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The kingdom of Le’varia is ruled over by the aristocrats of the ancient community led by King Odella Haysar. The rule of the kingdom is a bit lax however. Mortal settlements such as the Cloister and Iandale Plateau are generally self-ran. The only time the aristocrats get involved in mortal affairs is when they affect the vampire community.

World Interests


Luceria – The city of the ancients and house of power for Le’varia, Luceria is the home of the vampire King Odella Haysar. It floats on the center of The Oasis tucked away from the world geographically. Though it is still a powerful seat in the world governments.


The Oasis – A tropical paradise created by the mountains surrounding The Oasis. The access to The Oasis is limited however; the water here is not drinkable so that doesn’t usually cause any problems with the surrounding desert mortals.


Guardians of the Oasis – A steep mountain chain surrounding The Oasis, the Guardians of the Oasis protest Luceria. The water that runs off down the slopes actually created The Oasis. Arconic fungus along the slopes has tainted the waters of The Oasis. The fungus has no effect on the dead but mortals become disoriented and go blind with prolonged exposure.


Hunting Grounds – A few vampires who still crave the old ways setup the Hunting Grounds. At night the floodlights are raised when their prey has ventured deep into the field. The lights activate, blinding their prey to their movements so they can swoop down without them knowing where the attack will come from.


Marsil Chain – In the northern area of Le’varia lays the mountains of the Marsil Chain. There are usually groups of zombies wandering the base of the mountains. Few venture up the mountainside though.


Dueldar – A vampire city found within the Marsil Chain, Dueldar is the center for learning in Le’varia. Full of scholars of the vampire community, Dueldar holds a wealth of knowledge from most of the fields in the world.

Iandale Plateau – To the east of the Marsil Chains lays the Iandale Plateau. The Iandale Plateau is highly populated with coracki scorpions. Those who live in the area know to watch out when traveling away from Iandale.

Iandale – A large city spreading from the top of the Iandale Plateau all the way down the face to the ground below, Iandale is largely populated by mortals. In the event of a horde overrunning the city the cliff face section of the city can be cut off from the other two sections of Iandale. The city is well guarded however and this defense feature has only come in play a few times since its construction.

Castle Baisha – Built into the base of the Iandale Plateau, Castle Baisha was once the home of Ollie Christoff. Named after the vampire that sired the Savior Ollie Christoff, the castle has become a crumbling waste. The only residents left there are the stone skinned buecassid that guard the castle from all comers.

Bridging Mountains – The three mountains that cross the border into Coorvassi are known as the Bridging Mountains. They are the only overland pass out of Le’varia that isn’t blocked by The Orlian Wall. As an added security for the mountains the main trading post for hunters is located here.

The Orlian Wall – Built shortly after the Dark Alliance, The Orlian Wall is designed to keep the hordes from escaping Le’varia. Its walls are forty feet high, twenty feet wide, and coated in a slick finish that prevents climbing. There are always zombies pounding on the wall but to this day none have gotten through the wall to Coorvassi.

The Cloister – The largest population of mortals within Le’varia can be found in the seven cities of The Cloister. The cities are all connected through a series of rail systems which makes traversing between the cities a quick process. The government of The Cloister is located in the northern most city, while the center city is setup for the defense of its people.

Donnaneir Chain – Located in the southeastern area of Le’varia, the Donnaneir Chain is home to the demon city of Valis. It is one of the few places in Le’varia the zombies tend to stay clear of. The hetari that live on the lower slopes of the mountains love the taste of dead flesh and are great hunters. Higher in the mountains there are raisers that are too old and powerful for the lords of the dead to control.

Valis – The Demon Lord Arrahtis lead his people to the Donnaneir Chain and laid his throne high in the mountains. The city of Valis was built up around his throne room. Valis has expanded since then and now sits atop three mountains with bridges laid out between them. Suspended in the air between the mountains is the Crystalline Court that is used for hearing and incarcerating the enemies of Le’varia.

Hadsirrid Sands – Near the northwestern border of Le’varia lays the Hadsirrid Sands and its inhabitants. The sand here has the fluidity of water but unless the surface has been broken it blends with the surrounding sands. The hadsirrid that reign over the area are most likely a demonic race of tissarrid. The Hadsirrid Sands is also filled with many crustaceans some of which appear crossbreed with fish.

World Figures

King Odella Haysar – King Odella Haysar is the vampire king of Le’varia. He is a powerful mage and always quick to a joke. King Haysar is usually easy to spot in a crowd of leaders, just look for the guy who looks like he just rolled out of bed and put on his crown.

Prince Alic Haysar – Prince Alic Haysar is the vampire prince of the kingdom of Le’varia. Trained as a sorcerer, he has the skilled tongue of a politician. Prince Haysar is often found trying to make up for his father’s crude behavior.

Princess Elena Haysar – Princess Elena Haysar is the vampire princess of the kingdom of Le’varia. She is the wife of Prince Haysar and the commander of Le’varia’s military. Princess Haysar is a strong fighter and a bit of a gun nut.

Captain Lessa Hart – Captain Lessa Hart is the leader of the Iandale Guard. She is a rather tiny human and a lightning fast gunman. Lessa Hart is usually the loudest voice in the crowd.

Judge Sharrotta – Judge Sharrotta presides over the Crystalline Court in the city of Valis. She is a very stern demon and believes strongly in justice. Judge Sharrotta is a veteran and war hero of the Dark Alliance though now rarely leaves Valis for anything.

Councilor Harvey Sandz – Councilor Harvey Sandz is the head of the ruling council of the Cloister. Entrusted with the security and defense of the seven cities of the Cloister, he enacts laws to help his fellow mortals. Harvey Sandz rarely leaves the central city and is always under heavy guard.

Christian Hollen – Christian Hollen is the director of the main branch of the bounty officials. Tasked with monitoring and validating hunt proposals for hunters throughout the world, he spends much of his time behind his computer. Christian Hollen was a renowned hunter himself but no longer practices.

Professor Hector Sanchez – Professor Hector Sanchez is the dean of Dueldar University. The ancient has taught students there since the founding of Dueldar and continues to teach and learn a variety of subjects. Hector Sanchez may be the single most informed mind on the entire planet.


The Noble Knights, Goal: Protect the innocent., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Item, Intel, Invite, Command Authority, Safe House, Access, Allegiances: Coorvassi Guardsmen, Coorvassi Air Core, The Kings of Phareahda, Grogagon Armed Forces, The Cloister, Council of Mages, Nazera Naval Force, Orrillian Defense Force, Salsin Legionnaires, Thorn Tactical Command, The Drosiayde Embassy, Enemies: Alvanta Defense Forces, The Aztrafar, Queldi Nation, Description: The Noble Knights are a collection of honored heroes personally knighted by King Haysar of Le’varia. They have proven themselves to be righteous individuals who honor the freedom of life. King Haysar calls on their aid in times of need.

The Cloister, Goal: Protect the Cloister., Restrictions: None, Benefits: Item, Intel, Invite, Command Authority, Safe House, Access, Allegiances: The Noble Knights, The Kings of Phareahda, Coorvassi Guardsmen, The Drosiayde Embassy, Enemies: Queen Lok’racka, The Brokery, Raven’s Crest, Queldi Nation, Description: The Cloister is made up of seven mortal cities within the vampire kingdom of Le’varia. The cities are connected by rail lines and have a defense barricade surrounding the collective to protect the cities against attack from the hordes that roam the desert. The people of the Cloister do not easily forget any encroachment against their land.

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