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Character Creation

So how will you travel Dark Side? What path will you choose? Where are you from? These are some of the questions you will need to ask yourself while developing your character. You are an actor in a play but you create your own part. You will need to decide your character’s name, species, class, etc. It is also a good idea to write your character a short biography so that you and the gamemaster know a bit about your character’s history and personality. Character creation can take up to a whole session of game play. This will help the gamemaster craft a better story for the group.

Steps of Creation

Step 1 Character Concept: The first part of creating you character is come up with your character's concept. It can be as simple as wanting to be a soldier or a richly developed biography. This can help you and the gamemaster have a better understanding of how your character works. This can also be used by the gamemaster to craft storylines from the character’s past. Your character’s concept will shape their starting goals, sacrifices, and limits.

Step 2 Building Character: Once you have your character concept you will start building the framework of your character. Your framework includes your species, appearance, class, profession, and nation. Here is where you will draw your starting actions from.

Step 3 Attributes: To start this first you need to find at least two six sided dice. Only two will count but your gamemaster may give you additional dice and just use the highest two dice rolls. You will roll once for your strength, dexterity, charisma, intelligence, wisdom, and constitution. Roll results grant -3 on a 2, -2 on a 3, -1 on 4 and 5, 0 on 6 through 8, +1 on 9 and 10, +2 on an 11, and +3 on a 12. You also gain two +1 increases to one or two chosen attributes after your rolls. Alternatively, you could also just take your species attribute bonuses and taking a zero bonus in attributes that have no adjustments.

Strength is your physical power. It governs your ability to fight hand to hand or with strength based weapons. It also affects your ability to lift and carry objects. Some weapons require certain levels of strength to wield.

Dexterity is your reflexes and agility. It governs your ability to dodge attacks and fight with dexterity based weapons. It also affects your ability to perform endurance activities. Some vehicles require certain levels of dexterity to control.

Charisma is your ability to charm and manipulate others. It governs your ability to control those around you without the use of spells. It also controls your ability to barter with tradesmen.

Intelligence is your mental capacity. It governs your ability to attack with certain spells. It also may affect your ability to repair or create certain types of technology.

Wisdom is your perception. It governs your ability to attack with certain spells. It also governs your ability to resist or see through illusions and psychic attacks.


Constitution is how hearty your body is. It governs your body's resistance to poisons and increases your health.

Character proficiency bonus or CPB is a modifier to all actions you are skilled with. Your CPB is added to various abilities, including your attacker and defender rolls. Your CPB starts at +1.

Health is how much damage you can take before you fall. Your health is calculation is found on your class information.

Resources are how you use your class abilities. Each class has their own resource system in your class information. Your minimum resource is always equal to your CPB.

Actions per round or APR is the number of actions you can perform during your turn. Your APR is equal to 1 + your CPB.

Move is the distance you can travel per action. Your movement range is your species' base movement + 1' per dexterity.

Step 4 Abilities & Skills: You will start with all your class abilities, two class skills, a starting mastery, and two profession skills.

Step 5 Equipping: Your character is almost complete now it is time to outfit and supply it. There are two ways to go about this. The first is to just select one of your class’s starting packages. If you choose that then you will copy down your items and roll for your starting tarryns. Then you will need to make any starting purchases. The second way is to purchase all equipment yourself. When choosing this you will roll percentile dice and multiply the result by one hundred. The result of that will be your starting tarryns. From there you will need to purchase all your supplies.

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