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Factions & Prestige

A character’s or party's prestige is their standing among factions of the world. There are two types of prestige, trusted for allies and feared for enemies. The prestige of a character varies from location to location and faction to faction based on faction allegiances and hostilities. Gaining trusted prestige with a faction can also gain feared prestige with that faction's enemies. A character's interactions with a faction members will determine their how the faction views them.

Each faction has an overall goal associated with it. Not all the members of the faction are in line with this, there may be double agents among them. Factions may align with those with other goals to accomplish their goals but rarely, knowingly, accept those people as members.

Gaining Prestige

Prestige has two types, trusted and feared. You gain trusted prestige by taking on assignments for the faction, defending members you find in trouble, and striking out against their enemies. While you gain feared prestige by attacking faction members and befriending that faction’s enemies. A character with trusted prestige is considered an ally and gains access to the faction's trusted rewards. Characters with feared prestige are enemies and their mere sight is enough to make some enemies flee. A character's prestige will affect the difficulty of their bartering, espionage, and sense rolls against faction members by 5. Allies are harder to intimidate and sense but more susceptible to diplomacy and espionage and enemies are vice versa.

Trusted Reward Types

Intel: Character gains a source of information for the realm the faction operates within. Intel can be used for additional information about quests or storylines that the characters are involved in and may be used to start a quest or storyline.

Safe House: Character is provided with a safe place to hide self, party, or guests from those outside of the faction. Safe houses can be compromised by the wrong people finding out about it.

Discount: The character is granted 10% price cuts on all goods purchased through the factions.

Fence: The character finds a place to sell stolen goods they have acquired.


Command Authority: Faction units recognize the character as a superior and will take orders from the character as long as they do not contradict orders from faction superiors.

Invite: The faction invites a character along for some type of mission that may hold a profit for all.

Access: Building prestige with the faction gives the character access to another faction or location.

Items: The character gains access to special rare items through the faction.

Follower: The character is granted a companion to aid them. Unlike profession subordinates these followers are fully combat ready.

Healing: Provides the character a place to heal the severely injured or recently fallen allies.

Faction Restrictions

Some factions have restrictions that may delay or completely restrict the character’s access to the faction. These restrictions may be based on a character’s profession, class, species, or status with other factions. Military factions gain a character loyalty to a nation and restrict access to factions outside of that nation. Going beyond and working for the Drosiayde Embassy or Enforcers is not restricted. Being a faction’s enemy will restrict a character from gaining trusted prestige with the faction.

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