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Queldi Nation

The Queldi Nation is a cult of like-minded beings who believe the world of Dark Side is Hell. They believe it is a sin to make a life in Hell. Their answer is to destroy life on Dark Side. The Queldi Nation operates in loosely connected cells to keep them from being fully eradicated. They view their actions as a necessary evil. The rest of the world views them as a terrorist organization.

Queldi Agent

The Queldi Nation has their spies everywhere. These agents make up the majority of the cult. They survey or infiltrate their assigned targets for their leadership and report on the best avenues to assault it. Agents are also used as suicide bombers to cause panic and distractions from other operations.

Hp: 22, Def: +5, Soak: 4, Move: Land 6'/Water 4', APR: 3, CPB: 2, Frequency: Rare, Quantity: 1-10

Str: +1, Dex: +3, Cha: +3, Int: +2, Wis: -1, Con: +1

Skill Rolls: Bartering (+2), Sense (+2), Drive, History (+4), Survival (+4), Culture (+4), Language (Wonganese, Vamoni)

Treasure: Sacrificial Dagger

Strike, +3 vs Defender

The Queldi Agent can strike a melee target with 2d6 physical damage.


Semi-Automatic Pistol, +5 vs Defender

The agent can attack a medium ranged target dealing 2d6 physical damage. The pistol holds 10 rounds.

Sacrificial Dagger, Special Item

When the Queldi Agent drops below 5 health it will attempt to charge a target and plunge the dagger into itself and exploding in a 10' radius around self dealing spirit damage equal to the agent's maximum health. This attack kills the agent and fully destroys their body.

Bulletproof Vest, Worn Item

The agent reduces damage by 2d4 whenever they are hit by a piercing attack.

Assault Gear, Optional Items

When the Queldi Nation is performing a direct assault they may provide their agents with leather armor soaking 15 damage and a MX-7 that can hit a medium ranged target for +6, +4, +2. 0 +1d4 vs Defender dealing 2d4 physical damage holding 30 rounds. The agents will also carry backup clips for both their pistol and MX-7 in this option.

Queldi Battle Rager

When the Queldi Nation decides to throw subtle out the window they bring in the Queldi Battle Rager. They have an attack first think later mentality. Their objective is their only concern and the only thing that matters to them. Either they accomplish their task or kill as many as they can before they die trying.

Hp: 99, Def: +5, Soak: 15, Move: Land 10'/Water 8', APR: 3, CPB: 2 Frequency: Rare, Quantity: 1

Str: +5, Dex: +2, Cha: -1, Int: -2, Wis: -1, Con: +4

Skill Rolls: Athletics (+1d4+2), Sense (+1d4+2), Drive

Treasure: Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker, +5 vs Defender

The Queldi Battle Rager carries a two handed sword that deals 1d8+1d4 physical damage to a melee target. The Spirit Breaker can also cast Terrorize once per round stunning a close ranged target for 1 APR.

Revolver, +2 vs Defender

When a Battle Rager counters a ranged attacker they fire their revolver dealing 2d8 physical damage. Revolver holds 6 rounds and fires to medium range.

Weapon Rush, +5 vs Defender

Once per round when not adjacent to a unfriendly target the Battle Rager can dash at a target within in 2 movement ranges to cleave all melee targets dealing weapon damage.

Leaping Slam, +5 vs Defender

The Queldi Battle Rager can strike a frontal melee cone dealing weapon damage + 10' knock back whenever they gain a stack of Battle Rage.

Battle Rage, Passive Ability

The Battle Rage increases its melee combat prowess as it takes damage. For every 20 missing health the Battle Rager has they gain +1 attack, +1d8+1d4 damage, and +1 APR.

Health Variations, Optional

The Queldi Battle Rager can be boosted or reduced for higher or lower level players by adding or subtracting health in stacks of 20.

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