Commoners are the everyday versions of the playable species that you encounter in the world. They are the base first level citizens of the world. The gamemaster may draw from them to create characters from the playable species for the players to interact with or battle. Some advanced commoners have profession skills and may be world figures and leaders.

Hp: 6, Def: 0, Soak: 0, Move: Land 6'/Water 4', APR: 2, Frequency: Normal, Quantity: Unlimited

Str: 0, Dex: 0, Cha: 0, Int: 0, Wis: 0, Con: 0

Strike: Varies vs Defender

The commoner can strike a target dealing 1d4 damage.

Cojaro Skills: Sense, Athletics, Drive, Language, Survival

Grufia Skills: Bartering, Sense, Technology, Maintenance, Language, +2 To Underwater Rolls

Habataki Skills: Sense, Bartering, Drive, Technology, Language, Survival, +2 To Sense Rolls, +1 Chance To Avoid Lightning Damage, +1 Chance To Avoid Impairing Effect

Human Skills: Bartering, Sense, Drive, Culture, Technology, Maintenance, Language, +1 Sense Undead, Possible Psychic Abilities, +1 To Defense Of Psychic Attacks

Pacura Skills: Bartering, Athletics, Sense, Drive, Technology, Maintenance, Language, Survival, Blend Skin, Flight

Quiwong Skills: Bartering, Athletics, Sense, Culture, Technology, Maintenance, Language, Survival, Claw 1d6 + 1, Bite 1d6 + Bleeding Damage 1d4 For 2 Rounds on Critical, Tail 1d6 + Knockdown on Critical, Pounce 1d6 + Knockdown, Survival +1

Shaross Skills: Bartering, Athletics, Sense, Drive, Technology, Maintenance, Language, Blacksmith, Mining, +1 Chance To Avoid Berserk

Tissarrid Skills: Bartering, Sense, Culture, Technology, Language, Survival, +5 While Underwater

Vampire Skills: Sense, Bartering, Drive, History, Technology, Language, Bite 1d4 Bp Drain, Blood Skills, Nocturnal Enhancement


Durro live in packs of five with very strong bounds. Their bounds are as strong as family and often may be. If something were to harm or kill a member of their pack they would track it down till it was dead or the pack no longer existed. Durro have retractable webbing between their fingers and toes making them adapt swimmers. When they are born they have a strong swimming tail since their youth is spent in the water. In adulthood they are great fishermen and lots make their living this way. Durro do live in civilization after they reach adulthood mostly in the Valgonni Jungle and coastal villages.

Hp: 24, Def: +5, Soak: 10, Move: Land 6'/Water 8', APR: 2, Frequency: Normal, Quantity: 1-5

Str: +2, Dex: +3, Cha: -5, Int: 0, Wis: 0, Con: -1

Skill Rolls: Sense +1

Durro Axe, +3 vs Defender

The durro can strike a melee target with their axe dealing 2d6 damage.

Durro Crossbow, +5 vs Defender

The durro can make a ranged attack with their crossbow dealing 2d6 damage.

Dagger, +4 vs Defender

The durro can strike at melee range with their dagger dealing 1d4 damage. The dagger can also be thrown at a close ranged target.

Strike, +3 vs Defender

The durro can strike a melee target for 1d6 damage.

Pack Mentality, Passive Ability

When durro are in melee attacking the same target they attack together combining their damage.

Pack Rage, Passive Ability

When durro witness the death of a pack mate they gain a rage strike once per round. Rage strike deals +1d8 additional damage per fallen pack mate.


The sadarooki are found in most of the world of Dark Side. While they perform great many jobs they are very adept at farming and fishing. Because of their claws they are very adept at climbing as well. They tend to have a light mood, often joking and laughing as they go through the day. Their home world was the lush jungle planet of Castaphala so many live in small villages within the Valgonni Jungle. They may be more experienced and belong to the classes; vagabond, mage, order of the blade, gunmen, and monk.

Hp: 7, Def: +2, Soak: 2, Move: Land 6'/Water 8', APR: 2, Frequency: Normal, Quantity: 1-30

Str: 0, Dex: +2, Cha: +3, Int: +2, Wis: +3, Con: +1

Skill Rolls: Bartering +4, Sense +4, Drive, Maintenance +3, Language, Survival +4

Claw, +1 vs Defender

The sadarooki can claw a melee target dealing 1d4 damage.