by the followers of Mockera.

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