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Pacura are a species of humanoid insects that shy away from the light. The pacura have four arms, two of which are used as additional feet, and a pair of hind legs design to spring them up into the air. On the back of their abdomens they have a pair of hard shell plates that hide their wings. Commonly pacura live in dark jungles, down in caves, sewers, and the lower levels of cities of industry. Traditionally in public they would be found concealed in their cloaks with only their antenna tips and hands showing. This tradition started after the way they saw the disgust in some people’s eyes, however most of the species have gotten over the sight since their first meeting and the cloaks are seen less and less frequently. Adventuring pacura is mostly found at range and not on the frontlines of combat.


The pacura of today are not the same as the ones that first arrived on the planet during the abduction. They have evolved into sentient beings after the time of the abduction. Their numbers have grown in the lower cities and can be hard to tell apart. Some law makers have suggested branding them on birth so they could be easily identified. This has yet to be passed however as most of the populous views this as an invasion on a peoples. The pacura are very short lived in comparison to the other species they share the land with. This may explain why some memories pass genetically from parents to young. This also may explain why families tend to choose the same ways of life.

Personality: Mistrusting, Secretive, Loyal

Social: The pacura are an example of what happens when a group of people is wrongfully accused for so long that they decide, “If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get.” As a species the pacura have the largest population of criminals in the world. Most of these are thieves and gang enforcers. Pacura usually live in hive clusters in the lower levels of major cities. Law enforcers among the pacura are treated like traitors. The only exception to this is if it is a result of bonding. If a pacura fully trusts another being from a deep friendship or saving their life they may choose to perform a loyalty bonding. A loyalty bonding lasts until the bonding partner has died and in the case of longer lived species the bonding may last generations.

Life Span: 40-50 years old, 6 years adulthood

Average Height/Weight: 4’6”/80 lbs.

Starting Health: 27 Hp

Movement Speed: 4’ on land, 2’ in water, 10’ while in flight

Species Abilities: Nocturnal Vision, Blend Skin (Stealth +1), Thievery +1, Flight, 1d4 Strike Damage

Classes: Gunmen, Mage, and Vagabond

Home World: No pacura remembers.

Name: Derived from the position of the sun, names are ended with Dawn, Day, Dusk, or Night. Some examples would be Keewacka of the Dusk or Ceeden of the Dawn.


Flight can only be used while in light or no armor and as long as no target are in melee range. Gives a +5 to defender roll until the pacura is hit. The pacura is then knocked out of the air and cannot use this skill again for 3 rounds.

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