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Habataki are a species of amphibious bipeds originally from the swamp moon Carakas 7. Adult habataki average half a foot shorter than humans and share some similarities in culture with drastic differences in appearance. Their bodies are hairless, their hands have no pinky finger, and their feet boast two long toes in the front with one short one in the back. A habataki has a pair of eyestalks located at what would be human temples that grow straight to the sides. This gives them a greater visual range over other species.

Habataki were followers of the serpent god Kinja when they were first abducted. Over the years the Path of Kinja dwindled and intermixed with humans as the habataki began losing their faith. Kinja does exist; those that strayed from the religion simple no longer believe him to be a god but a parasite. While what Kinja really is may still be up for debate the reality is his host’s power is greatly increased. Kinja was taken from Carakas 7 in the abduction when he possessed a highly skilled warrior who suddenly found herself on another world. Kinja now possesses the Grand Fang of the serpents and rules over them. The possession makes the serpent’s power increase but loses all willpower.

Personality: Devoted, Righteous, Stubborn, Serious

Social: Habataki are a deeply religious people with a strong since of justice. The vast majority of their species are followers of Kinja and devoted temple worshippers. Of those devotees the majority work in some branch of law enforcement or military services. Even in the military they gravitate toward their justice branches. Criminal habataki do exist though their targets are people they feel need justice dealt to them. Vampires often refer to habataki thieves as Robin Hood, based on an old Earth story, even though the moniker doesn’t really fit since they tend to keep the stolen goods. Family units are blood relatives and houses often contain multiple generations under their roof. The similarity to human family structures may help explain why the two species get along so well.

Life Span: 490-510 years old, 157 years adulthood

Average Height/Weight: 5’5”/160 lbs.

Starting Health: 26 Hp

Movement Speed: 6’ on land, 6’ in water

Species Abilities: Wide Field of Vision, Serpents Blood (+1 chance to avoid lightning damage), +1 Chance to Avoid Impairing Effects, 1d6 Strike Damage

Classes: Serpents of Kinja, Vagabond, Koobari Monk, Fighter, Gunmen, and Ranger

Home World: Carakas 7

Name: Strictly follow their traditionally naming costumes. Names start with the family name and are followed by their birth name such as Traoge Sade or Traoge Kalier.

Wide Field of Vision

The habataki's eye stalks give them an advantage to seeing around them. They gain a +2 bonus to sense rolls against stealth and to defender rolls against stealth attacks within close range of them.

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