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Tissarrid are a partially vertebrate species from the aquatic planet of Nazdren. Their upper bodies consist of a pair of arm with three fingered hands, a long muscular neck, and a rib cage that appears to be malnourished. While the tissarrids lower body is four octopi tentacles. While slow on land, in water their speed increases greatly. Tissarrid are in no way fighter they concentrate on the magical arts. Traditionally the tissarrid use a cobarri as a weapon. A cobarri is a kind of slingshot used to launch pebbles often enchanted with magical powers. The tissarrid are strong in magic but the elements can take their toll on them. In Le’varia the dry earth can slow them; alone and unequipped in that environment they have no chance of survival.

The tissarrid are strong in the magical arts and all know at least some minor spells. Their great city Nazdell is the center of the magical learning in the world. You will find no larger concentration of mages anywhere. Most mages return to Nazdell whenever they get some time away to themselves for more studying. It is also the home of the Council of Mages, the rulers of Nazera and lawmakers for all mages.

Personality: Magically Inquisitive, Fun Loving, Prankster, Listless Over Non-Magical

Social: Mages are highly revered among the tissarrid and non-magical beings are informally second class citizens to them. Magic is the primary focus in the vast majority of tissarrid and they are easily distracted from other subjects by it. Their second focus is laughter and they often combine the two to make magical pranks. Being creatures of the sea they populate mostly around waterways and when in arid locations keep misting devices or water spells handy. Tissarrid homes have a partially submerged design that is not always the most comfortable for other species. The tissarrid are highly involved in politics and law making when it comes to magical rulings and decisions. On other matters they come off flighty and bored which brings issues between them and the quiwong.

Life Span: 300- 350 years old, 95 years adulthood

Average Height/Weight: 4’/50 lbs.

Starting Health: 24 Hp

Movement Speed: 4’ on land, 16’ in water

Species Abilities: Underwater Breathing, +5 to All Actions Underwater, Crafting Cobarri Stones, +1 to All Magical Rolls, 1 Strike Damage

Classes: Mage

Home World: Nazren

Names: They are given a birth name and later gain a prefix based on their spell mastery. While training they are given the name of ‘Learner’ and the very rare individuals who do not train are given the title of ‘Untaught’. Some examples would be Learner Hurien and Necromancer Vosh (Necromancy). Other prefixes are Alchemist (Alchemy), Elementalist (Elemental), Healer (Medical), Paradox (Time), Protector (Protection), Seer (Psychic), Spellcrafter (Witchcraft), and Summoner (Summon).

Stone Crafting

The tissarrid can craft one known spell into a stone per intelligence bonus + CPB daily.

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