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Your character class is the most important aspect of you character’s game play. It determines what skills available to your character and what roles they take on within the party. It restricts the character’s available weapons and armor, in some cases it also restricts what professions they can choose from. Your class, along with your species, also gives you a starting point to develop a back story and personality for your character. While not all characters follow the path of their class description, it at least gives a basis for how they normally operate.

While it is not a rule most parties will be made up of a group of mercenaries that have joined together out of friendship or because it is mutually beneficiary. Parties tend to be made up of a wide variety of classes. This way they have a larger variety of roles among the group. You would not want to have a whole group of disabling characters and none geared to attack or defend in the party so a healthy balance is the key to well-formed party.

Class Ranks

Class ranks are increased through gaining levels and for some classes, perform tasked required of their class. Rank increases give a character access to more difficult jobs. The characters rank may also change what type of jobs they have available to them. Character ranks can be used by the observer for more elaborate story points. As a character increases in ranks they often meet non-player characters that they gain as friends and allies along the way. These characters may be brought back from time to time or tag along for short periods with the party. Character levels 1-4 are rank 1, 5-7 are rank 2, and 8-10 are rank 3.

Class Roles

Each class in the game has roles they perform within their party. What roles a player is comfortable playing in the group will help in determining which class they would like to play. All classes have multiple roles they can perform depending on skill choices and equipment they are using. There are seven types of class roles in the game; defense, damage, heal, disable, buff, stealth, and command.

Defense: This role focuses on taking the brunt of the attack for the party. Defenders draw attention upon themselves so that their weaker allies can deliver more damage to their foes.

Damage: This role focuses on dealing the bulk of the damage. Damaging is the primary or secondary role of most classes.

Heal: This role focuses on keeping their allies alive through battle. Healers restore allies’ health and cure status effects.

Disable: This role focuses on breaking down their opponents. Disabling characters impair targets so that their allies have an easier time taking them down.

Buff: This role focuses of increasing their allies’ abilities. Buffing characters cast temporary bonuses for their allies.

Stealth: This role focuses on scouting ahead for their party. Stealth characters get the lay of the land so the class can better form strategies and sneak attack their opponents

Command: This role focuses on issuing orders to the party. Command characters use their time in battle to point allies in coordinated attacks or defenses against their enemies.

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