Geomancers are specially attuned to nature and the elements. Able to speak with plants and animals they often befriend packs, herds, or solitary animals and will consider them dear friends. They are pulled with a desire to help nature and tend to have a dislike of technology. Geomancers feel uneasy within cities and generally like to keep their feet planted on the ground. They walk barefoot to feel a greater connection to the lands around them. Unlike many classes there is no rank structure among geomancer and no matter the skill of the geomancer, they are treated as equals.

Geomancers are born with the ability to speak to nature but not all of them choose to listen. Most that do find their way to the Haven. The geomancers of the Haven test their abilities and guide them into harmony with nature. The young geomancers walk the jungle's floor to get acquainted with the trees and animals of the land. They perform deeds for them to gain favor with those in the area. As they develop their talents they expand from the Haven and go out into the world.

As geomancers travel the world they look to attune themselves with the lands of the world to better understand their place within it. They meet various companions and attempt to guide them on issues with harmony of nature. Geomancers are sometimes brought in to gauge the environmental impact of development sites for interest groups. Some developments actually hire on geomancers as ambassadors to the wildlife with the area. They do what they can to keep the key areas in the region undisturbed so the animals can continue their way of life. As they expand their reputation they are sought out more and more for their insight.

Geomancers who have attained that level of respect are brought in to discuss geopolitical situations within nations and worldwide. They are especially brought in for any conference involving sustainability or clean energies. Geomancers love to focus on areas they have yet to visit and can learn new things about the world. Their love for traveling the world often leads them into associations with vagabonds and it is not uncommon to find geomancers among their caravans. When the geomancer feels they have learned and seen enough they choose a place to plant their roots and watch over the land. Some choose the Haven and others choose to create their own havens.

Geomancers are environmental casters with a variety of support spells to aid their allies. They raise a golem for defense or support their allies in the field. They shape the battlefield to give themselves and their allies advantages in battle. Geomancers also act as healers for their allies. In general the geomancer is a strong damage and support caster, they require aid for their defenses from their golem or allies.


Role: Damage, Command, Buff, Disabling, Stealth

Species: Cojaro, Human, Vampire, Grufia, Habataki, Pacura, Quiwong, Shaross, Tissarrid

Professions: Explorer, Hunter, Law Enforcement, Mariner, Medic, Thief

Suggested Attributes: Wisdom and Charisma

Health: 4 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

Starting Armor Proficient: Cloth

Starting Weapon Proficient: Staff, Spear, Club, Whip, Bows

Starting Skills: Choose a Magical Style and Survival, Culture, or Language

Starting Equipment


Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Staff, Short Bow

Equipment: Clothing, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen, 20 Arrows

Tarryns: 1d20x10


Geomancers gather power from nature to cast their spells. For an action they can draw 1d4 Ground or Weather Charges from medium range. They can gather up to their Wisdom + CPB in Charges and it fades out of combat. Each Charge is gathered individually and has its own pool divided between Ground and Weather.

Ground Charges or GC, are divided between Solid, Loose, and Flowing ground types. Solid ground consists of stone, rock, ice, etc. Loose ground consists of various soil, snow, and mud. Flowing ground consists of snow, sand, silt, and water.

Weather Charges or WC, are divided between Tropical, Temperate, and Arctic weather types. Tropical weather are composed of extreme heat and massive rain storms. Temperate weather is able to perform effects from either Tropical or Arctic weather for a lighter effect. Arctic weather is composed of extreme cold and winter storms.


All Speech, Charisma + CPB vs 20 - Target's Wisdom + CPB

The geomancer is able to speak to plants and animals. Communication can be difficult with the simple minded and may be harder to decipher.

Apothecary's Harvest, Wisdom + Survival vs Difficulty, 1 Hour Search

Geomancers learns how to find cure or cause status effects with plants and animals in the wild. When you recover an item you roll 1d12 to determine the effect of the item found followed by 1d4 to determine the quantity. Rangers can recover 1 item per CPB for each search. To use a recovered toxin on a target the must fail a constitution roll vs the ranger's wisdom. Buffs or toxins can be attached to an arrow head or bullet for an action, the shot still deals damage. Apothecary's Harvest requires mortar and pestle.

  1. Silence - A toxin that stops casting on target for a round.

  2. Death - A toxin that kills the target in a round.

  3. Poison - A toxin that deals 1d6 damage for 3 rounds.

  4. Slow - A toxin that halves the speed of a target for a round.

  5. Berserk - A toxin that causes berserk for a round on a target.

  6. Impair - A toxin that gives -1d4 attacker/defender roll for a round to target.

  7. Enlighten - A buff that causes all spells cast by the target to critical for a round.

  8. Resurrection - A buff used to revive a fallen ally with 1 hp after a round.

  9. Regeneration - A buff that heals 1d6 damage for 3 rounds.

  10. Haste - A buff used to increase the speed of a target for a round.

  11. Enrage - A buff that causes all strike and weapon based attacks to critical for a round.

  12. Enhance - A buff that gives +1d4 attacker/defender roll for a round to target.

Far Seer Command, Charisma + CPB vs Range Difficulty

Whenever the geomancer uses their charges, they can use an action to command an ally to take an action. A Far Seer Command roll gains +1d8 to the success roll. Range difficulty is 10 for melee, 15 for close, and 20 for medium.

Geomancy, Wisdom + CPB vs Defender or Difficulty 14, Medium Range

Geomancy is the ability to manipulate Charges to affect the area around them. They can combine Charges equal to their CPB into a single cast. Geomancy dice scale up for each added matching Charges effect. If you use 5 Charges to deal damage the roll would be 1d4 + 1d6 + 1d8 + 1d10 + 1d12 damage to the targets hit.

Weather Strike, They can use a WC to deal weather type effect to a 6' radius. Additional Charges increases the damage.

Wave, They can use a GC or WC to create a 10' frontal cone of damage equal to their geomancy dice. Wave can be used with Loose, Flowing, Tropical, Temperate, or Arctic.

Alter Terrain, They use a GC to alter an area for 1d6 rounds.  The geomancy dice determine the amount of feet they can change. The terrain can be altered to give the effects of cover, slow, or to remove them.

Shield, They can use a GC or WC to apply a shield with temporary hp to a target or location. The geomancy dice determine the amount of temporary hp the shield has for Flowing Ground. Tropical or Arctic Weather reduces Ice or Fire damage, respectively.

Geomatic Spheres, Crafted Resource

The geomancer can craft geomatic sphere to house Charges. During a rest they can create geomatic spheres equal to their Wisdom. Spheres are specific to a type of geomancy and have a number of geomatic charges equal to the geomancer's CPB.

Golem, Crafting Ritual

Geomancers are able to spend an hour to create a creature of earth and nature to aide them. Golems increase their Hp at each geomncer CPB increase.

Solid Golem

Hp: 14, Def: +1, Soak: 12, Move: Land 6', APR: 2, CPB: 1

Str: +4, Dex: 0, Cha: 0, Int: 0, Wis: 0, Con: +4

Loose Golem

Hp: 10, Def: +3, Soak: 8, Move: Land 8', APR: 2, CPB: 1

Str: +3, Dex: +2, Cha: 0, Int: 0, Wis: 0, Con: +4

Flowing Golem

Hp: 6, Def: +5, Soak: 4, Move: Land 10', APR: 2, CPB: 1

Str: +1, Dex: +4, Cha: 0, Int: 0, Wis: 0, Con: 0

Strike, Strength vs Defender, Melee

The golem can deal a melee strike that deals 1d6 per Strength.

One With Nature, Passive Ability

Geomancers gain +1d8 to their Survival roles.

Ignore Terrain, Passive Ability

Geomancers are able to ignore natural difficult terrain.


The masteries of a geomancer allow them to greater impact the environment around them. Each CPB gives them two masteries. The geomancer masteries allow them to draw on the power of biomes, weather, and geomancy.

Freezing Rain, Passive Ability

The geomancer can use arctic charges to add freezing to geomancy actions. Freezing can be used to freeze grounds, objects, or people while dealing Ice damage. Frozen ground is difficult terrain and knocks targets prone if they fail a dexterity check vs the damage total. Frozen area has charges equal to charge spent to cast Freezing Rain. Temperate Weather reduces the charges by 1 per round and Tropical Weather reduces the charges by 2 per round.

Cyclone, Passive Ability

The geomancer can use temperate charges to cast their Weather Strike as a Cyclone that deals Air damage and throws targets that fail a strength check vs the damage total. Cyclone lasts for a round per charge spent with geomancy dice, reducing by one per round. Cyclone can be moved 10' in a line at the cost of 2 geomancy dice

Loose Ground adds 1d8 earth damage to Cyclone

Flowing Ground adds blind for sand, soak for water, or both for silt for a round.

Tropical Weather effects can be added to the Cyclone. Arctic Weather cannot be added with this effect.

Temperate Weather charges can be used to increase or decrease charges of a Cyclone.

Arctic Weather effect can be added to the Cyclone. Tropical Weather cannot be added with this effect.