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Dark Side is a tabletop role playing game experience that mixes elements of science fiction and sword and sorcery. The world of Dark Side contains a supercontinent with cities that tower into the clouds, massive landscapes and an enormous ocean. Players will take up the mantle of various classes and species as they forge their path and shape the world around them. Whether you are a hero, a villain, or just a mercenary for hire you will discover on Dark Side all actions have consequences.


Toepba, have been added to the Beta Classes section. Toepba is the name of those afflicted with nexus energy since birth. To their very atoms they are shadow magic. They are able to reshape their bodies as they wish and give off powerful visages to affect those around them. Toepba can also manipulate shadow energy to create solid thought formed constructs. They have six masteries, varying several party roles.


Machinists, the technological wizards of the world have been added to the Beta Classes section. They are craftsmen that design a wearable armor called an armature that allows them to serve various rolls in combat and the world. Their masteries allow them to craft a larger variety of armaments to vary up their actions from battle to battle as they swap them and sometimes even armatures between combat. These tech experts also can write programs disable and control technology. Machinists start weak but grow in power as they build more advanced tech to aid them.

Geomancer, the protector of nature, have been added to the Beta Classes section. They use the environment around them to cast ground and weather based spells. Geomancer are able to shape their surroundings to the benefit of their allies and the detriment of their foes.Their masteries give them additional ways to use their geomancy to augment the battlefield.

Scales of Kinja, the protectors of Kinja have been added to the Beta Classes section. They are a hybrid defense class that use toxins to control the battlefield. The scales of Kinja have three masteries, one for a hybrid healer, another for a hybrid commander, and a hybrid stealth enhancer.

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