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The People’s Republic of Alvanta is ruled over by President J.E. Smith and his Aztrafar. Only the cloned populace of Alvanta actual refers to it as a republic. The majority of the world sees Alvanta as a dictatorship and the iron fist of President Smith does not belie this thought. Alvanta excels in clone technology and is second in military technology only to Thorn. Life is not treated preciously in Alvanta as they just clone replacements. There are many freedom fighter groups looking to end the reign of Smith, however, none that would rule any differently.

World Interests

Ruins of Draigha – Once the home of a demon lord. Draigha was laid to waste by the Alvanta government. The crumbling city has become a thieves’ hide out in recent years.

The Venda Pit – An ancient impact crater the people of Alvanta have mined deep into the ground. It is said that they found a giant lake at the bottom of the crater filled with shimmering water.

Alvanta – The lone city of industry in Alvanta. The massive cloning facilities, government, and majority of the Alvanta’s populous are found here.

Co Sai – A large trade port to the east of the Aeralon Coast. Most trade with the other nations takes place here.

Alvanta Naval Yard – The base of the Alvanta Navy’s operations. West of the Aeralon Coast.

Alvanta Border Defense Post – Alvanta military posts that regulate borders and patrols. The post is extremely well guarded.

Aeralon Coast – The northern most coast of the Alvanta borders. The coast is covered with beaches and jungle.

Mount Hyaldar – The only mountain in the nation of Alvanta. It is said a powerful being lives atop Hyaldar. It is rare that people travel that high though so few know the truth.

World Figures

President J.E. Smith – President J.E. Smith has been the president of Alvanta for hundreds of years. Whenever he gets too old to rule another clone of him is awoken to replace the old one. President Smith is an outstanding gunman and competes at The Quickest Draw every few years.

Commander 133 – Commander 133 is the clone commander of Alvanta’s Defense Force. She is a strong tactical fighter and able to shape a battlefield to her liking. Commander 133 is part of the clone forces that are created with a diluted version of Calysto’s DNA.

Naval Commander 783 – Naval Commander 783 is the clone commander of Alvanta’s Naval Forces. He is a twisted strategist and often losses most of his troops before ever given up on an objective. Commander 783 is a powerful adversary and a well-trained blade.

Lieutenant 68 – Lieutenant 68 is Commander 133’s right hand woman and the leader of Galvus Squadron. She has yet to lose a battle under her command and is a world class pilot. Lieutenant 68 is also an intelligent machinist and great at crowd control.

Captain Wesley Roberts – Captain Wesley Roberts is a pirate king on the Alvanta coastlines. He is the only human on his ship, The Ghost. Captain Roberts is a powerful sorcerer and The Ghost is equipped with haldre cannons.

Foreman 1,120 – Foreman 1,120 is in charge of the Venda Pit and the Miner’s Association of Alvanta. Like President Smith, Foreman 1,120 has been cloned to continue his exploration of the Pit. Foreman 1,120 is determined to get every last piece of ore out of the Venda Pit.


The Aztrafar, Goal: Immortality, Restrictions: Trusted prestige with Alvanta Defense Forces., Benefits: Intel, Command Authority, Safe House, Allegiances: Alvanta Defense Forces, Enemies: Coorvassi Air Core, The Noble Knights, Council of Mages, Nazera Naval Force, Orrillian Defense Force, Salsin Legionnaires, Thorn Tactical Command, The Drosiayde Embassy, Queldi Nation, Description: The Aztrafar are the ruling class of nobles in Alvanta. They, like most of Alvanta, are clones and have been led by President J.E. Smith since he took over the office. A fearsome group, concerned only with survival they abuse the life around them for their own gain. They will cooperate with the other nations only to ensure their own future.

Alvanta Defense Forces, Goal: Perform the will of President J.E. Smith and the Aztrafar., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Access, Intel, Command Authority, Follower, Invite, Allegiances: The Aztrafar, Grogagon Armed Forces, Enemies: Coorvassi Air Core, The Noble Knights, Council of Mages, Nazera Naval Force, Orrillian Defense Force, Salsin Legionnaires, Thorn Tactical Command, The Drosiayde Embassy, Queldi Nation, Description: The nation of Alvanta’s security and law enforcement divisions under the direct control of the Aztrafar. The ADF is made up of Alvanta’s clone fighters with law enforcement or soldier backgrounds.

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