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Koobari Monk

Koobari monks are in harmony with the flow of life. They are able to mold their own life energy to use against their enemies. Using the technique called koobar, which gives them their namesake; the koobari monks amplify their natural abilities in combat. Most perspective monks travel to Mala Point in the kingdom of Thorn to seek a master for training. Soba Gno’gar are masters of the powerful forms of combat. Soba Cho’ku are masters of the dexterious forms of combat. Young monks who begin their training are referred to as faun.

Faun have much to learn and usually prefer to stay at Mala Point, where the healing energies of the land can protect them from their own mistakes in training. They train either one on one with a soba or as part of a group. Much of their training is done through sparring with other faun. Soba commonly spar with their students to gauge their improvements and see where they need to develop their skills. When a faun has proven its self they gain the rank of tayven.

Tayven are sent out in the world to gain experience in real situations. They find allies they believe will lead them to greater battles. The greater the fights, the more the tayven can learn from them and the faster their skills can improve. Regularly sparring with other tayven or soba to test their skills, tayven strive to become better combatants. During this time they also get a feel for whether they are better suited to focus their attentions on the Gno’gar or Cho’ku specialties.


When a koobari monk attains the rank of soba they choose the specialty that suits them best. Gno’gar, specialize in attacking enemies through strikes and energy techniques. Cho’ku, specialize in defending allies from harm by taking advantage of their enemies attacks. Soba also train to perfect their master technique. These techniques vary from monk to monk and could be striking, defensive, or energy based. Soba often begin training their faun though it is not a rule. No matter what path they take, they never stop testing themselves.


Koobari monks are light armored battle-casters. Specializing in hand to hand combat that they utilize for attack or defense, the monks use their koobar technique to increase their natural abilities. Casting their life force draining energy magic to attack their enemies is a double edged sword. Too much casting can leave the monk too weak to defend its self, casting focused monks almost always pair themselves with a healer. The abilities to purge status effects and perform defensive takedowns make the koobari monks powerful defenders for their allies. Whether they focus on attack or defense, all monk strive to find fights that will perfect their techniques.



Role: Defense, Damage, Disable

Species: Cojaro, Grufia, Habataki, Shaross, Vampire

Professions: Explorer, Law Enforcement, Mariner, Medic, Soldier, Thief

Suggested Attributes: Dexterity and Wisdom

Health: 10 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

Starting Armor Proficient: Cloth, Leather

Starting Weapon Proficient: Strike

Starting Skills: Choose 1 starting Combat or Magical Style and the Combat Style: Martial Arts.

Starting Equipment

Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): None

Equipment: Clothing, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen

Tarryns: 1d6x10


At CPB 3 a monk begin to create its own master technique. Spells do more damage than its other spells and costs more health to use. The player must work with the observer to determine this ability’s stats.


The koobari monk use their health or HP up to their CPB to cast energy magic and it regenerates through healing and rest.


Chi is used by the monks to use their striking abilities. Monks can store Chi equal to CPB and it generates 1 Chi from basic strikes, casting spells, and by consuming an action. The koobari generates 2 Chi on critical attacks. Chi fades out of combat.

Combat reactions or CR are used for defensive abilities. The monk can store CR equal to their CPB and is generated equal to Chi spent and by 1 on successful defenses. The monk generates 2 CR on critical defenses. CR fades out of combat.


Koobar, Wisdom + CPB vs Difficulty 16 - CPB, 1 Chi

This skill causes a glow around the caster that increases their abilities. Koobar stacks on other buffs and lasts for a round with a saving throw for longer use. For saving throw re-roll koobar to match level with +1 difficulty per round maintained and have enough chi available to cast. Koobar is usable once per CPB per rest.

Tranquility, Wisdom + CPB vs Difficulty 16, 1 CR

This skill gives the monk a sense of calm that adds character’s wisdom bonus as critical bonus for next action. During Koobar, the difficulty is also reduced by CPB.

Purge, Constitution + CPB vs Difficulty 14, 1 Chi

This skill allows the monk to remove status effects and diseases from its self. During Koobar, difficulty is reduced by CPB.

Counter Takedown, Reactive Ability, 1 CR

The monk can perform a takedown throw after a successful melee defense that knocks the target prone for 1 action. During Koobar they also throw the target just out of melee range.

Rising Kick, Reactive Ability, 1 CR

Whenever the monk is knocked prone it can spin up with a sweeping kick to all in melee range dealing strike damage. During Koobar, Rising Kick adds stagger to all targets hit.

Iron Fist, Attacker vs Defender

When the monk strikes at a target, it can deal strike damage + 1d6 additional damage per Chi. During Koobar, Iron Fist is always critical.

Dycusco Technique, Wisdom + CPB vs Defender

The monk shoots a damaging pulse from their fingertips that deals 1d6 per HP energy damage at medium range. During Koobar it causes impact to affect a 10' radius.

Masentoyu Technique, Instant Ability

The monk channels energy to allow for flight equal to 2 movement ranges per action and increases fist damage by 1d4. Masentoyu Technique costs 2 HP per round. Koobar increases Masentoyu Technique to deal an additional +2d4 fist damage and flight is equal to 4 movement ranges per action.

Koobari Monk Mastery

The masteries for a koobari monk are broken in martial and magical forms. Each form has alterations to their resource generation and specific attribute based striking.

Earth Gno'gar

The Earth Gno'gar is a defensive striking form used for melee defense with strength based striking. While in Earth Gno'gar the monk can spend 1 CR to use Stone Guard, added melee strike damage to their defender roll. All fist skills cause infuriate while in Earth Gno'gar and maximum CR is increased by CPB.


Offensive Takedown, CPB 1

The monk can use a Counter Takedown as a strike attack for 2 Chi.

Iron Skin, Instant Ability, CPB 2

The monk uses 5 Chi to gain double soak rate 5 times of their choosing.

Counter Strike, Attacker vs Defender, CPB 3

The monk uses a Chi on a successful defense to strike back at a target. During Koobar, Counter Strike pushes the target back 2' per CPB.

Disarm, Attacker vs Defender, 2 Actions, CPB 4

Whenever the monk performs a critical strike it can spend 1 Chi to remove an item from a target, forcing it to take an action to recover the item. During Koobar, Disarm removes all items from a target's hands.

Stone Guardian, Instant Ability, CPB 5

The monk generates 5 free uses of the Stone Guard ability at their choosing for 5 Chi. Stone Guardian is usable once per CPB per rest.

Water Cho'ku

The Water Cho'ku is a magical form use to deal damage with energy spells at a distance with dexterity based striking. While in Water Cho'ku the monk gains Chi Siphon, can restore 1d4 HP per 1 Chi spent and they increase maximum chi storage by CPB.


Combo Blast, CPB 1

The monk can combo the Dycusco Technique to any spell for 2 Chi.

Carudai Technique, Wisdom + CPB vs Defender, CPB 2

The monk creates a destructive cone of energy 6’ in front of self, dealing 1d6 + 1d4 per HP energy damage. On a critical hit the Carudai Technique causes a 1 action -5 attacker/defender blindness to those hit by it. During Koobar the range of Carudai is doubled.

Intense Burns, CPB 3

Radiation Burns are automatically applied for 2 Chi.

Wakashira Technique, Wisdom + CPB vs Defender, CPB 4

The monk casts beam to target within medium range dealing 1d20 energy damage for 2 HP + 2 Chi. During Koobar, Wakashira Technique pushes passed the first target to strike all in the line.

Invigorate, Instant Ability, CPB 5

The monk uses 5 CR to gain 5 free additional actions to use at their choosing. Invigorate is usable once per CPB per rest.

Fire Gno'gar

The Fire Gno'gar is a magical attack form used to deal damage with fists and energy spells at melee range with strength based striking. While in Fire Gnogar the monk can use Flash Strike, for 1 Chi they can add a dash to any attack to a target within 2 movement ranges. Flash Strike requires no adjacent targets. Fire Gno'gar also increases the maximum Chi storage by CPB.

Rapid Fists, CPB 1

Spend 2 CR to perform a combo strike on an Iron Fist.

Sakurak Technique, Instant Ability, CPB 2

After a successful attack monk can choose to deal 1d6 per HP energy damage to a strike. Koobar automatically applies radiation burns critical effect.

Rib Breaker, Attacker vs Defender, 2 Actions, CPB 3

The monk strikes out with an injuring attack that weakens the target’s abilities by -1 attacker/defender roll per Chi for a round. Rib Breaker also exposes a target’s armor to a piercing attack during Koobar.

Stun Strike, Attacker vs Defender, 2 Actions, CPB 4

Whenever the monk strikes a target it can spend 1 Chi to stagger them. During Koobar, Stun Strike staggers them for a round.

Flurry Strikes, Attacker vs Defender, CPB 5

The monk uses 5 Chi to perform 5 combo strikes. Flurry Strikes is usable once per CPB per rest.

Wind Cho'ku

The Wind Cho'ku is a defensive dodging form used to dance around enemy attacks and keep them under the effects of infuriate with dexterity based striking. Wind Cho'ku also increases the maximum CR storage by CPB and all energy spells cause infuriate. While in Wind Cho'ku the monk also gains Wind Dance, the ability to spend a CR to avoid a ranged attack.

Intervening Dance, Reactive Ability, CPB 1

Can spend 1 CR to Wind Dance toward another target on their failed defender roll to intercept the attack, rolling their defender roll against the attack, and use a reaction if CR is available.

Counter Energy, Reactive Ability, 1 CR, CPB 2

The monk can use the Dycusco Technique as a ranged Counter Takedown.

Charged Palm, Reactive Ability, 1 CR, CPB 3

The monk runs energy into their hands that they use to deflect incoming physical projectile in their frontal cone. Whenever Charged Palm deflects a projectile during Koobar it becomes Throw Back and is reflected back at the attacker.

Galious Technique, Wisdom + CPB vs Defender, CPB 4

The monk casts a 20' cone of 1d10 energy damage per HP + Chi. During Koobar, Galious Technique burns blight causing an action of blindness per HP spent.

Wind Dancer, Instant Ability, CPB 5

The monk generates 5 charges for 5 HP of Wind Dancer allowing the monk to move double distance when using Wind Dance. Wind Dancer is usable once per CPB per rest.

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