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Shaross were a fairly peaceful farming species on their home planet of Valcasani. Shaross used tools on their fields and not on each other. The few wars that were waged on Valcasani were fought hand to hand and usually lasted around one hundred years. After the abduction most of the shaross were forced to stray from that path to survive. In farming villages at the outskirt of the Valgonni Jungle a small amount of the shaross population still lives by the old ways. It is traditional for shaross warriors to wear braids in their hair. Those shaross who wear the braids without the rank of warrior often find themselves on the wrong end of the true warriors. Some warriors even collect the braids of fakes. The shaross are the majority of the sentient population on the planet.

Since the time of the Great War the shaross have acted as peacekeepers across the world. Founding the nation of Orrillia their relations with the others countries have grown. Alvanta is still outside the loop and not many shaross are even allowed inside. Because of possible threats to the security of the world the Orrillian government has worked with its allies to form the Drosiayde Embassy. The shaross are a primary species of this group.

Personality: Honorable, Compassionate, Strong-Willed, Determined

Social: Socially shaross are broken up into clans. Some are large and others are smaller, only consisting of a few families. Clans are bound in honor to uphold the values of the clan and the makeup of the clans vary. Primarily smaller clans focus on being warriors, physicians, or farmers while larger clans are generally a mixture of the three. Legacy is an important factor to most shaross and they live their lives to be able to leave an honorable legacy for their descendants. Some clans are even class bound and the train their offspring to follow along that path. The leader of the clan is also their representative in the political world. Making sure their voice and beliefs are heard.

Life Span: 900-1000 years old, 110 years adulthood

Average Height/Weight: 6’5”/320 lbs.

Starting Health: 28 Hp

Movement Speed: 8’ on land, 6’ in water

Species Abilities: Superb Hearing (Sense +1), +1 chance to avoid berserk, +1 Attacker Bonus for Striking, Clan Focus, 2d4 Strike Damage

Classes: Koobari Monk, Fighter, Gunmen, Mage, Order of the Blade, Ranger, and Vagabond

Home World: Valcasani

Name: Usually consist of their birth name followed by their clan name such as Clifa of the Plaug or Falroo of the Maabuu. Some prominent clans are Plaug, Maabuu, Tomfa, and Cla. There are many more clans to be found throughout the world.

Clan Focus

Shaross clan members gain an additional training skill from their clan. Larger clans have a variety of skills they may train their people in while a smaller clan may be singularly focused.

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