Coorgri are an imposing force of might and magic.  Those battle-casters come from multiple paths of power. All of these paths have a background of defensive arts as well as other skills. Just as they have multiple magical path they walk down, the coorgri also have many paths for developing their skills. The Council of Mages in Nazdell, the Order of the Blade, and the Order of St. Valyera are the most renowned places to train in the world. It is also common to find coorgri training in the world's militaries. Most coorgri discover their ability with magic during combat training or athletic activities. When a coorgri is branded as a novice their training path varies based on where they trainand the type of magical path they follow.

Novices of the Council of Mages and the Order of the Blade tend to train in similar fashions. They are gathered into small classses and instructed by a single coorgri. Each class is instructed based on one of the magical paths. Students split their time between class and field studies so they can apply what they have learned. When a student moves up to the rank of gifted they recieve most or all of their training in the field. They are often sent on missions with their respective counterparts from their organizations. The gifted continue on this path until they are considered masters and adopt their path title. From that point the coorgri of the Council of Mages and Order of trhe Blade hire out their services to those who fit their personal code.

The novices of the Order of St. Valyera are almost exclusively paladins. While they do accept some other types of coorgri they have never accepted a berserker or lich lord into the fold. Novices train on a one on one master and apprentice basis. This continues until they are considered a master themselves. Training in this method allows them to be instilled with the values of St. Valyera. As the Order of St. Valyera are best known for being places of protection and healing, the training masters are tasked with making sure their charges uphold there ideals. Like other coorgri when they become masters themselves they adopt their path as their title. Those coorgri that make it to this point take on an apprentice of their own to continue the cycle.

The novices who train amongst military services tend to train in a combination of the other's methods. Training in boot camps with others of various specialties they learn to use their abilities as part of a unit. They recieve basic knowledge of their abilities in a class with the other coorgri that are currently trains as well as one on one training with a master from their path. When they graduate to the rank of gifted they aree placed in their own unit and given assignments while they continue to improve their skills. Those that become masters and adopt their path title usually end up in elite tactical units or are given command in their branch of service.

The coorgri are medium armor, battle-casters that wield rune weapons. Their spells paths alter their gameplay, while their backgrounds lend to additional narrative hooks. Their rune forging makes coorgri a versitile class that can fill many party roles. Their runes are enhanced by their rage, granting bonus effects to their rune spells. Rune stacking can create limits to their abilities and without heavy armor they may require more healing when they are defending allies.


Role: Defense and Mastery Based

Species: Cojaro, Human, Vampire, Grufia, Habataki, Shaross

Professions: Explorer, Hunter, Law Enforcement, Mariner, Medic, Soldier

Suggested Attributes: Strength and Wisdom

Health: 12 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

Starting Armor Proficient: Cloth, Leather, and Chain Mail

Starting Weapon Proficient: Two Handed Melee Weapons and Firearms

Starting Skills: Choose a starting Combat Arts and Magical Arts.

Starting Equipment

Base Melee Coorgri

Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Two Handed Axe, Hammer, or Sword

Equipment: Clothing, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen

Tarryns: 1d20x10

Base Ranged Coorgri

Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Bolt Action Rifle

Equipment: Clothing 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen, 25 Bullets (Rifle)

Tarryns: 1d20x10



Rage is gained in different ways based on the coorgri's mastery. They can have rage equal to their CPB. Each rage gives them a passive effect to one of their runes, chosen when the rage is generated. Rage effects cannot be dismissed until the coorgri is out of combat.

Rune Forging is the coorgri's ability to craft runes onto their weapons and armor. The coorgri can apply a number of runes equal to their wisdom to an item. Spell runes are usable once per round and replenish on their next turn. Runes take time to change and can only be done outside of combat.


Resurgence, Instant Ability

The coorgri can activate all depleted runes once per CPB per rest.

Enrage, Instant Ability

The coorgri activates the rage effects on all runes for a round. Enrage is unable once per CPB per rest.

Spell Rune, Crafting Ability

The coorgri have various spell runes they can attach to their weapons or armor. Multiple of a rune can be place on an item, allowing it to be used multiple times a round.

Spell Cleave, When this rune is activated it deals weapon damage to a number of targets equal to their weapon attribute in a frontal cone within weapon range. Spell cleave's rage effect adds additional targets equal to their CPB. Spell cleave rune can be attached to either melee or ranged weapons.

Spell Shot, When this rune is activated they can deal weapon damage to a 6' radius. Spell shot's rage effect adds an additional in range spell shot per CPB. Spell shot rune can be attached to ranged weapons.

Spell Hurl, When this rune is activated they can throw their melee weapon at a target within close range dealing weapon damage and bouncing to a number of additional targets up to their CPB within close range of the previous target. Spell hurl rage effect adds an additional number of targets equal to their wisdom.

Provoke, When this rune is activated they can apply the infuriate effect to a target. Provoke can be combined with other spell runes and can be used as an attack when attached to a weapon and a reaction when attached to armor. Provoke's rage effect makes provoke a passive ability for the round when activated.

Reflex, When this rune is activated as a reaction they gain a bonus equal to their wisdom to their defender roll. Reflex's rage effect makes it a passive effect for the round when activated. Reflex can be attached to their armor.

Charging, When this rune is activated as an action on a weapon they dash up to twice their movement to attack a target. When this rune is activated as a reaction on an armor they dash up to twice their movement to defend an ally. Charging's rage effect increases their success chance by their wisdom. Charging can be attached to their armor.



The masteries of the coorgri are broken into various battle-mage spell schools. Their masteries add additional runes and abilities for them to use. Coorgri masteries also determine how each type of coorgri generate their rage.

Lich Lord

The lich lord take on the horrifying visage of undeath while they take on their enemies. When a lich lord uses a lich rune they gain a rage.

Fearbringer, Passive Aura, CPB 1

Whenever the lich lord has a rage they take on the appearence of undeath. All targets within close range must make a wisdom saving throw against fear whenever they witness the lich lord performing a critical attack. Targets already under the effect of fear must make a wisdom save to make movements toward the lich lord. During fearbringer the lich lord is immune to fear.

Lich Runes, Rune Augments, CPB 1

The lich lord can alter their normal coorgri runes to have additional spell effects. Lich runes have specific runes they are able to alter. They can alter a number of runes equal to their CPB.

Fear, The lich lord can add fear to their spell cleave, spell hurl, and provoke runes. The target must make a wisdom + CPB save against the lich lord's wisdom + CPB + rage, on a failure the target treats the lich lord as if it is under the effects of their reflex rune for a round. If the fear altered rune has rage active, targets that already have fear on them will flee the lich lord for an action on a failed wisdom save.

Shadow, The lich lord can add 1d6 shadow damage to spell cleave, spell hurl, and reflex runes. If the rune has rage active the shadow altered rune adds 1d4 shadowfire damage for 3 rounds. When a shadow altered rune deals damage to a target with shadowfire, the shadow damage is increased to 2d6.

Ghostly Grasp, Consume Fear, CPB 2

The lich lord can consume a fear altered rune to cause grasping spirits to emerge from the ground against all targets within their aura. Target must make a wisdom save against the lich lords fear or be slowed for a round. If targets critical fail their wisdom save they become paralyzed until their next turn or they take damage.

Shadow Beast, Consume Shadow, CPB 2

The lich lord can consume a shadow altered rune to conjure a shadow beast