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Cojaro are a species of human metamorphs who are believed to have been accidentally brought to the world. Metamorphs have the ability to change their appearance back and forth at will. The cojaro normally look like humans and some may even believe to be a human most or all of their life. There are three cojaro transformations in all. Their first change turns their skin orange and doubles the length of their hair while turning it black and gray. They grow claws on their hands and feet. Their abilities also increase a bit making them noticeably tougher. On their second change their bodies become more muscular as they grow fangs and their eyes burn blue. They also grow spurs on their forearms just behind their wrists that extend into blades. They again grow even more powerful. In their last change they resemble greenish gray gargoyles. The spur blades disappear and they grow three non-extending spur along their forearms near the elbow. They grow wings off their lower backs and become amazingly powerful.

The cojaro can be found across the planet and many have no clue of their heritage. The first change of the cojaro often comes as a complete surprise. Cojaro have a dominate gene that controls the transformations, it is commonly theorized that one day the human race will be all cojaro. There is also no sure way to track their population as the change that distinguishes them only comes about while in life threatening danger. The gene can be in a family for generations before it ever activates. It is unfortunately common that those that are the first in a line are looked on like vermin by their families and usually leave shortly after finding out.

Personality: Impulsive, Aggressive, Courageous, Strong-Willed

Social: Cojaro are a hot blooded species that are drawn to combat zones and competitive sports. Cojaro on their own are generally outcasts and loners because of their combative nature. Those that are part of society are those that have found peace through an outlet, most commonly through military service. The structure, training, and conflict can soothe their aggression and give them the stability of a family. Life is extremely difficult for those who are unaware of their lineage. Since cojaro are a sub-classification of human the bloodline can hide for generations before the first transformation is forced out. Cojaro do not fully remember their first change, those unknown cojaro often have no clue what happened to them until much later. Even though the bloodline is in most or all of the rest of the family the first member to change is often shunned by the rest of the ‘human’ family.

Cojaro families are much more adjusted to society than their exiled brethren. Many of these have been military families since their first ancestor went through the change. Knowing what they are however gives them the advantage of knowing how to bring stability to their lives. They also have a love for the deep connection of the vagabond caravans and even those that are not a part of the caravan may choose to travel with them over traveling alone. The highest population of known cojaro in the world is located in Salsin. It is generally assumed they just feel more at ease in a kingdom ruled by a demon.

Life Span: 60-80 years old, 18 years adulthood

Average Height/Weight: 6’/140 lbs.

Starting Health: 26 Hp

Movement Speed: 6’ + 2’ increases per transformations on land, 4’ + 1’ increases per transformations in water, 12’ while flying in 3rd transformation

Species Abilities: Transformations, 1d6 Strike Damage

Classes: Koobari Monk, Fighter, Gunmen, Order of the Blade, Ranger, Vagabond

Home World: Earth

Names: Usually consisting of three names such as John Edward Smith or Elizabeth Lee Cook. The first and middle name are often used interchangeably for a persons’ name. Sometimes they also identify themselves with initials in place of first, middle, or both names.


The Transformation roll has a difficulty of 20 - CPB. Transforming lasts 1d4 rounds and is usable once per CPB per rest. At CPB 2 and 4 they gain an additional 1d4 to their transformation duration.

First Form: At 1 CPB the cojaro gains +1 to attacker rolls and soak rate but -1 their defender roll. They can deal 1d8 damage with claw attacks. When the cojaro reaches their third form it can stay in this form but revert to their human form after transforming into one of the other two.

Second Form: At 3 CPB the cojaro gains +2 to attacker rolls and soak rate but -2 their defender roll. They can 1d8 damage with their blade spurs and 1d4 bleeding damage on critical hits. Blade spurs can be use as a weapon to channel spells into.

Third Form: At 5 CPB the cojaro gains +3 to attacker rolls and soak rate but -3 to their defender rolls. In this form they gain 20 temporary health points that are taken last. They will fall if they revert back while out of normal health points. While in flight they gain +1d4 to defender rolls and +1 melee critical attack after taking a movement.

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