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Scales of Kinja

The scales of Kinja are the protectors of their clergy and the snake god, Kinja. The scales are usually placed at temples for their healing arts and to defend the faithful from harm. Most serpents have a scale within their service to keep them safe while they are on their journeys. Within the structures of the temples the scales make up the bulk of Kinja's church, though they are ranked right below the serpents. Duty is a value that is driven into the head of a young apostle from the moment their begin their training.

Like all members of the faith the apostles learn to strengthen their body as they memorize the teachings of Kinja. They learn to magically create and manipulate venom for various purposes. The young apostles learn to work in concert with the serpents to better aid them. During their training they are tested by more experienced scales to se where their talents specialize. The older scales place the apostle with a pilgrim that needs their talents to support them. The apostle is trained to follow the serpent orders in all aspects except combat. Since the scales primary role is to protect the serpent in combat, the hierarchy is reversed and the serpent takes the lead of the tactically superior scales. When an apostle has demonstrated their commitment and skill to aid and protect the faithful they are honored with the rank of guardian.

Guardians are paired up with a crusader from the serpents to aid them. They may work with one serpent or they may be reassigned on a case by case basis to find the most use of their abilities. A guardians basic job does not change when they move up from being an apostle. What does change is the difficulty of their job as they are put into more and more situations the challenge their ability to protect the flock. Guardians more often end up in situations where they are working with larger groups to accomplish their tasks. Being a guardian is a dangerous task and those that are able to survive and strive at it are elevated to the rank of sentinel.

Sentinels are given remote territories or heralds to protect. Those given to a herald usually work with at least one other sentinel and some lower ranked serpents and scales. Sentinels that are given a territory to protect are put in charge of the security of a temple in that region. The force they are now in charge of is determined by the size of the temple as some of these remote locations may be nothing more than a few tents. The smaller temples are run by a herald while the larger ones are controlled by a fang. The sentinel stands at the ready, for whatever may come.

Scales of Kinja are heavy armor battle-casters, connected to the faith of Kinja. They are a hybrid support class. Scales use defensive and healing arts in tandem to protect and heal their allies. On the other side of the coin they utilize disabling and command abilities to give the edge to their allies. They use a stagger to breakdown their foes and absorb incoming spell damage. While scales are a solid support class they do not deal a great amount of damage and must rely on their allies for that. Scales of Kinja also give an interesting dynamic to storytelling when playing along side a serpent.


Role: Defense/Healing, Disabling/Command

Species: Cojaro, Human, Vampire, Grufia, Habataki, Shaross

Professions: Explorer, Hunter, Law Enforcement, Mariner, Medic, Soldier, Thief

Suggested Attributes: Wisdom and Dexterity

Health: 8 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

Starting Armor Proficient: Any

Starting Weapon Proficient: Staff and Throwers or Pistol

Starting Skills: Choose 1 starting Combat Style and History: Religion.

Starting Equipment


Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Staff

Equipment: Clothing, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen, 20 Arrows

Tarryns: 1d20x10


The scales of Kinja use Venom Marks or VM to impose disadvantages on targets to control the battlefield. The scales can create VM up to their Wis + CPB and it fades out of combat. Each target can only have one VM on them at a time and must be consumed before another can be placed on that target and counts as one of the VM created until consumed.


Fog of War, Wisdom + CPB vs Difficulty 20

At the start of combat, the scale has the chance to gain 1d4 VM for free.

Scales of Resistance, Instant Ability

The scale can use an action to gain a 1d4 per CPB to reduce a magical damage type. They can use Scales of Resistance once per round.

Toxic Awareness, Passive Ability

The scale gains a knowledge of the movements of those marked with their venom. They can react to any target with a VM making an attack within a movement range + CPB of the scale. Toxic Awareness reduces the incoming damage of any attack made within their awareness by the scale's weapon damage.

Venom of Kinja, Wisdom + CPB vs Constitution + CPB

The scale can lace their weapon attack, creating a VM. When a VM takes effect the target gains a 1d4 penalty to their strength, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, charisma, or constitution rolls, chosen by the scale.

Telepathy, Wisdom + CPB vs Wisdom + CPB, Medium Range

The ability to read, alter, and communicate with targets through psychic means. In combat Telepathy can be used to give a bonus to a scale's attacker or defender roll by consuming a VM on the target. Out of combat critical rolls, mind control the target for a minute per wisdom + CPB. They can also use Telepathy during Stealth to create a cloak that blocks the sight of a number of targets up to their wisdom + CPB.

Saveri Po, Attacker vs Defender

Saveri Po is the defensive martial art the scales of Kinja train in. Saveri are techniques they learn that consume an VM on a target to cast out a different status effect on the target for an action. Po are strikes that the scale can use to apply VM or Saveri for an action.


Goading, The scale infuriates the target. On a critical hit, goading locks the target on the scale for 1d4 actions.

Pushing, The scale moves the target 6' in a chosen direction. The target is knocked prone on a critical hit for 1d4 actions.

Staggering, The scale removes the target's defender bonus on their next defender roll. When staggering is a critical hit, the target is stunned for 1d4 actions.


Strike, Whenever the scale performs a critical weapon attack they can make a free melee strike to a target, applying a VM if the target does not already have one.

Sweep, The scale can use two actions to cleave up to three targets that are adjacent to each other.

Intercede, The scale can take a movement to push between an ally and a target. The target has a penalty to hit the being defended equal to the scale's weapon damage.

Po Counter, Passive Ability

Whenever the scale rolls a critical melee defense, they gain a free application of a savori.

Flash Port, Wisdom + CPB versus Defender, Medium Range

The scale can consume a VM on a target to teleport them to the scale.

Scale of Kinja Mastery

Scales of Kinja are trained as hybrid defenders. They all are also trained in a mastery that gives them their type of hybrid gameplay. Each mastery has an additional resource to draw power from.


Those scales trained in the healing arts are the lifeline of the battlefield. The lifelines gain a Life Pool or LP and can store up to their own health in LP. They gain 1d4 LP whenever a target takes damage with their VM on it and it fade outside of combat.

Saveri Life, Close Range, CPB 1

The lifeline can consume a VM to heal a target 1 HP for 1 LP or cure a status effect for 2 LP.

Beacon of Life, Instant Ability, 6 LP, Close Range, CPB 2

The lifeline can place a Beacon of Life on a target for 1d4 charges. While a beacon is active, a charge is consumed when the scale deals damage to a target with their VM active. Each charge heals the beacon target for half of the damage dealt, minimum 1.

Second Life, Wisdom + CPB vs Difficulty 18, 8 LP, Close Range, CPB 3

The lifeline can bring an ally back from the grasp of death. They can resurrect a target with 1 HP when successful + 1 HP for every point over the difficulty roll. Second Life can be used once daily per CPB.

Life Stream, Wisdom + CPB vs Difficulty 16, Close Range, CPB 4

Life Stream can be used to consume the lifeline's LP, healing a target and jumping to another within target within 10' if there is remaining LP. Life Stream can jump until it runs out of targets to jump to or LP.

Fog of Life, Passive Ability, CPB 5

Whenever the lifeline successfully uses Fog of War, they gain LP equal to the VM they generate.


Those scales that train to lead their allies are trained as visions. A vision gains Toxic Imprint or TI whenever they consume a VM. They can hold TI equal to their Wisdom + CPB and are used to cast Telepathy as a reaction to allies within range.

Commanding Savori, Passive Ability, CPB 1

Whenever the vision applies a savori, they can use an action to command an ally to take an action.

Psychic Counter, Passive Ability, CPB 2

The vision can use their Po Counter through their ally performs a critical attack or defense from a TI Telepathy.

Psychic Awareness, Passive Ability, CPB 3

Toxic Awareness can be used by the vision with ranged weapons within their psychic range.

Saveri Disarm, Savori Po Augment, CPB 4

When the vision consumes a VM on saveri po they can disarm the target. On a critical attack they expose the target for 1d4 attacks.

Distracting Port, Passive Ability, CPB 5

When the vision uses Flash Port they cause all targets within their Toxic Awareness to lose an action if they fail a wisdom vs wisdom roll.



Those scales that focus their training in subterfuge are known as a dream. The dream gains Dream Dust or DD as an additional resource and DD is equal to their Wisdom + CPB. DD restores from a rest and 1d4 when Fog of War is triggered.


Cloud Minds, Telepathy Augment, CPB 1

The dream can use their Telepathy to make an illusion against targets for a DD. Cloud Minds increases the Telepathy roll by 1d4. Their illusions can be seen by those within Telepathy range and can be the size of a 6’ radius.


Saveri Mind, Instant Ability, CPB 2

While the dream is using Cloud Mind they can consume the VM on a target to cast their Saveri effects from their illusion. These vary in appearance to the whims of the dream. They can also be cast while out of combat for a DD to allure or frighten targets.


Obscure, Telepathy Augment, CPB 3

The dream can expand the size of their Cloud Mind by an additional 6’ radius for an extra DD. While Obscure is between targets they gain a cover bonus equal to the dream’s Wisdom + CPB. The dream can choose up to their Wisdom of targets in their Telepathy range that can see through Obscure.


Saveri Sleep, Close Range, CPB 4

The dream can consume a VM and cast sleep on the target. When you cast Saveri Sleep you roll 2d6 to determine how many actions they are out for and 2d12 on critical hits. Any damage done to the target well wake them up.


Mind Master, Passive Ability, CPB 5

When the dream performs a critical action with Telepathy they regain 1d4 DD. While using Telepathy for stealth and Cloud Mind or Obscure is active, they can effect twice as many targets.

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