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The nation of Coorvassi is a proud democracy and political powerhouse. The philosophies of Speaker Ingha have heralded the landlocked country through both prosperity and strife. The people of Coorvassi are mainly a peaceful people but they are not to be pushed. They are not above striking out against those that would raise arms against them. Coorvassi is also a prosperous farmland both in the fields and within the cities.

World Interests

Zanecrue – Capital city of Coorvassi. One of the cities of industry reaching into the clouds, Zanecrue is the largest of Coorvassi’s three cities of industry though its population is second in the nation. The government is run from Zanecrue though it has the smallest industrial district of all the cities in Coorvassi.

Foo'lan – The smallest of Coorvassi’s cities of industry, Foo’lan is virtually all factories and shops. Even the housing is mainly at the foot of the city surrounding it.

Buhhayda – The trading hub of Coorvassi. Most international businesses are based here as are their factories. Almost the entire base and summit of Buhhayda are transportation and shipping centers.

Catacombs of Eavashaw – Formerly Mount Eavashaw, the mountain has been filled with hollow caverns by the persistent mining of the goraillians. The search for minerals and flights paths for the great bats of Eavashaw has turned the mountain into the catacombs.

Phareahda – The city of the goraillians found inside the Catacombs of Eavashaw. Ruled by three kings, Phareahda is an extremely wealthy city with deep rich mines.

Grasslands – Le’varia is surrounded by large flat plains of grasslands that make up much of Coorvassi. There are many small farming communities found throughout the region. There are also many beasts hunting and foraging through the tall grass.

Mistfall – A village in the low lands west of the Valrocein Mountains. Mistfall gets its name from the blanket of mist that washes over the town from the nearby rapids. Fighters often travel here to work on their senses.

Valrocein Mountains – A chain of mountains near the northern border of Coorvassi. Few travel here since the land is full of dangerous beings.

Scorched Lands – An area in the grasslands where nothing grows. Beasts of elemental fire still roam the area. It is rumored that the Shrine of Flames waits in the heart of the Scorched Lands.

Lake Koal – A large lake to the west of Le’varia. A high site of tourism for Coorvassi, Lake Koal is home to many game fish and holds regular tournaments. There are also many shops around the area though things tend to be expensive.

Coorvassi Guards Training Post – The elite Coorvassi guardsmen perform their advanced training here. After they are finished squads are formed and they join the patrolling defense network.

The Overlook – Originally designed to keep watch on Le’varia in a more nervous time for Coorvassi, the tower is little more than a relay station now. It monitors the sensor network to prevent the zombie hordes from crossing into Coorvassi.

Tillus Marshes – A wetlands next to the Valgonni Jungle on the southeastern border of Coorvassi, the Tillus Marshes are teeming with wildlife. It may be the most dangerous area in Coorvassi and the guardsmen rarely patrol there.

World Figures

Speaker Ingha – Speaker Ingha is the quiwong leader of Coorvassi. Like all of her species, she is a powerful fighter. Speaker Ingha does what she can to keep the peace within her borders.

King Ballar – King Ballar is the King of Law, one of the three kings of the goraillians. His training is in the art of politics and rules over the lawmakers of Phareahda. King Ballar joins the nightly battles defending the city with rapier in hand.

King Draken – King Draken is the King of the Great Forge, one of the three kings of the goraillians. He is the leader of the craftsmen and trained as a coorgri. King Draken can be found defending the Great Forge, bashing skull after skull in with his great war hammer.

King Fei – King Fei is the King of War, one of the three kings of the goraillians. He is the military general and leader of the Bat Riders of Phareahda. King Fei is found on the nightly battlefield on the frontline atop his war bat, raining down on his enemies with his crossbow.

Thrao of the Cla – Thrao of the Cla is the commander of the Coorvassi guardsmen. He was trained as a gunman and soldier in Zanecrue before it became the capital of Coorvassi. Commander Thrao still patrols the borders of Coorvassi regularly on the back of his gaffi steed.

Lok’racka – Queen Lok’racka is the leader of the evdren of the Catacombs of Eavashaw. She is larger than most evdren and a powerful toepba. Queen Lok’racka rules over the Lake of Eavashaw with an iron fist.

Melrand Whatts – Melrand Whatts is a dedicated fighter and master of blind combat. The koldao fighter lives in Mistfall and trains others in his style of combat. Melrand Watts is very talented but easily distracted by the females of the world.

Commander Arneese of Elma – Commander Arneese of Elma is in charge of the Overlook along the Coorvassi/Le’varia border. She is mainly an operations director for the monitoring station, relaying sensor anomalies to patrols in the region. Commander Arneese of Elma keeps the citizens of Coorvassi safe from the undead that may slip out of Le’varia.


Coorvassi Guardsmen, Goal: Protect Coorvassi., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Item, Intel, Invite, Command Authority, Safe House, Access, Allegiances: Coorvassi Air Core, The Kings of Phareahda, Grogagon Armed Forces, The Noble Knights, Nazera Naval Force, Orrillian Defense Force, Salsin Legionnaires, Thorn Tactical Command, The Drosiayde Embassy, Enemies: The Aztrafar, Alvanta Defense Forces, Queen Lok’racka, Queldi Nation, Description: The Coorvassi Guardsmen are the ground troops that make up the defense force of Coorvassi. They act as both soldiers and law enforcement to protect the citizen of Coorvassi from the threats that may harm them. The guardsmen have a strong presence on both the interior and exterior borders of Coorvassi.

Coorvassi Air Core, Goal: Protect Coorvassi at home and abroad., Restrictions: Trusted prestige with Coorvassi Guardsmen., Benefits: Item, Intel, Invite, Command Authority, Safe House, Access, Allegiances: Coorvassi Guardsmen, The Kings of Phareahda, Grogagon Armed Forces, The Noble Knights, Salsin Legionnaires, Orrillian Defense Forces, Nazera Naval Force, Thorn Tactical Command, The Drosiayde Embassy, Enemies: Queen Lok’racka, The Aztrafar, Raven’s Crest, Queldi Nation, Description: The Coorvassi Air Core is the main branch of the Coorvassi military. They patrol the airspace of Coorvassi and the nation’s interests outside of their borders. The CAC also lends its support to the Drosiayde in times of need.

The Kings of Phareahda, Goal: Protect the goraillians and grew the wealth of Phareahda., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Item, Discount, Invite, Healing, Allegiances: Coorvassi Guardsmen, Coorvassi Air Core, Salsin Legionnaires, The Noble Knights, Enemies: Queen Lok’racka, Grogagon Armed Forces, Queldi Nation, Description: The three kings that rule over the goraillians. They seek to protect their people from the evdren that seek their land and turn a profit in the meantime. They still hold old hostilities toward the land of Grogagon for the assault on their nation so long ago. With their people being expert craftsmen, the Peacekeepers lend them their support when in desperate need as the craftsmen are the source of their colossal weapons.

Queen Lok’racka, Goal: Rule all of Eavashaw., Restrictions: Proof of the death of a goraillian., Benefits: Item, Invite, Healing, Allegiances: None, Enemies: The Kings of Phareahda, Coorvassi Guardsmen, Coorvassi Air Core, Salsin Legionnaires, Description: The queen of the evdren people who live beneath the Catacombs of Eavashaw. Queen Lok’racka is obsessed with the annihilation of the goraillian people. She sends her nocturnal people out nightly to assault Phareahda in the hopes of returning the catacombs to the evdren.

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