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Grufia are bipeds from the planet Orgoth, a world where a thousand islands lay across a fresh water ocean. On their home planet the grufia were known as galactic tradesmen. In turn much of the advanced technology of the world came from grufia scientists. The power-cores and drive systems for the colonies, the buoyancy controls for Nazdren, and the liquid metal swords of the Order of the Blade were all designed by grufia. The grufia are commonly found in most areas of the world but are fonder of being near water.

On their home world many travelers carried a short sword called a cobba. The cobba had a hook near the tip of the blade that was used to hook into the great six eyed whale, the halrek. Both the whale and the sword were brought to their new home though the halrek have not been used for transportation due to the radical changes in the halrek to survive their new world. The cobba has become more ceremonial now though some adventurers still carry them for combat.

Physiologically grufia are extraordinary beings. Their small, slim frames have tight muscles that allow them swift and agile movement. The eight-section mouth muscle tenderizes food while it’s swallowed speeding up the digestion process and allows them to absorb more nutrients from their food. And their biggest marvel is their brain which can process information with the speed of a computer

Personality: Curious, Inventive, Quick Witted, Devoted to their Focus

Social: Grufia have matriarchal family units. They celebrate their mother’s birthday to thank them for their life. Both men and women hold prominent positions outside of the home however. Grufia are very much part of a melting pot culture, living among a variety of species and even commonly being romantically involved with other species. While they are found all over the world their highest populations are near or on the ocean. They often take jobs that put them on the ocean and vacation at beaches.

Life Span: 130-150 years old, 26 years adulthood

Average Height/Weight: 4’3”/70 lbs.

Starting Health: 26 Hp

Movement Speed: 6’ on land, 6’ in water

Species Abilities: +1 to avoiding confusion or infuriate, Hold Breath for 30 Minutes, +2 to Rolls While Underwater, 1d4 Strike Damage, Greater Recall

Classes: Koobari Monk, Fighter, Gunmen, Mage, Order of the Blade, Ranger, Vagabond

Home World: Orgoth

Name: Usually names consist of a birth name and their mother’s name such as Urgri of Daloo or Walva of Ellasan. In some cases there is also ‘heir of’ attached to their name. Normally those come from a family member of historical significance.

Greater Recall

Greater recall allows the grufia to perform a re-roll on a failed knowledge skill check. To perform greater recall you must be trained in the knowledge skill and when you use this skill you must take the second result.

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