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Rangers from the Haven of the Watchers share a special kinship with nature. Alongside the lycanthrope guardsmen and geomancers, the rangers make up the much of the Haven’s Protectors. They are the arrow from the shadow and the sword next to you on the line. In the depths of the Valgonni they patrol the paths of the jungle, whether they are on the ground or through the trees. Tasked with the safety of the Haven and nature its self, rangers feel out of their elements in the massive cities of industry and prefer to stay in the wilds of the world.

Fledgling rangers are called trackers and are normally found closer to the Haven than their more experienced brethren. Trackers hunt near the Haven for game to feed the rest of the community. They also make sure the paths to the Haven are protected from danger. Setting traps along the brush lines to snare harmful predators. Trackers patrol in units and almost always have one of the lycanthrope guardsmen among them. They also are given a dog whistle to use in emergencies to get the attention of nearby lycanthropes. When a tracker has proven its self among the Protectors they are raised to the rank of guardian.

Guardians patrol the jungles farther away from the Haven and are found in smaller units than the trackers. They also rarely have a guardsmen watching over them, though they do still tend to carry their whistles. Striking fast and hard at those they find to be threats, the guardians hide in the shadows, unseen by their prey. They are tasked with defending the Haven in a different way than the trackers. Guardians disguise the jungle trails of the Valgonni to make it harder for outsiders to find the Haven. They tend to only hunt smaller prey, those that would be enough just to sustain their unit. Guardians also counter poachers, leading them astray or battling them throughout the jungle. Some do leave the jungle to safeguard other realms of nature. Guardians who have distinguished themselves are elevated to full protectors.

Protectors are the leaders among the rangers. They are always among the escorts for those traveling out of the protection of the Haven, though they are not always seen. Often sent out on their own without a unit, protectors are able to fight at range or up close, leaping from the shadows after their prey, whatever that may be. Some have been known to leave the Haven’s Protectors and travel the world to find other lands needing their protection. Wherever they may end up they are tasked with one duty, to protect the nature around them.

Rangers are a light armored, highly versatile class. Able to deal damage at multiple ranges and disable their targets to aid their allies, rangers can sneak around and pick their shots. They can set traps before battle for support in combat and cast healing spells. In combat, rangers sacrifice actions per round to deal fewer but higher damaging attacks or added effects. They can also use plants to cure status effects on their party or enemies. Rangers are well rounded for multiple playing styles.


Role: Damage, Stealth, Heal, Disabling

Species: Shaross, Human, Cojaro, Vampire, Grufia, Habataki

Professions: Explorer, Hunter, Law Enforcement, Mariner, Medic, Soldier

Suggested Attributes: Dexterity and Wisdom

Health: 8 + Constitution per CPB + Species Health

Starting Armor Proficient: Cloth, Leather

Starting Weapon Proficient: Any

Starting Skills: Choose 2 Combat Arts.

Starting Equipment



Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Long Bow, Short Sword, Dagger

Equipment: Clothing, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen, 20 Arrows

Tarryns: 1d20x10


Armor: Cloth

Weapon(s): Bolt Action Rifle, Short Sword, Dagger

Equipment: Clothing, 1 Day Ration, Backpack, Canteen, 25 Bullets (Rifle)

Tarryns: 1d20x10


Rangers have magic points or MP equal to their Wisdom + CPB and it replenishes per spent Focus.

Focus is generates 1 Focus for each attack and critical hits generate 2 Focus. The ranger can store up to their CPB in Focus. Focus is spent on different actions and fades away out of combat.


Touch of the Wilds, Wisdom + Survival vs Difficulty

While in the wilds of the world the ranger gains double their wisdom to Survival rolls. They can track targets and identify plants and animals they come across.

Nature’s Gift, Wisdom + CPB vs Difficulty 16 or Defender

The ranger heals self or close range target with the power of nature for 2d4 per MP, up to their CPB. Nature's Gift can also be used to cure status effects for 1 MP per status. Increasing MP costs an action.

Improved Cover, Passive Ability

The ranger ignores cover penalties equal to their CPB.

Animal Companion

Tame Animal, Wisdom + CPB vs Wisdom + Sense

This skill gives the ranger the chance to tame a wild animal during battle to turn them to an ally. Animal’s wisdom must be equal or less than tamers. Only one animal can be tamed at a time and those that resist deal double damage to the ranger and cannot be tamed. Animal companions gain additional abilities based on their strength, dexterity, and constitution attributes being +3 or higher.

Animal Companion Abilities

Strength, Passive Ability

At +3 strength the ranger's animal companion gains the Growl ability and an infuriate penalty equal to their strength. Growl is usable once per round and triggers strength vs wisdom roll against a close range target who is infuriated if they fail. At strength +4 the animal companion gains Smash on a critical attack. Smash knocks the target down for 1d4 actions.

Dexterity, Passive Ability

At +3 dexterity the ranger's animal companion gains Stealth equal to their dexterity and the Slash ability. Slash gives a stacking 1d4 bleeding damage per round whenever the companion performs a critical attack. At +4 dexterity the companion gains Prowl. Prowl gives the companion a critical bonus equal to their dexterity whenever they attack a target under infuriate from another target.

Constitution, Passive Ability

At +3 constitution the ranger's animal companion gains the Intercept ability and bonus soak rate equal to their constitution. Intercept is usable once per round to jump between an ally on their failed defense to take the damage for them. At +4 constitution the animal companion gains Thick Hide. Thick Hide gives the companion +1d4 stacking temporary hp until the end of battle for every critical defense.

Starting Pets

For rangers who start with tame animal they can choose one of these three starting pets. Ranger pets share their CPB with their master.

Crimson Tiger

Hp: 12, Def: +4, Soak: 12, Move: Land 8'/Water 6', APR: 2

Str: +3, Dex: +2, Cha: -3, Int: -1, Wis: -2, Con: +1

Skill Rolls: Sense, Survival

Maul, CPB + 3 vs Defender

Deals 2d6 damage to a target.

Blood Falcon

Hp: 14, Def: +5, Soak: 6, Move: Land 4'/Water 4'/Flight 10', APR: 2

Str: +1, Dex: +3, Cha: -1, Int: -2, Wis: -3, Con: +2

Skill Rolls: Sense, Survival

Slash, CPB +3 vs Defender

Deals 1d6 + 1d4 bleeding damage on critical.

Valgonni Scorpion

Hp: 16, Def: +3, Soak: 18, Move: Land 10'/Water 2', APR: 2

Str: +2, Dex: +1, Cha: -2, Int: -3, Wis: -1, Con: +3

Skill Rolls: Sense, Survival

Sting, CPB +2 vs Defender

Deals 1d4 damage + 1d4 poison damage for 3 rounds.

Apothecary's Harvest, Wisdom + Survival vs Difficulty, 1 Hour Search

Ranger learns how to find cure or cause status effects with plants and animals in the wild. When you recover an item you roll 1d12 to determine the effect of the item found followed by 1d4 to determine the quantity. Rangers can recover 1 item per CPB for each search. To use a recovered item on a target the must fail a constitution roll vs the ranger's wisdom. Buffs or toxins can be attached to an arrow head or bullet for an action, the shot still deals damage. Apothecary's Harvest requires mortar and pestle.

Apothecary's Harvest Recovery Rolls

  1. Silence - A toxin that stops casting on target for a round.

  2. Death - A toxin that kills the target in a round.

  3. Poison - A toxin that deals 1d6 damage for 3 rounds.

  4. Slow - A toxin that halves the speed of a target for a round.

  5. Berserk - A toxin that causes berserk for a round on a target.

  6. Impair - A toxin that gives -1d4 attacker/defender roll for a round to target.

  7. Enlighten - A buff that causes all spells cast by the target to critical for a round.

  8. Resurrection - A buff used to revive a fallen ally with 1 hp after a round.

  9. Regeneration - A buff that heals 1d6 damage for 3 rounds.

  10. Haste - A buff used to increase the speed of a target for a round.

  11. Enrage - A buff that causes all strike and weapon based attacks to critical for a round.

  12. Enhance - A buff that gives +1d4 attacker/defender roll for a round to target.


Combat Focus

Hamstring, Attacker vs Defender, 1 Focus + 2 Actions

The ranger clips the target’s leg, slowing their movement speed by 1/2 for 1 round. Hamstring deals weapon damage and does not stack. Hamstring causes knockdown on critical for 1 action per focus spent.

Take Aim, Attacker vs Defender, 1-3 Actions

The ranger takes time to steady its aim for a more accurate shot. Take Aim can use up to 3 available actions to increase accuracy by + 1 attacker bonus per action. Take Aim generates focus equal to actions taken

Combat Roll, Reactive Ability

The ranger’s can spend a focus to move 6' on any successful defense.

Harmonious Actions, Instant Ability

The ranger can take a melee combat stance that allows them and their pet to deal combo attacks when they are both adjacent to a target. Harmonious Actions consume the pet's attacks for the round.

Rapid Archer, Instant Ability

The ranger takes a close range combat stance that treats all focus spent within close range as if the ranger spent 2 focus. During Rapid Archer the ranger has a -5 penalty when out of close range.

Spirit Arrow, Attacker vs Defender, 1 MP + 2 Actions

The ranger can transform a buff or toxin into spirit arrow to fire at a target to deliver their effects.

Shadow Hunting, Instant Ability

When attacking from stealth the ranger can increase their damage by 1d10 per focus spent.

Create Distance, Attacker vs Defender, 1 Focus

The ranger performs a wild attack that forces his target to move back 6'. Failing Create Distance gives your target an automatic attack or move against you. Large targets are unaffected by Create Distance.

Distraction, Attacker vs Defender, 1 Focus + 2 Actions

The ranger distracts a target for an ally adjacent. Distraction deals no damage but if successful gives their ally an action with a +1d4 to their attacker roll.

Interrupt Strike, Reactive Ability, 1 Focus

The ranger finds an opening in its opponent’s attack, stopping the last action they took.

Deep Wound, Attacker vs Defender, 1 Focus

The ranger deals weapon damage to a target + 1d4 damage per focus bleeding damage for 3 rounds.

Chain Strikes, Attacker vs Defender, 1 Actions + 1 Focus

The ranger strikes a single target an additional time, dealing combo damage. Chain Strike can hit an additional time for another action and focus if they are available.

Ranger Crafting

Bowyer, Crafting, Wisdom + CPB vs Difficulty

The ranger’s ability to craft bows, crossbows, arrows, and bolts. Normal items have a crafting difficulty of 16 which increases by 2 for every material grade higher than normal.

Bowyer Crafting Requirements

Short Bow, Carving Tool, Glue, Sanding Pad, Grade 1-5 Wood (2), Grade 1-5 String (1), Grade 1-5 Grip (1)

Longbow, Carving Tool, Glue, Sanding Pad, Grade 1-5 Wood (4), Grade 1-5 String (1), Grade 1-5 Grip (1)

Durro Crossbow, Carving Tool, Glue, Sanding Pad, Grade 1-5 Firing System (1), Grade 1-5 String (1), Grade 1-5 Grip (2), Grade 1-5 Frame (1)

Hand Crossbow, Workbench, Welding Torch, Protective Goggles, Grade 1-5 Firing System (1), Grade 1-5 String (1), Grade 1-5 Grip (1), Grade 1-5 Frame (1)

Light Crossbow, Carving Tool, Glue, Sanding Pad, Grade 1-5 Firing System (1), Grade 1-5 String (1), Grade 1-5 Grip (2), Grade 1-5 Frame (1)

Heavy Crossbow, Carving Tool, Glue, Sanding Pad, Grade 1-5 Firing System (1), Grade 1-5 String (1), Grade 1-5 Grip (2), Grade 1-5 Frame (1)

Arrows (5), Anvil, Hammer, Carving Tool, Glue, Sanding Pad, Grade 1-5 Wood (1), Grade 1-5 Metal (1)

Bolts (5), Anvil, Hammer, Carving Tool, Glue, Sanding Pad, Grade 1-5 Wood (1), Grade 1-5 Metal (1)

Half Bolts (10), Anvil, Hammer, Carving Tool, Glue, Sanding Pad, Grade 1-5 Wood (1), Grade 1-5 Metal (1)


Trapping, Crafting

The rangers have the ability to craft traps to help them capture food or plan a battlefield. Traps require stealth to place, so to use them effectively the party must plan ahead and force the opponents into fighting on their ground. The ranger rolls wisdom + CPB to set the detection diffculty when placing a trap.

Snare, Tree, Rope, and Pin

The ranger’s snare traps a leg halting their progress until they are cut free.

Trip Wire, Wire and 2 Posts

The ranger’s trip wire, knocks down those that fail to spot it.

Grenade Trap, Grenade, Wire, 2 Posts, and Pin

The ranger can craft a grenade trap using an explosive, stun, or flash grenade to deal its effects. At rank 3 Grenade Trap can be crafted with 2 different grenades combining their effects or with matching grenades to double their effects.

Poison Trap, Small Explosive Pack, Pressure Pad Detonator

The ranger sets a trap that can deal an apothecary toxin to a cluster of enemies in 10’ radius.

Spring Trap, Counterweight Object, Rope, and 2 Pins

The ranger’s trap swings at a target dealing 1d8 damage per trap's size to the target and knockdown for a round if the swinging object is blunt or 2d4 bleeding damage for 3 rounds if the object is spiked.

Ranger Mastery

Masteries among the rangers are broken into 5 ranks of the 4 paths of a ranger. The character can focus on one path to master it or spread out to multiple paths but they must attain them through rank 1 to 5. The paths of the ranger are Silent Stalker, Combat Archer, Herbalist, and Striker.

Silent Stalker

Tracker, Passive Ability, Rank 1

All tracking attempts with Touch of the Wilds gain triple their wisdom.

Stalker, Passive Abaility, Rank 2

All Stealth rolls gain double dexterity to avoiding detection.

Trapper, Passive Ability, Rank 3

All the ranger's traps become twice as effective. When targets try to detect their traps they roll twice and take the lower result.

Sniper, Passive Ability, Rank 4

When a sneak attack fails, the ranger can spend 1 focus on 1 reroll to try and maintain stealth.

True Aim Shot, Instant Ability, Rank 5

Ranger can use any focus or focus generated during Take Aim to deal Shadow Hunting damage with your aim shot. Does not require stealth.

Combat Archer

Multi Shot, Attacker vs Defender, Rank 1

The ranger can spend an additional focus when making an attack to strike another target with the same attack, up to available focus.

Toxic Arrows, Passive Ability, Rank 2

When using Spirit Arrow with a toxin the ranger only spends 1 MP.

Active Archer, Passive Ability, Rank 3

While in Rapid Archer stance the ranger generates a focus for every movement.

Defensive Pet, Passive Ability, Rank 4

While a target is adjacent to their pet, the ranger can use Rapid Archer as if they are in range.

Bulwark, Passive Ability, Rank 5

The Ranger's pet gains a charge attack up to 2 movements and all attacks they deal against an infuriated target generate a focus.


Ease Distance, Passive Ability, Rank 1

The cost of Create Distance is reduced to 1 focus.

Greater Harvest, Passive Ability, Rank 2

The ranger gains +1d4 to amount of an item harvested at a time.

Nature’s Blessing, Passive Ability, Rank 3

Nature’s Gift gains +1d12 healing per use and another +1d12 if the target has an Apothecary's Harvest buff on them.

Buffed Arrow, Passive Ability, Rank 4

The ranger can uses 1 MP when using Spirit Arrow with Apothecary's Harvest buffs.

Healing Swiftness, Reactive Ability, Rank 5

Nature’s Gift can be cast with 1 focus as an instant action or reaction.


Steady Hand, Passive Ability, Rank 1

The ranger’s melee strikes land in well placed positions that allow it to ignore 6 points of its target’s armor soak rate.

Rapid Strikes, Attacker vs Defender, Rank 2

The ranger can use an additional focus in melee for an extra strike on Chain Strike.

Scent of Blood, Passive Ability, Rank 3

The ranger's pet always deals critical attacks to bleeding targets.

Bait, Passive Ability, Rank 4

Distraction costs 1 focus when the ranger's pet is adjacent to the target.

Melee Hunter, Passive Ability, Rank 5

While the ranger's melee target is adjacent to an ally or under infuriate, they can use Shadow Hunting as a melee attack.

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