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The kingdom of Salsin is ruled by the Demon King Phazier. While the kingdom is ruled by a demon it has one of the happiest populaces among the world. Being ruled from a port city the people of Salsin are great seafarers and fishermen. With the Meidur Arena and Zarna Lake Salsin is also a popular tourist location. Travelers know to stay clear of the Saloothian Forest however, it is not a safe place to be.

World Interests

Philnen – The capital city of Salsin, Philnen is a giant in the import/export industry. Its harbor stretches across the length of the city and fills its waters with thousands of ships. Philnen ships out the goods produced by Taloose to the other nations and is used as a major refueling station for vessels on their way to Nazera. From atop his loft the Demon King of Salsin, Phazier, watches over his people with a kind hand.

Taloose – Salsin’s lone city of industry, Taloose constructs some of the most effective armors on the planet. Transporting its goods to Philnen for worldwide distribution, Taloose based products are a giant in the world economy. Expan-o-Tech Industries main research and development station is located here as well.

Ulphire Shore – The northern most coastline of Salsin is the Ulphire Shore. It was once a prospering tourist spot but in recent years it has fallen into gang territory. The largest of the gangs that control the Ulphire Shore is the Zalen Roses. Named after the poisonous rose that blooms in the area.

Zarna Lake – The Zarna Lake lies between Philnen and Taloose and is a major tourist destination for anyone looking to relax. Surrounded by woods the Zarna Lake is most often a family fishing getaway. King Phazier himself keeps a cabin on the smaller of the two islands.

Coofoorassi – Located off the coast of Salsin and under the water, Coofoorassi is home to the aquatic dayganus. The dayganus are not ruled by Salsin but have a trade partnership with them. They salvage from the ocean floor and sell usable goods to the nation. The Coofoorassi area is considered a no travel zone for all but smaller submersibles. A large craft sinking here could destroy the city again.

Saloothian Forest – Making up a large section of Salsin, the Saloothian Forest gets its name from the saloothia tree that grows there. The saloothia trees are so dense they have to use laser cutters to work through them. The Saloothian Forest is home to many bizarre creatures and is rich with magic.

Sviatia – Deep into the Saloothian Forest lays the home of the banglas, Sviatia. Buried underground in cave systems the banglas survive constant struggle with their neighbors the tymroc. Sviatia is usually surrounded by wed traps and banglas riflemen hiding in holes to protect Sviatia from the tymroc.

Nemnoc – Hidden away in the Saloothian Forest is the home of the tymroc, Nemnoc. Built over a giant waterfall like a bridge, Nemnoc is a site to behold if you live long enough. The tymroc practice blood sacrifices to their fire god. Victims are cut wide open over the mouth of the waterfall and then tossed in. Their favorite victims are banglas.

Ruins of Jedhar – If you are walking through the Saloothian Forest and suddenly feel that all the life has drained out of the world you have stumbled onto the Ruins of Jedhar. Once the great temple of the Demon Lord Jedhar, it now plays host to skeletons and all manner of spirits. It is said that Lord Jedhar’s spirit still resides in his throne room fused to the husk of his old body and gathering souls for his new army.

Tyrphian Complex – Between the Saloothian Forest and Coofoorassi lays the main military base of Salsin the Tyrphian Complex. The Tyrphian Complex is in charge of coordinating efforts from the branches of Salsin’s forces. The facility is also used as the training post for the military’s rookies. Most of the trainers here are zagnin under orders from their Warchief Malier Von Seq.

Meidur Arena – Near the border of Thorn in Salsin lays the Meidur Arena. A large sports and concert hall that draws in huge crowds from around the world. The large dome can open or close depending on the weather or the event.

World Figures

King Phazier – King Phazier, the Demon King of Salsin is known for his cool attitude and just rule. He is beloved by his people and a veteran of the Demonic Civil War. With spear in hand King Phazier defeated the demon lord at Jedhar to help end the war.

Captain Vadre – Captain Vadre is the demon captain of the Salsin Legionnaires. She is a well-trained monk and soldier who worked hard for her position. Captain Vadre can be found competing in martial arts competition in her free time.

War Chief Malier Von Seq – War Chief Malier Von Seq is the War Chief of Salsin’s military. A member of the proud zagnin people and a powerful coorgri. War Chief Von Seq wields his traditional double spear alongside his fellow zagnin when King Phazier calls them to battle.

Dolg Von Ier – Dolg Von Ier is a world renowned zagnin craftsman who specializes in armor crafting. Whether it is stitching together pieces of leather or pounding metals into shape he has few equals in the world. Dolg keeps a shop in Taloose and trains young minds in his art whenever he is in town and not out learning new techniques to improve upon his already masterful skills.

Ioka of Nama – Ioka of Nama is the CEO of Expan-o-Tech Industries, the world leader in collapsible technologies. She is one of the leading minds on nanotech research throughout the world. While she is young, Ioka is a talented business woman and has taken Expan-o-Tech to new heights financially.

Baluuk Reeshka – Shaman Baluuk Reeshka is the leader of the tymroc. He leads Nemnoc in their sacrificial ceremonies and organizes hunting parties for fresh victims. Reeshka rules with an iron fist and burns through those who oppose him, whether it is from outsiders or from his own people.

Lady Ishgran – Lady Ishgran is the beloved queen of the banglas. She is nearly twice the size of her people and revered by the women while respected but feared by the men. Lady Ishgran is always looking for a new mate and they rarely last long.

Dredar Luke – Dredar Luke or Mr. Luke when he takes the stage is the head promoter and spokesman for the Meidur Arena. The hasshee is an accomplished mage and actor, often combining his speeches with dancing fireballs or lightning flashes. Mr. Luke doesn’t make it out of the arena very often as he has some event to announce nearly every night of the week.


Salsin Legionnaires, Goal: Protect Salsin., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Item, Intel, Invite, Command Authority, Safe House, Access, Allegiances: Coorvassi Guardsmen, Coorvassi Air Core, Grogagon Armed Forces, The Noble Knights, Council of Mages, Nazera Naval Force, Orrillian Defense Force, Thorn Tactical Command, The Drosiayde Embassy, Enemies: Alvanta Defense Forces, The Aztrafar, Queldi Nation, Description: The Salsin Legionnaires are the main branch of the Salsin military. They are charged with protecting the people of Salsin, wherever they may be. Legionnaires can be found at outposts throughout the world.

Expan-o-Tech Industries, Goal: Make a profit and advance technology., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Discount, Allegiances: Carnia Corporation, Enemies: Queldi Nation, Description: Expan-O-Tech Industries is the number one source in the world for collapsible and nanotechnology. Their products range from weaponry to camping supplies. The main branch lays in Taloose but outlets can be found throughout the world.

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