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The Abduction, the start of all history for this world, the point when the Observers traveled the galaxy from world to world taking life off to a new planet. One they had designed for many years whose habitation could now support the Observers’ collection of life. The people left there by the Observers longed to be home again but with no means of travel or clue where they had come to, hope seemed lost. The people called this new world Dark Side. The confusion of the mix of all these species thrown together as so many times before lead to a hundred years of war across their new home.

Necromantic War: 5 A.A. – 100 A.A.

The war devastated the ways of life of the many new peoples of the world of Dark Side. In the newly formed kingdom of Le’varia the ancient vampires ruled over the lands. They conjured dark magic into the sands of their desert kingdom. The enchantment changed the sands so that the dead of their lands would rise up as a defense for them. The number of zombies that came was more than the vampire necromancers could handle and they lost control of the hordes. The zombies turned on them and the vampires were mutated by the disease in the mouths of the dead mixing with their necromantic powers. The result was the creation of the Lords of the Dead who now drank the blood of the dead and control large numbers of loyal zombie followers. The former vampires set their hordes off to attack the ancients they were once loyal too.

The Crusade of Kinja: 20 A.A. – 100 A.A.

During the abduction the Observers made some mistakes though and brought things they did not foresee, one of these was the serpent god Kinja. The habataki began to share the secrets of Kinja with some of the humans that accepted their training. Kinja possessed the leader of the serpents and set them off on a crusade of death or conversion throughout the lands. The peaceful shaross and the magical tissarrid lead the free peoples of Dark Side against the crusade.

The Demon Wars: 35 A.A. – 56 A.A.

In a desperate act by a rogue hunter a nexus portal was opened on a battlefield against the crusade. The demons that came out destroyed the battlefield and killed the hunter before he could close the portal. The portal lay open for five years allowing thousands of demons to slip out into the world of Dark Side.

The Dark Alliance: 56 A.A. – 100 A.A.

Unfortunately for the crusaders the demons liked being told what to be to do even less than mortals. They took up sides with the free peoples of the world against the crusade. This cut their followers and numbers down. Some left from fear as others were cut short in battle after the formation of the Dark Alliance.

Twilight of the Crusade: 100 A.A.

The next blow to the crusade came from the vampires. Finally beating the Lords of the Dead and their hordes back to the point that they were no longer a true threat to them the ancients turned to help the free peoples of Dark Side. The crusaders had unwisely entered their lands a few years earlier. The zordoff had reorganized their Order of the Blade on their new home. They passed the art of channeling on to their new friends and the School of the Blade grew. After an ill-fated attack on the Mountain of the Blade the Order turned their blades against the crusade as well. With the ancients and the Order joining the Dark Alliance the crusade lost all hope and was quickly squashed.

The Time of Peace: 100 A.A. – 124 A.A.

Following the crusade the serpents were allowed to continue their religion but they were monitored heavily for a long time by the people around the world. The peoples of Dark Side rebuilt their cities and towns. The cities expanded and started to tower toward the sky. An uneasy truce was held with the demon lords who spread across the lands finding homes for their people. During the reconstruction many nations rose from the ashes. Nazdell was established as a home for the tissarrid and a center for magical learning. The grufia helped the callissians send the first satellites into orbit saving their people from extinction in an environment that was killing them. Researchers stumble onto ruins of what appears to be the launch sites of a highly advance race on some outlying islands. Another ancient race was found deep in the Valgonni Jungle, the watchers. The lycanthrope lord bowed before the elder of the watchers and vowed his people would protect the haven for as long as a watcher still lived there.

The Great Construction: 130 A.A. – 154 A.A.

Off in the land of Orrillia the shaross began construction of the first city of industry with the aid of their aquatic friends the tissarrid. In honor of their friends the shaross named this city Nazdren. The city stretched up into the clouds far above the view of all and could be seen from the satellite colonies above the world. After the completion of the new city the shaross returned the favor of the tissarrid and journeyed to Nazdell to help with its expansion into the second city of industry.

Demonic Civil War: 158 A.A.

In the Saloothian Forest a rogue lord broke the truce by opening a large nexus portal within the demon temple of Jedhar. Fearing the backlash of these actions the other demon lords rallied their warriors and as many others as would join them to fight back the flood of demons and wraiths released from Jedhar. The battle raged at Jedhar and all seemed lost as both mortal and demonic lives were cut down by the flow from the nexus portal. In an insane plan the demonic warrior Calysto and a team of hunters used the rogue lords own portal to come in behind the fight. Calysto swung his sword with great skill cutting down every demon that came near him as he protected the hunters closing the portal. With the portal gone Jedhar finally fell to the might of the lords. To this day however wraiths still haunt the temple, drawn to it by some supernatural force.

Alvanta’s Rise: 159 A.A. – 320 A.A.

Alvanta scientists heard of the demonic battle and the strength of Calysto. They sent their troops to capture the hunters that fought alongside Calysto. The scientists cloned an army of the hunters and sent them all to the nearby demon city of Draigha, where Calysto had been staying after the battle. Draigha was destroyed and its people killed or kicked back through the nexus portals. Calysto’s body was put in suspended animation as they repeatedly drained his blood to expand their clone army.

Breakout: 329 A.A.

Calysto’s body disappeared from the Alvanta labs. Alvanta didn’t bother to pursue, as they had refined their techniques and no longer needed him around to continue creating their clones.

Calysto’s Strike: 345 A.A.

After years of absence Calysto showed back up at Alvanta. He proved to the scientists that a clone was no comparison to the original as he sliced through them on to his way toward the scientists. After Calysto had his revenge he returned to Draigha to say his goodbyes to his former home then disappeared. Alvanta chose a new leader who has been cloned over and over to continue ruling over them.

Fall of the Zordoff: 400 A.A. – 413 A.A.

The blade master named Mockera was driven insane when he became the last of the zordoffs. He traveled the world sowing the seeds of war and destruction. Some so powerful they still battle to this day. Mockera seemed unstoppable as he cut down everything in his way even buildings. The Order of the Blade dispatched their mercenaries but only Mockera’s pupil Ollie Christoff was able to survive his onslaught. He paid a heavy price though with the deaths of his fiancée and his best friend followed by his exile from the Order.

The Great Reconstruction: 413 A.A. – 486 A.A.

The damage Mockera caused to the world took nearly one hundred years to repair. During this time the world saw the rise of three kingdoms. The rebuilt port city of Philnen became the capital of Salsin. The eastern coast banded together under the flag of Grogagon. The kingdom of Thorn rose form the west. The serpents of Kinja’s numbers had grown again causing many wary eyes to look their way.

The Failed Crusade: 468 A.A.

A renegade faction of the serpents tried to start a second crusade. This horribly failed as they attacked the School of the Blade during a meeting of masters. They never even made it up the steps. The Grand Fang decreed that any further crusaders would face the wrath of Kinja. There were no further crusades and serpents saved their religion from destruction.

The Discovery at Eavashaw: 473 A.A.

Sadarooki explorers started exploring caves that suddenly started springing up across Mount Eavashaw. Inside they found the undiscovered goraillians, a dwarfish race that holds a special kinship with the great bats of Eavashaw. The goraillian miners were responsible for the new caves having mined the mountain from the inside out. The city of Phareahda became greatly wealthy from the ores Eavashaw held and the skilled weapons and armor crafted by the Great Forge. With the finding of so much ore the reconstruction of Dark Side was easily finished.

Birth of Coorvassi: 499 A.A.

With so much attention focused on the area Zanecrue found itself empowered. Along with Foo’lan and Buhhayda they formed the nation of Coorvassi under the rule of Speaker Ingha, a quiwong philosopher. The three cities were raised up to as cities of industry and the new nation prospered for many years to come.

Le’varian War: 531 A.A.

In Le’varia the largest horde of zombies assembled in over five hundred years attacked the cities at the edge of the Cloister, a grouping of seven cities in Le’varia built near each other for protection. The ancients sent a squadron of Fangs to aid the Cloister, but their intentions were misunderstood and the Cloister attacked this help claiming the vampires sent the horde there to begin with. A few of the pilots fell in combat though the rest returned to Luceria to warn the rest of the ancients of the attack. An army from the Cloister marched toward Luceria and it was a disaster with the Cloister losing half of its forces to the ancient’s defenses. The forces never even got past the Guardians of the Oasis. Thinking this lose would deter any further assaults the ancients stood down. The next attack pushed to the door of Luceria. After four days of straight battling the Cloisters forces were pushed back to the desert again. Then in a surprising move the ancients halted their attack as another zombie horde moved in on the mortals. The ancients sent a squadron of Fangs around the battlefield to assault the zombie horde. The remaining forces of both sides fought off the horde until they had fallen. After the battle the vampire commander stood across from the Cloisters commander with his hand extended. After an uneasy pause the commanders shook hands and all returned home.

The Butcher of Nazdren: 603 A.A.

The serial killer known only as the Butcher of Nazdren appeared taking a life every week. All his victims have been dismembered by a worn axe. Witnesses claim he is a shaross though no positive I.D. has been found and he is still at large.

The Great War: 630 A.A. – 634 A.A.

The Great War began with the Grogagon Revolt that led to the rise of new leadership for the country. The new leaders were more aggressive and begun massing an army. The desire for the wealth of Phareahda sent them marching into Coorvassi. The terrain of Eavashaw proved it to be as dangerous to the troops as the goraillian bat riders. They were forced to retreat. The attack did not go unnoticed as a Coorvassi guard patrol saw their escape. When Grogagon unleashed a second assault on Phareahda the Coorvassi guardsmen were lying in wait behind Eavashaw. Grogagon forces never had a chance and they retreated with heavy losses. Alvanta gave aid to Grogagon after they claimed the Coorvassi guardsmen attacked their patrol unprovoked. With news of Alvanta joining the battle Phazier, the demon king of Salsin, took up arms with Coorvassi. Le’varia representatives meet with the leaders of Orrillia, Thorn, and Nazera to discuss the war. They laid down a proclamation to the warring nations, “Have your battles all you like but if foot is laid on our lands the four nations will stomp that foot out.” It took three years for Grogagon to break this oath. The four nations did not bother with the cities and towns. Instead they went straight to Gnottaut and laid waste to those in power. With no new orders the war was over.

The Second Reconstruction: 634 A.A. – 681 A.A.

With the revolutionaries gone the surviving four leaders of Grogagon returned to power and quickly cut ties with Alvanta. With small towns of refugees cropping up all around Gnottaut the leaders focused on feeding their people and rebuilding the cities. Orrillia and Nazera gave aid to Coorvassi and Salsin to rebuild their lands and restart Coorvassi’s struggling economy. The prince of Le’varia met with the three kings of Phareahda to offer assistance. The kings thanked him but said they required none. Through the four years of war none of the attacks on Phareahda had reached the city. Alvanta turned inward to their clone facilities and mass produced their construction models. Their nation was rebuilt and the clones frozen in case of further disasters. Within fifty years the reconstruction was finished.

Today: 689 A.A.

The world is at an uneasy peace with many old tensions and grudges still held today. Its peoples push on inventing, learning, and turning a profit.

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