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Fighter, a name all too commonly thrown out to thugs and bandits, true fighters are the wrecking balls of the battlefield. Versed in melee, ranged, and defensive combat, fighters can adapt to any weapon or armor. At home in battle, they prefer to be on the frontline, in the thick of the fight. Charging into the fray to devastate and draw the attention of their enemies, fighters usually command a unit and defend them. Some fighters on the other hand are all about offense.

While they can hail from a wide variety of backgrounds, most fighters come from military or mercenary groups. As such, the jobs a fighter takes on usually come from the Merc Line Network, Brokery, or orders issued onto them from their superiors. Their approval for posted jobs is based on their rankings among the other fighters. Combatants are green and are allowed to take on only assignments with a high degree of success and a lower degree of danger. As they move up to the rank of warrior they are trusted with more difficult assignments. Gladiators are tasked with the missions that are the most difficult or important to accomplish.

Fighters do not have a structured education in their training. While most have at least been through some manner of boot camp, much more is picked up through experience. The logic being, “That almost got me killed! Won’t do that again.” They also learn much from exchanging war stories and the more experienced the fighter is, the more they can see through a boast to what really happened. Most fighters are smart enough to test new tactics they learn about with allies first though. Lets them know they will not get killed if they use them in combat.


All the militaries in the world have fighters training their soldiers expect Nazera, though they do have them among their ranks. Larger mercenary bands, such as Raven’s Crest, hire on fighters to train their troops. These are usually older fighters who have seen more battlefields than they care to remember. Older fighters who still have the lust for combat are more inclined to train their own troops instead of someone else’s. Though it is not a rule, most defensive fighters partner up with a gunmen along the path of their career. Offensive style fighters tend to have a variety of partners.

Fighters are heavy armor combat experts. Utilizing stances to aid in attack or defense, they often carry a variety of weapons for multiple situations. Versed in battle tactics they can call on their allies in combat and use combat affixes to eliminate enemies. Fighters are generally easy to spot in a group; they are the ones at a fancy restaurant in full battle gear. Hearty and grizzled, they are always ready for a fight and won’t go down quietly.


Role: Defense, Damage, Command

Species: Cojaro, Human, Vampire, Grufia, Habataki, Quiwong, Shaross

Professions: Explorer, Hunter, Law Enforcement, Mariner, Medic, Soldier

Suggested Attributes: Strength and Dexterity

Health: 10 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

Starting Armor Proficient: All

Starting Weapon Proficient: All Strength and Dexterity based weapons.

Starting Skills: Choose two starting Combat Styles.

Starting Equipment


Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Long Sword, Short Bow, Dagger

Equipment: Clothing, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen, 20 Arrows

Tarryns: 1d20x10

Alternate and Quiwong

Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Semi-Automatic Pistol, Bolt Action Rifle, Dagger

Equipment: Clothing 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen, 5 Clips (pistol), 25 Bullets (Rifle)

Tarryns: 1d20x10


Stamina points or SP are equal to Constitution + CPB. SP regenerates from being out of combat, 1 SP per CR spent, and 1 SP per CPB on rest action.

Combat reactions or CR can be stored equal to twice your CPB. CR generation is 1 CR when they use an ability that uses SP and 1 CR when they are hit with an attack.


Battle Hardened, Passive Ability

The fighter has increase defense against fear equal to their CPB.

War Horse, Passive Ability

The fighter have a bonus equal to their CPB against movement impairing effects.

Battle Tactics, Passive Ability

The fighter gains an additional combat style or proficiency per CPB.

Charge, Attacker vs Defender, 1 SP

While the fighter is not adjacent to hostile targets it can charge at a target within 2 movements.

Call To Arms, Charisma + CPB vs Range Difficulty

The fighter calls for assistance from an ally. The assistance could be in the form of damage, disabling, buffing, healing, or trading off with another defender. Ally gains +1d4 to their roll. Range difficulty is 10 for melee, 15 for close, and 20 for medium.

Combat Affixes, Affixes

The fighter learns combat affixes to apply to any attack action. They can add combat affixes equal to their CPB for 1 SP each. Combat affixes can be mixed and matched for a variety of effects. There are two kinds of affixes, standard and multiplier. Standard affixes can be applied once per attack while multiplier affixes can be stacked for greater effect. Affixes are stance and mastery specific.

Infuriating Defense, Stance

This stance gives the fighter access to Infuriating Defense affixes and deals Goading when attacks against them are critical fails.

Push, Multiplier Affix

The fighter moves their target half their move on an attack.

Goading, Standard Affix

The fighter adds Infuriate to their attack.

Cleave, Multiplier Affix

The fighter strikes an additional target within a frontal cone.

Stunning, Standard Affix

The fighter removes an action from the target's next turn.

Relentless Offense, Stance

This stance gives the fighter access to Relentless Offense affixes and deals bonus Wrathful damage when they deal critical attacks.

Piercing, Standard Affix

The fighter ignores 1d4 soak rate on their attack.

Wrathful, Multiplier Affix

The fighter deals +1d8 damage to their attack.

Sure Strike, Multiplier Affix

The fighter strikes with +1 to attacker roll.

Stagger, Standard Affix

The fighter staggers a target for an action.

Fighter Mastery

The fighter schools of mastery augment their abilities and give them bonus affixes that are usable in both stances. Each mastery specializes them into various styles.


The ravager is a melee combatant that focuses on disabling their opponents. They can spend a CR up to their CPB to apply Wrathful damage to either an attacker or defender roll.

Shatter Affixes, Additional Affixes, CPB 1

When taking the ravager mastery, the fighter gains additional affixes for uses in all stances.

Shatter Defenses, Multiplier Affix

The fighter reduces a target's defender roll by 1 for a round.

Shatter Offenses, Multiplier Affix

The fighter reduces a target's attacker roll by 1 for a round.

Shatter Armor, Standard Affix

The fighter reduces a target's soak rate by their CPB for a round.

Shatter Speed, Standard Affix

The fighter slows a target for actions equal to their CPB for a round.

Cyclone Slash, Attacker vs Defender, 2 SP, CPB 2

The ravager can strike all targets within melee range dealing weapon damage. At higher CPB they can apply affixes to the Cyclone Slash.

Side Arm, Passive Ability, CPB 3

The ravager can apply their Shatter Affixes to a one handed ranged weapon.

Leaping Slam, Charge Affix, Attacker vs Defender, CPB 4

The ravager can use 2 additional SP to leap at a target and applying two Shatter Affixes as if they used 3 SP. They can apply additional affixes to Leaping Slam.

Ravage, Instant Ability, CPB 5

For a round per CPB per Rest they can ignore the SP costs of abilities.


The bulwark is a shielded heavy armor fighter. They protect their allies by absorbing the heavy hits for them. When wielding a shield they can use a CR to Block, adding shield strike damage multiplied by their CPB to their soak rate.

Protection Affixes, Additional Affixes, CPB 1

When taking the bulwark mastery, the fighter gains additional affixes for use in both stances.


Shatter Attack, Multiplier Affix

The fighter reduces their target's attacker roll by 1 for a round.


Prone, Standard Affix

The fighter can knock a target prone for an action.


Vengeance, Standard Affix

The fighter can mark a target, giving them an instant attack on a target when they strike their ally for a round.


Concussion, Multiplier Affix

The fighter reduces their target's intelligence, wisdom, and charisma roll by 1 for a round.

Roar, Charisma vs Wisdom, CPB 2

The bulwark infuriates targets up to their CPB so its allies can attack the them safely. Roar can hit up to their Charisma bonus in additional targets on a critical hit. If Roar critically fails a fighter suffers a -2 penalty to defend rolls for a round. Roar is usable once a round.

Intercept, Charge Affix, CPB 3

The bulwark can use a CR to charge as a reaction to absorb the damage of an attack against another target.

Harden, Instant Ability, CPB 4

The bulwark can use SP up to their CPB to create a 1d6 barrier for a round.

Shield Defense, Instant Ability, CPB 5

Once per CPB per Rest the bulwark can maximize their block for a round.


The sergeant is a mid range commander, granting advantages to their allies. They can use a CR to maximize their Call to Arms bonus die.

Command Affixes, Additional Affixes, CPB 1

When taking the sergeant mastery, the fighter gains additional affixes to use in either stance.

Flanking, Multiplier Affix

The fighter makes the target flanked for an action.

Cover, Standard Affix

The fighter gives a movement to an ally adjacent to their target.

Mark, Multiplier Affix

The fighter marks a target for allies, increasing their attacker roll by 1 for a round.

Shatter Armor, Standard Affix

The fighter reduces a target's soak rate by their CPB for a round.

Call to Reaction, Passive Ability, CPB 2

The sergeant can use Call to Arms as a reaction for a CR.

Survey, Investigation Check, CPB 3

The sergeant can use investigation to analyze a target's combat strength. Survey gives them knowledge of their target's armor, weapons, mastery, health, attributes, or profession. Survey difficulty is 14 for one answer and an additional answer for every 2 over that.

Tactician, Passive Ability, CPB 4

The sergeant's Call to Arms bonus increases to 2d4.

Tactical Command, Instant Ability, CPB 5

Once per CPB per Rest issue a command to a number of allies equal to their CPB in an action.

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