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The nation of Orrillia was founded by the Plaug Clan and is ruled over by the Orrillian Senate. The senators lay out the path of Orrillia’s future and determine when their forces are needed outside of their lands. While Thorn has the most advanced military technology Orrillia has the strongest soldiers in their military. Orrillia is also the most medically advanced nation in the world and their healers are sent to outbreaks to lend aid to those in need. Orrillia has the highest diversity of shaross clans in the world. Each clan has their own rules and etiquette among their people.

World Interests

Nazdren – The capital city of Orrillia, Nazdren is both a pillar of light and a pit of darkness. Half of the city of industry is built out over the ocean floor. Using the easily accessible ocean water to cool the factories of Nazdren they are able to produce goods faster than anywhere on the planet. The government of Orrillia sits in the clouds protected by Orrillia’s elite political enforcers, the Peacekeepers. Nearer the oceans levels are the deadliest slums in the world and the home of the Butcher of Nazdren, an axe murderer still at large after a few hundred years.

Shatabahkur – One of Orrillia’s two cities of industry, Shatabahkur is the city of hope. Most of the industry here is focused around maintaining the city and producing medical supplies. Shatabahkur is home to the finest hospitals and medical research facilities in the world. Darsha Pharmaceuticals products can be found in every hospital and on smart healers around the world.

Orrillian Guard Command – Near the border closest to Grogagon is Orrillia’s main headquarters for the guardsmen, the Orrillian Guard Command. This is also the main training facility for the guardsmen. After The Great War the command was relocated to its current location from the base of the Rollen Mountains. The Peacekeepers select some of their forces from the elite guard cadets.


Outcast Falls – Near Orrillia’s border with the Valgonni Jungle is the great waterfall known as Outcast Falls. The sides of the waterfall are lined with stonework and statues. The tribal koldao use the waterfall as a means of judgment. They believe that if you survive the fall the gods deem you worthy of redemption.

Far Watch – On the eastern border of Orrillia near the ocean lays Far Watch, a guardsmen outpost. Far Watch is used to coordinate operations between Orrillia’s Defense Force and Navy. There are usually a handful of Peacekeepers located here as well.

Rollen Mountains – A mountain range to the northwest of Nazdren, the Rollen Mountains are dwarfed by the shadow of Nazdren. Formerly the home of the Orrillian Guard Command now it is used for the training post of the Peacekeepers. Many dangerous creatures live in the higher mountains.

Catooluu Mountains – In western Orrillia near Shatabahkur lays the Catooluu Mountains and their snow topped peaks. Climbers travel the world for the challenge of Catooluu’s dangerous peaks. Though the climb isn’t the only danger as sael stalk prey in the snow drifts.

Mount Vajhad – In the center of the Catooluu Mountains lays Mount Vajhad, the largest peak in Orrillia. More climbers have lost their lives here than anywhere else in the world. There is also said to be a cave near the summit full of treasures and guarded by forgotten beings.

Millinum Isles – Once a solid section of land known as Millinum a flash of light turned it into the Millinum Isles. It is unknown what caused this overnight transformation but the inhabitants were seemingly unharmed. The islands are covered by forests and along the Oceanside there are some cabins.

Turgana – Hidden away in the Millinum Isles is the mariner city of Turgana. It is a haven for smugglers and the less reputable members of society. To hide itself from unwanted attention the entire city can be submerged.

Port Lu Coi – Along the coast west of Nazdren lays the small city of Port Lu Coi. Some of the work found here is less than legal. That is the cost of survival for Port Lu Coi with the massive ports of Nazdren so close by.

Orrillian Naval Yard – South of Shatabahkur on the coast of Orrillia lays the Orrillian Naval Yard. With its large shipyard the Orrillian Naval Yard is the main base and training facility for Orrillia’s Navy. The Peacekeepers select some of their forces from the elite naval cadets.

Bealdin Beach – The coastline near the western border is known as the Bealdin Beach. Bealdin Beach is a heavy tourist destination full of entertainment. Hotels, restaurants, casinos, concert halls, and more are found throughout the Bealdin Strip. The Bealdin Strip runs nearly the length of the Bealdin Beach.

World Figures

Sla’liese of the Tomfa – Sla’liese of the Tomfa is the ruler of Orrillia and Head Seat of the Orrillian Senate. She is often regarded by the Senate as being too controversial when it comes to helping other nations. Most believe Sla’liese drains too much of Orrillia’s resources with her aid efforts.

The Butcher of Nazdren – The Butcher of Nazdren is the world’s most famous murderer. Little more is known about The Butcher than he is a shaross male and he uses some kind of axe. For nearly a hundred years he has dismembered someone once a lunar cycle.

Ollie Christoff – Ollie Christoff is known as ‘The Savior’ to the people around the world. Most would barely recognize this gunman as the blade that defeated Mockera of the Zordoff. Nowadays the vampire can be found being thrown out of bars all over Nazdren.

Doctor Grovon of the Albez – Doctor Grovon of the Albez is the head of Darsha Pharmaceuticals and its chief pharmacist. Usually he can be found at the main facilities in Shatabahkur going over his notes and trying to cure any new disease that pops up within the world. Grovon is a fairly well known workaholic and rarely gets his mind out of his labs.

Orrillian Senate – The Orrillian Senate is the ruling body of Orrillia and made up of senators from districts throughout the nation. They make the laws of Orrillia and decide the best course of actions for its people. The Senate is made up of many representatives, some are for the people and others are as corrupt as they come.

Guard Commander Bargal Masada – Guard Commander Bargal Masada is in charge of the defense forces within Orrillia. He is a well-trained soldier and the habataki is a very skilled gunmen. With quick well trained eyes Bargal Masada becomes a whirlwind of death on the battlefield and it is said he can manage to hit targets while surrounded by allies and performing acrobatic maneuvers.

Naval Commander Cha’si of the Tomfa – Naval Commander Cha’si of the Tomfa commands all the ships in the sea and air. She is a well-known mariner and her flag junca Xcreecia’s Fin is a fearsome force in battle. The vagabond Cha’si is as swift as they come and spins her twin swords as deadly as any among the world.

Peacekeeper Gerrin of the Plaug – Peacekeeper Gerrin of the Plaug is in charge of the peacekeeper’s training facility in the Rollen Mountains. He served as a peacekeeper of the senate for over two hundred years before accepting a post as the chief instructor for the newer generations. Gerrin’s training methods are considered a bit extreme but effective in preparing those chosen for the dangers should they finish or survive the training.


Orrillian Defense Force, Goal: Protect Orrillia., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Item, Intel, Invite, Command Authority, Safe House, Access, Allegiances: Coorvassi Guardsmen, Coorvassi Air Core, Grogagon Armed Forces, The Noble Knights, Council of Mages, Nazera Naval Force, Salsin Legionnaires, Thorn Tactical Command, The Drosiayde Embassy, Darsha Pharmaceuticals, Enemies: Alvanta Defense Forces, The Aztrafar, Raven’s Crest, Queldi Nation, Description: The Orrillian Defense Force is the branch of the Orrillian military that safeguards its people. Protecting the borders of the land, the ODF is comprised of both military and law enforcement members. They also give aid to the Darsha Corporation for relief efforts.

Darsha Pharmaceuticals, Goal: Cure disease and heal the sick., Restrictions: Medic in the party., Benefits: Discount, Allegiances: Carnia Corporation, Orrillian Defense Force, Enemies: Queldi Nation, Description: Darsha Pharmaceuticals is the most respected pharmaceutical company in the world. They sponsor doctors from throughout the world and support their relief efforts. The company’s primary goal is to wipe out plagues and diseases from the planet.

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