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    Serpent of Kinja

    The serpents of Kinja are members of clergy of the snake god Kinja, a spirit that possesses the most powerful among his flock. This being is the spiritual leader of all serpents and referred to as the Grand Fang. Serpents aspire to become his vessel and travel the world spreading his word to those that are willing to listen. They tend to be highly intolerant of the beliefs of others but are quick to take up arms for the weak. Temples or shrines to Kinja can be found throughout the world, but the main temple is located in Grogagon. Kinja pays tribute to the past in this temple with the Hall of Vessels, an expansive room with carved statues of all the Grand Fangs he has ever possessed.

    When a young serpent is recruited they join the ranks and perform the duties of a pilgrim. They perform rituals and errands for their temple for the High Fang in charge. Pilgrims often serve as messengers between different temples and the ranks of the serpents. Young pilgrims are far from the strongest in combat and between their duties they train with the gerston to become better combatants, for that is the path of the crusader.

    Pilgrims who show promise in battle are pulled into specialized training with their High Fang to become a crusader. The crusader begins training with the severtree, the serpents enchanted snake whip. Crusaders are tasked with the defense of temples and emissaries. They are also called to aid the various followers of Kinja with tasks ranging from recovering stolen items to slaying non-believers harassing Kinja’s flock. When a crusader distinguishes its self-enough to have garnered the attention of their Arch Fang, regional leaders that report directly to the Grand Fang, they are promoted to the rank of herald.

    Heralds are in charge of expanding Kinja’s flock and, in rare occasions nowadays, make the declaration of war. They are usually found in small towns and villages helping the residents while trying to convert them. There are even stories of heralds who have converted tribes of the wild wolf-apes, the valgonni tribesmen. Heralds are also tasked with hunting down the lost ones, serpents who have left the faith. Lost ones can be among the most dangerous serpents around, as they exercise free will and are not bound by any oaths to Kinja. The Grand Fang has its own heralds; they are both bodyguards and assassins.

    The serpents of Kinja are light armored battle-casters. They use martial skills in combination with lightning and telekinetic spells to deal strings of combo damage. While this makes them a bit weaker at lower levels, they can deal high damage with these combos when they reach higher levels. They also have a deep seated grudge with the Order of the Blade and often rush into battle with them. Armed only with the weapons gifted to them through Kinja they spread their message, not always in the most peaceable fashion.


    Role: Damage, Disable, Stealth

    Species: Habataki, Human

    Professions: Assassin, Explorer, Mariner, Medic, Soldier, Law Enforcement

    Suggested Attributes: Dexterity and Wisdom

    Health: 4 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

    Starting Armor Proficient: Cloth

    Starting Weapon Proficient: Quarterstaff, Whip, Gerston, Severtree

    Starting Skills: Choose 1 starting Combat or Magical Style and History: Religion.

    Starting Equipment


    Armor: Cloth

    Weapon(s): Quarterstaff

    Equipment: Clothing, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen

    Tarryns: 1d20x10


    Receives first gerston at CPB 2 and a replacement is given to the serpent at the CPB 4 and CPB 5. The severtree is available for use by the serpent at CPB 3 with a replacement available at CPB 5.


    Serpent’s combo system allows them to string together different focus generating abilities. Combos are broken when the serpent changes targets or uses a focus spending ability.

    Serpents use focus to use abilities and spells. They can store focus equal to their CPB. Focus is generated by consuming an action or using an ability that generates focus.


    Telepathy, Wisdom + CPB vs Wisdom + CPB, Medium Range

    The ability to read, alter, and communicate with targets through psychic means. Telepathy takes concentration and breaks combo. In combat Telepathy can be used to give a bonus to a serpent's attacker or defender roll for 1 focus equal to their CPB. Out of combat critical rolls, mind control the target for a minute per wisdom + CPB. They can use Telepathy during Stealth to create a cloak that blocks the sight of a number of targets up to their wisdom + CPB.

    Teleportation, Defender vs Attacker, 1 Focus

    Teleportation is an instant ability to transport self 10' per CPB while out of combat or not adjacent to an enemy. In combat it is a reactive dodge available to use after a defense that moves the serpent up to 10’ from their attacker.

    Second Skin, Instant Ability, 1 Focus

    Second Skin creates an additional armor soak around the caster for the round equal to CPB. Soak rate against lightning and toxin damage is doubled.

    Serpent's Mark, Instant Ability

    The serpent can cast Serpent's Mark after killing a target to transfer up to their CPB of focus to a new target. While a target is marked attack actions and movement toward it do not break the serpent's combo. Any retreat action will clear focus.

    Salvation, Instant Ability, Close Range, 1 Focus

    Salvation allows the serpent to buff an ally's roll, increasing their roll by the serpent's CPB. Out of combat it must be used before the roll.

    Spark of Kinja, Spell School

    The lightning of the serpent god is one of the three disciplines that the first Grand Fang taught to his followers. They harnessed the spark into a powerful weapon and tool of conversion during the crusades, often torturing captives into the service of Kinja. The serpents today use this ability to attack, defend, and revitalize themselves.

    Shocking Strike, Attacker vs Defender, Weapon Range

    The serpent strikes an opponent with lightning via physical strike, gerston, or severtree. Shocking Strike weapon damage + 1d4 per Focus stack lightning damage + generates 1 Focus. Critical Shocking Strike generates Focus equal to CPB.

    Lightning Bolt, Wisdom + CPB vs Defender, Consume Focus, Medium Range

    The serpent sends a bolt of lightning from fingertips to a target dealing 1d10 lightning damage per Focus stack.

    Telekinesis, Spell School

    The power of the mind is one of the three disciplines that the first Grand Fang taught to his followers. During the crusades this ability was used to sabotage and bombard their enemies. Not much has changed.

    Impact, Wisdom + CPB vs Defender, Close Range

    The serpent mentally strikes a target dealing strike damage + -1 defender per Focus stack for an action + generating 1 Focus. Critical Impact pushes the target 2' per stack.

    Throw, Wisdom + CPB vs Defender, Consume Focus, Close Range

    The serpent mentally throws a target up to 50 lbs per Focus. Throw distance is equal to 1d6 per Focus and deals strike damage + 1d8 per 6' traveled to all targets hit with the target, including the target.


    Kinjarita, Martial School

    The martial art of the serpents is one of the three disciplines that the first Grand Fang taught to his followers. They spend years training so that they might master the gerston and severtree as well as learning strikes to aid them in battle.

    Slam, Attacker vs Defender, Weapon Range

    The serpent deals strike or weapon damage with +1 attacker roll per Focus stack + generating 1 Focus. Critical Slam staggers the target.

    Barrage, Attacker vs Defender, Consume Focus

    The serpent can cast Barrage dealing 1 additional strike per Focus stack. Each strike is rolled separately. Critical strikes deal maximum damage for that strike.

    Serpent of Kinja Mastery

    Masteries among the serpents of Kinja are focused on enhancing their combat schools. The serpent gains additional abilities from their masteries as they gain CPB.

    Telekinetic Master

    Some of the serpents choose to master the telekinesis to control targets around the battlefield. Serpent's gain deflection the ability to mentally block ranged weapon attacks at a rate of +1 per CPB when they can see their attacker.

    Manipulate, Wisdom + CPB vs Difficulty, Consume Focus, CPB 1

    The serpent mentally interacts with small objects within close range such as buttons, levers, switches, and etc with +1 per Focus. Normally used for infiltration or sabotage.

    Push, Impact Affix, CPB 2

    The serpent can cast Impact with Focus and pushing the target up to their wisdom + CPB per Focus in a chosen direction.

    Bounce, Wisdom + CPB vs Defender, 2 Actions, Close Range, CPB 3

    The serpent lifts the target 4' into the air and deals 1d10 physical damage. If the next action is a Push or Throw the target must make a 1d4 per Focus spent + CPB difficulty versus Athletics or be knocked prone. Push and Throw travel distance is increased by half the total distance after Bounce.

    Mental Focus, Passive Ability, CPB 4

    The serpent's training allows them to be use Telekinesis at medium range.

    Weightlifter, Passive Ability, CPB 5

    The serpent can lift twice the weight with Throw and reduces the action cost of Bounce by 1.

    Spark Master


    The spark masters are serpents who force casting the great serpent's lightning magic. When the serpent defends against a magical attack they gain Energize, boosting their movement and defender roll by their CPB for the round.

    Spark Boost, Instant Ability, Consume Focus, CPB 1

    The serpent sets off lightning sparks below it to launch itself up to 2 movement ranges in any direction. When used to attack a target Spark Boost gives +1 attacker roll per Focus stack. Spark Boost can be used defensively as a reactive ability giving a +1 defender roll per Focus stack.

    Discharge, Reactive Ability, CPB 2

    Whenever the serpent triggers Energize is active they can retaliate with a Lightning Bolt as if cast at 1 Focus.

    Conduit, Passive Ability, CPB 3

    When the serpent consumes Focus on a Spark Boost, Shocking Strike, Lightning Bolt, or Lightning Storm they have a chance to gain Energize. Conduit has a difficulty of 10 versus 1d4 per Focus spent.

    Quick Bolt, Passive Ability, CPB 4

    The serpent can cast a single Focus Lightning Bolt as an action to generate 1 Focus.

    Lightning Storm, Wisdom + CPB vs Defender, 5 Focus, CPB 5

    While Energize is active the serpent can consume the effect to deal a maximized version of Shocking Strike, Lightning Bolt, or Spark Boost.

    Kinjarita Master

    Kinjarita masters make their primary focus martial combat. They gain Nibble Warrior, when knocked prone they can instantly rise to their feet with a dexterity roll versus difficulty 16.

    Unbalance, Weapon Damage vs Dexterity Roll, Consumes All Focus, CPB 1

    Serpent's can perform weapon damage based special attacks + 1d4 per Focus spent. Successful strikes stagger, gerston or staff hits stun, and severtree or whip hits knock a target prone.

    Warrior's Mark, Passive Ability, CPB 2

    The serpent generates a Focus when they move toward a target with Serpent's Mark.

    Flurry, Passive Ability, CPB 3

    Whenever the serpent staggers a target with Slam, they make 1d4 bonus Slams. Bonus Slams generate focus per every successful attack.

    Brutal Combo, Passive Ability, CPB 4

    When the serpent uses Barrage on a staggered target all strikes deal +1d12 weapon damage.

    Controlling Blow, Attacker vs Defender, 5 Focus, CPB 5

    The serpent dashes 1 movement and strikes a target dealing weapon damage + stagger + moving the target 6' in a chosen direction. If the target lands in melee range of a target not friendly to it, they get an instant attack against the target.

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