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Vampires are a sub-category of humans believed to have been accidentally abducted. They mainly stay in Le’varia but are also found outside of their kingdom. Vampires sustain their lives by feeding on the blood of other beings and giving them immortal life. Outside of Le’varia it is unlawful to feed on the public but even in their lands it is still frowned upon but no law exists. Most vampires now drink synthetic or donated blood instead of preying on people. Those rogue vampires that break the laws of the other nations get pursued by the hunters and Le’varia is no safe haven from them. The vampires have abilities that are tapped into by burning up blood in their systems. These blood skills vary from vampire to vampire.

The ancients of Le’varia have worked hard for peace in their kingdom and throughout the world they dwell in. The sun is not some deadly curse to the vampires but they do prefer the darkness where they feel stronger and more at home. They are not all the monsters from stories either. While a few follow that path most are sophisticated productive members of society, who value more than a juicy neck to sink their teeth into. The vampires walk many paths in the world some for good, some for evil, and some just for a few tarryns.

Personality: Scholar, Artistic, Accepting, Addictive

Social: The majority of vampire society is built on royal families of ancient bloodlines and to be sired into those families is considered an extreme honor. This part of society is extremely high browed, proper, and elegant. There is also a ragtag section of society that pays no mind to their ancestral society and acts in what the royals see as sinful excess. Unfortunately for high society the king of the vampires is one of those sinful few. Those vampires tend to be very impulsive and focus on their personal pleasures. They also tend to be the more artistic members of society while the main faction is politicians and historians. Vampires tend to be very open and accepting of other species, cultures, and interested in learning about them.

Life Span: immortal, 8 on a 1d8 roll to be an ancient

Average Height/Weight: 6’/140 lbs.

Starting Health: 26 Hp/28 Hp for ancients

Movement Speed: 8’ on land, 4’ in water, 10’ as bat, 8’ as wolf, 6’ as mist, 16’ while flying

Species Abilities: Blood Skills, Nocturnal Enhancement (Blood Skill +2 for Vampires, +4 for ancient bloodlines), Bite for 1d4 Bp Drain, 1d6 Strike Damage

Classes: Koobari Monk, Fighter, Gunmen, Mage, Order of the Blade, Ranger, and Vagabond

Home World: Earth

Names: Usually consisting of three names such as John Edward Smith or Elizabeth Lee Cook. The first and middle name are often used interchangeably for a persons’ name. Sometimes they also identify themselves with initials in place of first, middle, or both names.

Blood Skills

All vampires have the heal blood skill, 4 out of the 8 other blood skills, and one unique skill of their own. Each blood skill costs blood points to use. If blood points reach 0 the vampire is paralyzed. If blood points reach 20 the vampire falls into and uncontrollable bloodlust until its blood points return to 10. A character that is successful on a role to become an ancient is granted a 5th common blood skill. Character's start with 10 blood points.

Different blood types have different reactions in the vampire bodies. Biting in battle holds a -5 penalty to attacker rolls.

Blood Reaction

Pacura, Gains 1 hp per bp

Cojaro, x2 bp

Vampire, Normal Feeding

Grufia, Increases Dex bonus by 4

Tissarrid, +3 difficulty to all rolls

Shaross, +3 bonus to all rolls

Habataki, ½ bp drain, rounded down

Quiwong, 2 hp drain per bp

Human, Normal Feeding

Blood effects last for 5 actions in battle.

Skill Types

Healing, Instant Ability, 4 bp

The vampire sacrifices blood for 2d4 healing.

Enhanced Strength, Instant Ability, 2 bp per round

The vampire increases attributes to amplify strength and dexterity by +2.

Enhanced Magic, Instant Ability, 2 bp per round

The vampire increases attributes to amplify intelligence and wisdom by +2.

Mind Reading, Intelligence + CPB vs Wisdom + Sense, 2 bp

The vampire has the ability to see into the minds of others with +1 to success.

Mind Controlling, Intelligence + CPB vs Wisdom + Sense, 4 bp per round

The vampire the ability to turn other’s minds to their will with +1 to success.

Shape Shift, Instant Ability, 4 bp

This skill allows the vampire to take the form of other beings. The vampire can transform into a bat that deals 1d4 damage, gains +8 to dexterity, and takes double damage when hit. The vampire can transform into a wolf that deals 1d6 damage, gains +4 to dexterity, and takes normal damage. The vampire can transform into mist that can neither attack or be attacked and can be used as stealth.

Heightened Senses, Instant Ability, 2 bp

The vampire increases the abilities of sense and survival by +1 chance to succeed.

Flight, Instant Ability, 1 bp per round

The vampire gains the ability to fly gaining +1 to melee damage. Attacking while flying also causes an attacker penalty of 5 to all attack rolls. Using the enhanced strength skill can eliminate the attacker penalty.

Telekinesis, Intelligence + CPB vs Defender, 4 bp

The vampire the ability to move human sized objects and deal 1d6 damage with the power of their mind. The vampire can move large objects and deal 2d6 damage for 8 bp and 2 actions. Telekinesis critical attacks cause knockdown.

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